The Leaf Lamp by Peter Schumacher

If you love nature and you want that your house to become a part of it, you will definitely choose such a nice leaf lamp.The shape of the tree gives you the sensation of a clean, fresh and silent atmosphere of the house. It is like you are under a real tree, where you can put your thoughts in order quietly, you can admire the surroundings or you can simply relax.


The Ginger Chandelier from Micron Lighting

Quickly, make a wish! It is a frequent remark when you see a falling star.The Ginger Chandelier is all you can wish if you want to have a falling star in your house, in the living room for example. The group of rings forms the star and the wires form the tail. As you can see in the photos you can choose a different colour of your chandelier too. It depends on your tastes, preferences and use.


Campari Pendant Light

Campari is a famous soft drink or soda, depending on the country or kind. Any way, most people have heard of it and know this brand is used for drinking at least. But nobody would ever dream that Campary bottles can also be used as pendant lights. But two crazy guys – Rafaelle Celentano - the designer and Ingo Maurer – the manufacturer thought of binding ten such Campari bottles and place them around a powerful halogen light bulb, obtaining this way a nice, but unusual pendant light, the Campari Pendant Light.

You can make this pendant light as big as you want by simply adding some more clusters of Campari bottles and using them to light the rooms. Well, actually these pendant lights are perfect for pubs and bars, as they also serve as a nice unusual commercial , too. The funny thing is that you can actually drink the liquid even after so many hours hanging from the ceiling. At least that is what they say, but I wouldn’t dare. However, you can buy one of these lights if you are interested for $465.

Algae Lamp by Christian Vivanco

Scientists claim that life has appeared in the sea and more than two thirds of our planet is covered by sea and ocean. Well, this is exactly what inspired the designer Christian Vivanco when creating the Algae Lamp. He said that he found algae extremely interesting because they are actually plants that live under the sea and they are in continuous movement. They look like they are dancing and they are very nutritious and healthy at the same time. Because they have a wide variety of colors, this lamp is also available in many colors, as you can see from the pictures.


Kids room lamps from Murano Due

Kids have different activities than adults and they spend most of the day on the floor playing or doing some other things in the lower half of the room. That is why they need a different lighting system because if you use a very powerful ceiling lamp that might be irritating for their young eyes. So it is recommended that they should use appropriate lamps to light the part of the room they need. For example the desk lamps will light the desk when they do their homework, the floor lamps are perfect for the play area and the wall lamps are perfect for casting light on their areas of interest.


Interesting candle holders

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion for you to spend time with friends and the loved ones. SOme of us prefer going to noisy parties with our friends, but some others would rather stay at home or go to a remote hotel and spend a romantic night with the boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or lover. Well, everybody knows that a romantic night needs some preparation in advance and, besides the champagne and the good food, you also need good music and … candles. Yes, the candle light is so much more romantic than that of light bulbs, so you need to also purchase some nice and preferably original candle holders. Here are some models to choose from and the places where you can order them.


Christmas tree lamps

I know Christmas is gone and now we are planning all the details of the New Year’s Eve party, but I still feel festive and I would like to keep the Christmas tree all year long if possible. So I tried to find something to replace the famous tree and here is what I found out: Christmas tree lamps. That is I found desk lamps that are shaped like Christmas trees. They will light my way through the house in every season and will leave no dried needles behind.


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