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Browse our seemingly unending assortment of living room-based articles and gorgeous photos. There’s something about the design and décor of a living room that truly illustrates the style of a person. In this section, we’ll guide you through the trends, furniture pieces, textiles, colors, layout strategies, and so much more to help you create your ideal living room space.

15 Stylish Interior Designs For Large Living Rooms

The living room is usually the largest room in the house. It has to be because this is where you receive guests, where you entertain them and where the whole family gathers to spend time together and to interact. But even so, some living rooms are spectacularly large.

A large living room with large windows doesn’t really need much artificial lighting

But with size comes responsibility. A living room is not that easy to decorate as you might think. You have lots of space at your disposal and you have to think big and to choose furniture that matches the size of the room. If the sofa is too small then it will look weird. The same goes for the rest of the furniture as well.We have prepared some examples with living rooms that are particularly large and that also have beautiful interiors and we hope they can shed some light on this subject.


How To Pull Off An Eclectic Look In A Living Room

An eclectic look is never an easy thing to pull off so that it looks planned. Most of us have selected a style for our home’s living room design and try to stick to it. Nevertheless, there always seem to be one or two items that don’t quite fit the bill. If you want to make a virtue of this, then decorate your living room in a deliberately eclectic style.

The trick is to make sure the blending of different architectural and decorative styles is coherent. No one wants to sit in a living room that is just a jumble of ideas. In order to pull off an eclectic living room successfully don’t head in all directions at once. Pick styles that blend but use them in novel ways. Don’t try too many different styles all at once. If you have something that stands all on its own, in terms of style, make it a central feature. With eclectic interiors, usually less is more.


5 Spectacular Before And After Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is usually the space where people spend most of the time when they’re at home. It’s why it’s easy to get bored or tired with the way your living room looks and you reach a point where a makeover sounds like a very good idea. There are lots of interesting before and after living room transformations and we’ve selected five that we think are most spectacular.

Simple Changes for a Big Impact.

In order for the transformation to be spectacular it doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic. You don’t have to change the whole décor in order to change the atmosphere. Small changes can be quite impressive. Take this case for example.


Cool Blue Living Room Ideas

For some designers, blue is a cold color and they prefer warmer tones for a living room, like oranges and beige. Few living rooms are given over entirely to blue. However azure tones really work well in living spaces, particularly if used in combination with off whites. Don’t reject the cool blue look for your living room, if you are thinking about redecorating, simply because you don’t often see it used elsewhere.

Marine Blue.

A blue lounge will really make your home stand out from the crowd. From deep sea blues to lighter sapphire and sky blues, the trick is not to overuse the application of the color. Stick to one tone only or, at a push, two if you feel particularly confident with color design. Getting a blue room looking right is never going to be as simple as sticking to magnolia, but the rewards speak for themselves.


Modern Living Room Wall Mount TV Design Ideas

The TV is an important part of most living rooms. It’s a must-have in this area of the house and it often becomes the focal point in the room. It’s one of the reasons why a TV wall is a very popular element in most living rooms. The TV wall usually includes a wall-mounted TV and a cabinet underneath or wall-mounted shelves or storage cabinets around the TV or in its vicinity on the same wall.

TV wall with floating storage cabinet and light sconces on a textures background

But simpler versions are also common, especially in the case of minimalist living room decors. In such cases, the TV wall features the TV and nothing more. Combinations can be created and you can have a TV wall with a fireplace or with artwork displayed along with the TV. But usually people like having a very simple look in that part of the room in order to allow the TV to be the only element that attracts attention.


20 Modern Living Rooms That Will Make You Instantly Drool

A home doesn’t have to be modern to feel unique and beautiful. But some homes and decors are just too amazing not to be beautiful and not to make you daydream about them. If you’re not convinced, just take a look at these stunning modern living rooms.

This cabin is breathtaking. It features stunning views and, in order to take advantage of them, a huge window that tilts open was built. It reveals the true beauty of the landscape.


Creatively Making Your Multilevel Living Room Comfortable

The beautiful part about a multilevel living room is the sense of modern designed interiors in a creative, and airy atmosphere within your home. In years past, older homes were more compartmentalized and each room had their own function. In modern interiors, open plan living allows the ability to interact with your guests from an adjacent room when entertaining and mutli-storied living spaces feel more spacious and comfortable. If you have a home that has multilevels and you are trying to find ways to make it more welcoming, here are a few ideas to get started with.

living room multilevel penthouse

Unify your multilevel living spaces

Create a unity between your multilevel spaces:

For many homeowners there may be a challenge when trying to bring design styles together in multi-levels. Whether you are having troubles visualizing how the separate levels will relate to each other, or you are trying to pick colors and materials, try to keep one unified theme throughout the entire space. Furniture, wall coverings, colors and materials should all be from a similar color pallets and style. Materials such as in an urban loft can carryout throughout your levels. Concrete, stainless steel, chrome, leather and industrial materials make for a beautiful multistory urban loft.


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