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Kotatsu Low Table

Japanese culture is so old and so nice and you have a lot of things to learn from it. But what is most interesting about these old cultures is the fact that you can both preserve them and also combine them with modern features and obtain really interesting and beautiful things. This Kotatsu Low Table is a great example of this combining of old and modern elements. It is a low table, just like table used to be in Japan because of the ancient tea ceremony that needed people to sit on the floor when performing it. However, the table also has some modern features, which makes it perfect for any kind of home.

This table has a bit higher legs and is made of wood. It has classic lines, but has a modern glass-covered lattice top. The table was made using the traditional Japanese techniques of joining wood pieces and is beautiful and strong at the same time. It is available in different colours of the wood (natural Gingko stain, Fruitwood stain, red oak stain, mahogany stain chocolate stain and walnut stain) and you can order it online now for $880 from Green Tea Design.

Chic and bright living room makeover

Usually when people decide to renovate a particular room of the house the most visible change is the one of color. They go from bright to dark and vice versa. Today we’re going to take a look at a very chic living room that recently got a makeover and a much brighter look. The new living room was the creation of interior designer Kristen Krason.

The new living room is definitely more inviting. It has a bold interior design and there’s a lot more energy in there than it used to be. Instead of a sad atmosphere now it’s a friendly and cheerful place. It’s surprisingly different considering how many of the original pieces have been preserved during the renovation. The key here is knowing how to use them and how to combine textures and colors.


Dandelion Mobile Wallpaper Storm with Coral

Wallpaper is still very much used in many homes because it is easy to clean, looks great and also protects the walls of your home. If you can find a nice design for your wallpaper this can totally change the general aspect of your home. You may have a very simple home, but if you buy the right wallpaper, it will make it look great. For example this Dandelion Mobile Wallpaper Storm with Coral looks absolutely ravishing.

The dandelion pattern is so delicate and nice and looks great against the storm grey background. The dandelions are stylized and surrounded in a pinkish coral aura, but that is exactly what makes the whole wallpaper look so fine. This wallpaper is perfect for your living room and even for the kids room, as it can be both modern and youth-like modern and funny. This wallpaper comes in 52 cm × 10 metre standard size rolls and the pattern repeats every 52 cm. If you like it, you can have it for about £59.95/Roll.

Yellow living room design ideas

Yellow is such a fun and beautiful color. It’s the color and the sun and it brightens up any interior, no matter now dull it is. This also makes it a perfect color for the living room. Yellow living room designs are very beautiful and they are great especially during the summer. Of course, they would also be a constant reminder of the sunny days. Now let’s see how exactly we can use yellow in the living room during the redecoration process.

You could use some outdoor inspiration for your living room and this means you can recreate the natural décor by using color. You could create a sunny interior by using shades of yellow. You could paint the walls yellow and use sky blue and grass green to complete the image. And a natural look wouldn’t be complete without some ceramic accents and hints of white and neutral tones of beige, brown or grey.


Chicago Media from Bludot

Modern homes are filled with modern appliances and these include TV sets, DVD players, home theatres, laptops, computer screens, digital photo frames and so on. However, all these electronic devices do not float into thin air , but must be placed in the room on some kind of furniture. Furniture designers and producers have got the idea and adjusted their furniture according to modern requests, so you can find now a lot of modern furniture that is especially made to store these electronic devices. This beautiful Chicago Media from Bludot is the perfect example.

This media furniture is made to hold a large TV screen and has four other smaller satellites that can hold the additional speakers or some other peripherals. These smaller pieces of furniture are rectangular and are connected to the main body with the help of some very stable and fixed stainless steel legs. The main body, the one holding the TV screen, also has a storing space underneath that can hold very well the DVD player, the Blu-ray player or some other thin electric device. The “towers” can be also used for storing books or maybe CDs or DVDs. There are special holes for the cords and the furniture is available in wenge and white oak and you can but the whole thing for $999.

Soho Modern 6 Drawer Dresser

I am not a very organized person, but I do like to keep my belongings in different drawers, depending on size and use. For examples all my socks must be in a drawer, my scarves in another and so on. And since my two kids appeared I realized I need some extra drawers for them, too. This Soho Modern 6 Drawer Dresser seems perfect for my needs as it has six pretty large drawers. It is made of natural solid hardwood and is manufactured in Vermont, USA. You can choose between different kinds of wood and even combine them as you wish.

The six drawers of the dresser are supported by four sturdy legs that are connected though a nice and resistant wooden frame. This furniture is not very modern, nor is it old-fashioned, but it is characteristic to the middle of the twentieth century. However, many people, myself included, still think this piece of furniture is really useful and appreciate and use it regularly. Plus it looks very well in your bedroom and even living room and is great for storing small items. The manufacturer allows you to customize it any way you like it, so take advantage of this opportunity and purchase it online for a price starting with $2,794.00 .

Solutions for giving your living room personality

Most of us decorate the entire house in the same time for many reasons. The need to use the space is one of important matter and also the mess created during   construction or renovation. Of course after a while we get bored and want to try something new, but let’s face it, costs have always been a problem. The solution would be to decorate just  one key room and to give personality which will spread into the entire house. Let’s take a look at some decorative ideas :

Wallpaper fusion

If you want to give your room a lift with a delicately patterned floral wallpaper it is recommended to choose carefully the place for using it, to obtain the maximum effect. Accessories shouldn’t be forgotten. You can use delicate ceramic objects in a complementary shade. The main idea is to create the desired effect without being overpowering.


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