Medusae Pendant Lamps by Roxy Towry-Russell

I love pendant lamps, those lamps that hang from the ceiling and have different shapes, some of them being floral or geometric in shape, but a few having original shapes. The perfect example of original lighting is the Medusae Pendant lamp that was designed by Roxy Towry-Russell. She found her source of inspiration in the Greek Mythology and named the collection after the monster with snakes in her head , monster that was called Medusa.


Snowman lamps

Well, today is the first official winter day and finally the holiday season is here. I know it’s a long way till Christmas, but I already smell the fir tree and enjoy the first real snow and can’t wait to play with my kids in the snow outside. I loved making snowmen as a kid and I still love this and these little men made of snow still make me smile. So I thought I would surprise my kids with a nice gift and buy them a snowman lamp. They needed a bedside lamp any way and this model seems to fit the season. And, besides that, it’ s fun, too.


The Liquid Lamp

If you are a funny guy and want to make a special crazy gift to your friend and also if you have a dark sense of humor and simply love Halloween, you will surely love this Liquid Lamp designed by the Japanese artist Kouichi Okamoto.

The lamp shade looks just like a bucket of red paint or … yes … blood that was accidentally turned over and spilled its content. It looks so realistic, especially if you place it on a white background, that you will certainly hear a few cries if you bring some girls at home.


Funny desk lamps for children

I am always working on my computer and I do that even when my children are watching TV. They do not need the light on for that , but I need some light because I can’t type on my computer keyboard if I can’t see the keys ( I know, I still need some more practice). So I really need a desk lamp for my work as it allows me to work properly and also does not disturb the other people in the room. It focuses the light beam only on my keyboard, so the others can do their regular jobs that do not need light. And here are a few examples of funny desk lamps that I found on the Internet and that you can buy directly from the online shops.


The Martyr lamp – an energy saver project

Do you have a bedside  lamp that is lit all night long? Well, if you do you might consider paying a visit to the guys from The Play Coalition who thought about an interesting way of making people remember that they must save energy. They designed a unique and interesting little lamp they called “Martyr”.


Modern chadeliers for the dining room

When I hear the word “chandelier” I immediately think about French and about the old nobles that used chandeliers to light their rooms. Apparently this was something only the rich afforded and the poor only afforded a single candle in the whole house and sometimes they even used only the light of the fire. But now chandeliers have turned into something less of a luxury and is a normal sight in our homes. However, the shape and size differs a lot and also the structure, as they use now electricity.

All the chandeliers that you can see here are very modern and simple, most of them made of simple glass and not crystal like the old ones used to be made of and you can easily purchase them online on Style Path. You can choose from a big variety of modern models that are  very nicely designed. For example the first model is just like a balloon made of raindrops of crystal and works with ten halogen lights. You can imagine the amazing lighting effect.


Colourful lamps from Svenssons i Lammhult

I know that many people prefer colourful walls and I also know that many believe in color therapy that claims to influence our behaviour and mood according to the colour that surrounds us. And I also know that kids’ room is supposed to be full of colour and toys, but everything is in theory. Practice has always shown us different aspects from theory and I will explain. I prefer all the walls in my house painted in white and this is not because I have some colour phobia or because I work in a hospital (I don’t).

I simply want white walls because I have two small children who are very playful and always find something interesting to write on the walls and also there are a lot of unfortunate events that end up with big ugly stains on my walls. So I have to paint them at least three times a year. That is why I want them white. But I also like some colour in my life and I try to compensate that by adding funny and coloured furniture and lighting in the house.

So I discovered these nice colourful lamps on a Danish web site and they gave me a pretty good idea about how to cheer up a totally white and dull room. Take a look at this picture and tell me if I am right or not.


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