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Browse our seemingly unending assortment of living room-based articles and gorgeous photos. There’s something about the design and décor of a living room that truly illustrates the style of a person. In this section, we’ll guide you through the trends, furniture pieces, textiles, colors, layout strategies, and so much more to help you create your ideal living room space.

Six Ways to Design a More Inviting Living Room

It’s the room in which you and your family spend the most time. Living rooms should be appealing, relaxing and allow you to interact with each other.Here are some tips for creating a living room you’ll never want to leave.

Step Down to Relax.

Sunken Living Rooms Look Trendy

The sunken living room is a great décor idea. Basically, it means that the living room is a few steps below the rest of the home. Sunken rooms look visually appealing while making the living room more noticeable.


Living Rooms With Beams That Will Inspire

House construction used to always feature beams of great solid wood that carried the weight of the upper floor, or ceiling, transferring the stress to the walls. Nowadays, little has changed and wooden A-frames are still widely used to support a roof line. However in modern homes, beams and trusses are rarely on show.

Architects tend to hide away the structural elements of a home so far as possible. So, although beams and supports are still used, they are mostly invisible.


17 Stunning Ways To Use Bi-Folding Doors In Living Rooms

Bi-folding doors are an on trend way of increasing the width of a walkway. Glazed French doors, since they are hinged on either side, can only offer double width opening. A bi-folding door can increase the width of an opening because the doors zig zag onto themselves, concertina fashion. They also take up less space when they are open. Although modern materials mean that larger bi-folding doors, that house big glazing sections, are possible, bi-folding doors have been used in architecture since ancient times.

The No-Wall Wall.

A living room can feel like a stunningly different space if one wall is given over entirely to a bi-folding door, making it the perfect space in summer.


Hidden Storage Ideas For Living Rooms

Everyone can do with a bit more room to stow away all the everyday items that seem to be used on a daily basis. For those with young children, the living room can seem to be a bit of a battlefield, with toys that take over during the day. The key to a successfully tidy living room, whether you share it with kids or not, is adequate storage.

The trouble with plenty of storage is that you can be in danger of making your home’s main reception room look like it is little more than a warehouse. It is fair to say that closets with doors, which you can close, are better at disguising clutter than open shelves, bookcases and cabinets with glass fascias.


How To Update Your Living Room’s Ceiling For A Stunning New Look

Making alterations to the décor of a living room rarely constitutes more than new coat of white paint, when it comes to ceiling treatments. Walls, soft furnishings and even the flooring of a reception room all tend to get more attention than the part of the room that is above the eye line. However, simply repeating what you have done before with your home decoration can make for an uninspired look.

There are plenty of approaches that you can take to updating your living room’s ceiling which will give the space an entirely novel feel. Indeed, if you don’t have a big budget to completely redecorate your lounge go for a new ceiling treatment. On its own, a redecorated ceiling won’t set you back that much but can afford a stunning new look.


Modern Living Room Designs That Use Corner Units

Living rooms that make the most of the corner space open up the rest of the room for more flexible accommodation. If you mount your fireplace or television set in the corner of a room, for instance, there is more room to move about in. This is especially worthwhile in a smaller living room and means you can often rearrange your seating so that it is no longer in the way of walkways and doors. Indeed, corner storage units can also double up a banquette seats, freeing even more space.

The intersection of two walls should be more than just a plain junction. Why not pick one corner of your living room and make a feature of it? There is a good deal of display cabinetry to choose from that is specifically designed for a corner position. However, there’s no need to stop there to get a modern and sophisticated look that will enliven even the dullest corner of your home.


How To Decorate A Large Living Room To Make It Feel Cosy

Space may be highly desirable in most reception rooms, but decorating a living room that is way too big for only a few sticks of furniture can be a bit of a challenge. Overly large living rooms can often look great in a photograph but feel like they are cold places to inhabit. However, you can help tame an oversized living room by making it seem a smaller than it actually is. And there is no need to spend a pile of cash on lounge furniture that you do not actually need.

Too much unused seating can make your living room feel like a waiting room, which hardly creates a homely feel. Equally, a large living room that is bereft of soft furnishings will give a Spartan-like feel. Instead of either mistake, break up the space with some advanced design tips. Use colors to your advantage and make the most of your wall space. With the right approach, even the largest of living rooms can be made to feel in proportion and even cosy.


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