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Browse our seemingly unending assortment of living room-based articles and gorgeous photos. There’s something about the design and décor of a living room that truly illustrates the style of a person. In this section, we’ll guide you through the trends, furniture pieces, textiles, colors, layout strategies, and so much more to help you create your ideal living room space.

White is the New Color: Living Room Walls

White is an often-overlooked color for walls. Maybe it’s because many of us, having grown up with white walls in our childhood homes, see white walls as a poor excuse for absence of color options. But I’m here to show you that, no matter what your décor style, painting your walls white just might be the best, chicest option for you.

Classic Vintage-Modern Style.

This Swedish apartment pulls out all the stops on charm, with chunky wood wall beams and modern floor lamp and everything in between. Simplicity and good taste are exuded in clean lines and accessory self-restraint.


Tips for Mixing Highs and Lows in a Living Room

So you’re not made of money and can’t necessarily afford to implement everything your heart desires after browsing post interior design websites and magazines. Welcome to reality. It can be a struggle, certainly, to implement a look or try to recreate the feeling of a space when your heart says one thing and your wallet says another.

But the good news is, whether you’re looking to invest in high-quality pieces or you’re working within a squeaky-tight budget (or somewhere in between), there are ways you can achieve a sophisticated, stylish look. Let’s look to the living room to see how to mix highs and lows and come up with something waaay better than middle-ground.


Fireplace Accessories That Will Light Up Your Living Room

It has be true to say that a fireplace is the focal point of a room, whether it is in use or not. Nowadays, we may spend more time relaxing in our living rooms staring a screen, rather than the hearth, but the fireplace remains the big draw on the eye, particularly when the room is first entered.

As such a cool looking fireplace, even if you never light it, says a lot about your interior design. Don’t overlook what a fireplace can bring to a room even if, with central heating, you have no real need of one.


What to Do with Large Spaces

It is usually small spaces that are considered problematic because you need to create the feeling of a larger space. But sometimes larger rooms can be equally tricky! It might not be easy to fill them up or know how to deal with high ceilings or extra areas. Here are some tips.

Separate the Living Space.

A Room Divider is an Easy Trick to Unify a Room

A room divider can come in handy when you feel that a room is too large. However, choose one that you can see through, such as a glass or bookshelf design. This helps to separate the room without making it feel disconnected.


15 Bright Living Rooms With Comfortable And Inviting Interiors

The living is the most important part of the house, regardless of its size. It’s a social area where guests are invited and where you spend most of your time when you’re home. In most modern homes, the living room and the kitchen share an open plan which is a very smart idea. They are both social areas and by combining them you gain more space.

A very airy and refreshing beach house living area

Also, the person that needs to work in the kitchen can also actively participate at the discussions and activities in the living room.Having a living room that’s spacious is important but the interior design is also crucial. The living room needs to be bright so the windows need to be large and well positioned. This area also needs to feel inviting and comfortable so it’s important to choose the right furniture.


Inspiring Living Room Designs You Should Steal

The living room is usually the core of any house. We’re not talking about positioning but about importance. The living room is the largest room in the house and the space where family members spend time together. It’s also where guests are being welcomed and entertained. So the living room needs to have a flexible and inviting interior design.

The fireplace is always a wonderful feature in the living room

Regardless of the style or type of design you choose for this part of the house, there are a few features that are never missing from the living room. It’s, of course, the sitting area. In the center of this space there’s usually a coffee table. It’s an accent piece and a functional element that, in a way, connects all the things in the room.


How To Use Purple In Stunning Looking Living Rooms

The deep and rich shades that inhabit the area between crimson and violet have many names but, bundled together, they are most commonly referred to as purple. In ancient times the Phoenicians alone new the secret of dying fabrics purple and kept the secret for centuries.

If you wanted their deep shade of purple, known as Tyrian, you had to trade with them. Purple was, therefore, strongly associated with high value and status. It became the chosen hue for Roman emperors’ togas. Nowadays, purple still retains an association with plush furnishings and even opulence.


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