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Browse our seemingly unending assortment of living room-based articles and gorgeous photos. There’s something about the design and décor of a living room that truly illustrates the style of a person. In this section, we’ll guide you through the trends, furniture pieces, textiles, colors, layout strategies, and so much more to help you create your ideal living room space.

Different styles for the living room lighting

The living room is the central space in a home and the area where people spend most of their time, whether it’s with guests or alone. The atmosphere in the living is very important and it’s often dictated by the lighting. Chandeliers are very common in living room because they have the elegance needed for a stylish décor and they suit well this area that is usually quite large. But other types of lighting can also be beautiful. Here are a few examples:

A traditional living room with a classical interior décor and subtle modest influences, like in this case, requires a chandelier or pendant light that can stand out without being too eye-catching. This one is perfect as it’s simple, has chic, classical lines and complements the décor beautifully.


5 Ways To Help Create A 70’s-Inspired Living Room

Feelin’ a little retro? How about we take a trip back in time and turn that dull, ordinary living room into a 70’s-inspired escape? Funk up your home with some fun colors, unique accessories and bold furniture. Give the focal point of your house the personality it needs to stand up against a beautiful, stylish home all the while creating a space that fits your love of all things groovy. Check out our tips on how to create a lively, 70’s-inspired living room!

1. Mix up funky prints.

A little of this, a little of that makes for a groovy place to chill. As long as it’s full of color and spread around the room with no rhyme or reason, you’re on the right track. Pile on the printed pillows and patched carpets and blankets to give the space an extra, 70’s oomph. You can always create your own pillows with a bit of fabric and fluff too!


Beautiful living rooms that open to the outdoors

Those fortunate enough to find and afford a dreamy location for their homes have lots of things to look forward to when living there. For example, great homes come with great views. Being able to sit in your cozy home, relax in a chair or on the sofa and to admire the amazing views beyond is an extraordinary feeling.Most such homes take advantage of the views and have designs that include floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls.

Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views over the landscape

These elements are usually most present in the living room. This area is a social and a shared space where family members and guests gather and spend time together, It’s a space where everyone feels welcome and where everyone has the opportunity to admire the landscape and the surroundings. These open space living rooms are definitely extraordinary. But this type of design is not exclusively reserved for the most spectacular locations.


10 High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas

High ceilings in a room make the whole space seem larger. They’re most common in the case of living rooms. A spacious living room that has high ceilings is going to seem even larger and it will have a dramatic look regardless of the type of interior design and décor. But depending on the shape of the ceiling the atmosphere can also differ.

Inviting living room with high pitched ceiling and hanging chandelier

A pitched high ceiling is not as dramatic as an arched or flat ceiling. But it has a unique characteristic. It makes the room feel cozy, more intimate and it makes the atmosphere inviting and pleasant. In such cases a wood-paneled ceiling or one with exposed wooden beams would enhance the warmth and coziness of the décor. But whatever the shape and type of the ceiling is, it’s also challenging to decorate such a living room.


The classic and beautiful Chesterfield sofa, a fresh comeback with lots of diversity

The Chesterfield sofa is one of those classics that never go out of fashion. Even though it had started to be forgotten, the sofa now enjoys a very strong comeback. Its classical and traditional lines are now paired with modern details and decors and for lots of people it’s a way of bringing a little tradition to a modern room without having clashing styles.

An industrial living room with an elegant leather Chesterfield sofa

The original design of the Chesterfield sofa is elegant and fresh and it’s a piece that would fit in almost any type of décor. But now updated versions of the sofa have started to appear. There’s a diversity of new models and designs and they all share the same base and starting point. The difference lies in the details and the subtle changes. This chameleon sofa would fit almost anywhere and it’s this amazing versatility that makes it so popular.


Open space living rooms with airy and stylish interior decors

Open space living rooms are not typical to a single style. They are, however, mostly seen in houses and residences as opposed to apartments, where the space is always limited. The main advantage for such a living room is flexibility. Typically, an open floor plan includes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. But these three spaces are not very clearly delimitated so the boundaries are blurry and sometimes inexistent.

Modern open floor plan with industrial details and sliding glass doors

This allows you to either extend the kitchen into the living or dining room or to reduce a certain area in order to advantage another. You have a flexible and dynamic space that can be reconfigured within certain limits. As for the interior décor of open floor plans and open space living rooms, a very common choice is modular furniture that taken this flexibility even further. It allows the user to change the décor according to his needs and preferences and makes these changes simple and easy.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunken Living Rooms

Much like fashion, sometimes there are trends in architecture that, for better or worse, resurface.  Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more discussions of sunken living rooms.  They are showing up everywhere from period appropriate tv shows, like the very popular Mad Men, to more surprising places, such as contemporary design magazines like Dwell.

Mad Men Living Room.

It has become apparent that this idea is no longer stuck in the past.  There are several great, contemporary spaces that implement this 1960’s idea, such as this home in Los Angeles.


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