The Martyr lamp – an energy saver project

Do you have a bedside  lamp that is lit all night long? Well, if you do you might consider paying a visit to the guys from The Play Coalition who thought about an interesting way of making people remember that they must save energy. They designed a unique and interesting little lamp they called “Martyr”.


Modern chadeliers for the dining room

When I hear the word “chandelier” I immediately think about French and about the old nobles that used chandeliers to light their rooms. Apparently this was something only the rich afforded and the poor only afforded a single candle in the whole house and sometimes they even used only the light of the fire. But now chandeliers have turned into something less of a luxury and is a normal sight in our homes. However, the shape and size differs a lot and also the structure, as they use now electricity.

All the chandeliers that you can see here are very modern and simple, most of them made of simple glass and not crystal like the old ones used to be made of and you can easily purchase them online on Style Path. You can choose from a big variety of modern models that are  very nicely designed. For example the first model is just like a balloon made of raindrops of crystal and works with ten halogen lights. You can imagine the amazing lighting effect.


Colourful lamps from Svenssons i Lammhult

I know that many people prefer colourful walls and I also know that many believe in color therapy that claims to influence our behaviour and mood according to the colour that surrounds us. And I also know that kids’ room is supposed to be full of colour and toys, but everything is in theory. Practice has always shown us different aspects from theory and I will explain. I prefer all the walls in my house painted in white and this is not because I have some colour phobia or because I work in a hospital (I don’t).

I simply want white walls because I have two small children who are very playful and always find something interesting to write on the walls and also there are a lot of unfortunate events that end up with big ugly stains on my walls. So I have to paint them at least three times a year. That is why I want them white. But I also like some colour in my life and I try to compensate that by adding funny and coloured furniture and lighting in the house.

So I discovered these nice colourful lamps on a Danish web site and they gave me a pretty good idea about how to cheer up a totally white and dull room. Take a look at this picture and tell me if I am right or not.


Luxurious Chandelier for Your Crib

Nowadays chandeliers and other hanging lamps are designed to fit into almost any décor from luxurious hotels and restaurants to homes. Chandeliers are  the most expensive fixtures as we know, that people can invest their money in, especially in making their homes, or offices, more aesthetically pleasing and extravagant.

The Chandeliers from Pottery Barn are available from 150$. All chandeliers are meant to be impressive because of their size and because they originate in a time of luxury – back in the France of Louis XIII and they really are luxurious, especially if they come with crystals and expensive metal. Any way, what I like most about these chandeliers from Pottery Barn is the fact that their design is very nice and tries to keep them as close to natural as possible.

For example the model in the first picture is full of little “twigs” and the whole picture seems like a tree in bloom. That is why the hanging chandeliers shown here have a brownish support which makes them similar to real wood. Classy and refined, these chandeliers have a lot of style.

12 Giant Lighting Decoration Ideas

A perfect, attractive and serene environment is a function of its lightning, presence of standing lamps in a room adds a charming colour to the room. And when you think to decorate using Giant Lamps, these will add natural beauty to the room when positioned at the corner or edge of the room especially in a newly painted room.

Over sized lamps can be used for two reasons; to light a gloomy room and give it another aspect by casting intense light on the central part of the room or, on the contrary, acting like a decorative object itself. For example you can have a totally dull room, all coloured in white for example and you smply want to make it more lively with a minimum effort: so just purchase an oversized lamp coloured in red, orange , electric blue or another vivid colour that will bring all attention to the lamp.

iMac G4 desk lamp

If you know anything about computers or have used the computer for several years, then you certainly heard of iMacs, the computers that are produced by the guys from Apple. Well, there is a special model of iMac, iMac G4, that was the source of inspiration for some very innovative guys and they turned it into a … desk lamp. The idea started from the “nickname” of this computer that was iMac lamp. This nickname is due to its base that looks like a desk lamp shade, semi- spherical and with an Apple logo on.

Well, if you take this base from an iMac G4 you no longer use or which is broken and turn it into the upper part of a desk lamp, the shade to be more precise, and then attach a light bulb and a support that is connected to the wall plug, you will have the perfect gift for your friend who is an Apple fan or a computer geek or both.


Ctrl desk lamp

I am not afraid of the dark or something like that, but I still like to have a small light on when I wander around the house at night looking for a glass of water or checking the kids in their bed. But apparently it is a bit hard to find the perfect lamp that could be at the same time handy and easy to lit and also to spread a diffuse light that will not wake my kids up. After a few minutes of research I found the perfect gift I can give to myself and this is the Ctrl desk lamp. It is an useful night lamp, but also a funny gadget to have on my desk, as it constantly reminds me that I am a computer addict and this is a funny way of admitting it.


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