Christmas tree lamps

I know Christmas is gone and now we are planning all the details of the New Year’s Eve party, but I still feel festive and I would like to keep the Christmas tree all year long if possible. So I tried to find something to replace the famous tree and here is what I found out: Christmas tree lamps. That is I found desk lamps that are shaped like Christmas trees. They will light my way through the house in every season and will leave no dried needles behind.


Fire Kit Lamp by Skitch

I love camping and going into the woods, lighting fires and sleeping in tents. I like nature and everything connected with it and I would love to heat my house with wood fires. But I am afraid this is not possible nowadays in big cities because there are some standards you need to respect. Any way, being a nostalgic I tried to replace the pleasure of a real wood fire by finding something similar, but appropriate for a modern home in a big city. So I found this interesting Fire Kit Lamp by Skitch that I thought was exactly what I was looking for.

It looks like a miniature camp fire with little logs at the bottom and a stylized flame that is actually made of blown glass colored in dark orange. The basis – the little logs – is made of wood and inside there is a small light bulb. So you understand it will work when connected to a power supply. However, it is small, nice and delicate, spreading the light like a real fire and making the atmosphere in your house a bit warmer. You can buy it for about 120 EURO.


Atlantis Suspension Light

If you have an amazing home that is pretty big and beautiful and you just don’t know what kind of lighting you should choose to fit with it, then your problem is solved. Atlantis Suspension Light will be just the thing for you. It is not for simple homes or for very small ones, as it needs to be seen and admired and you will look at it once you see it. It is pretty big itself and looks fluid because it is made of thousands of thin chains that are combined and linked together as if they were threads in a fabric, in silk.


Ultra Fashionable Modular Lighting System

Are you looking for a lighting system that enhances the look of the room? Do you wish to introduce something unique and different from the traditional lights? Well, if yes, then the sparks modular lighting system by Daniel Becker would be ideal selection. The system comprises of three modules made out of aluminum tubes. Each module can be rotated freely to create a 3 dimension figure. As a result, the lightning system can be used virtually on every size of wall or ceiling.  In addition, Low energy Led lamps are used inside frosted glass cones to make the system energy efficient.

This lighting system seems to have been inspired by nature. It looks like tree branches, in a modern approach. So it could look very artistic in modern home. But the most interesting detail is the fact that this lighting system is very flexible, allowing you to form any shape and design you want, place it anywhere you want. It’s a very clever innovation that keeps a lot of people busy. It’s fun and this way you’ll never get bored of this piece. You can change the appearance of a room just by using this thing. It’s a great way of decorating your home. And this is more than a decoration, it’s an actual lighting system that will be very functional anywhere you place it. The possibilities are endless.

Ceiling mounted lights from Studio Italia Design

Lighting is very important for every house and each person chooses the right kind of lighting for them. I personally stay away from floor lighting because I have two small children and this is a real hazard for them. So I prefer ceiling mounted lighting. Not to mention the fact that if the light comes from the ceiling it has the opportunity to cover more space. Any way, I found some very interesting models of ceiling mounted lighting from Studio Italia Design. They are all very modern and nice and you can order them in the online store.


Swarovski crystal table lamps by Schonbek

Nowadays the trend is     to have cool and modern homes that are really simple, but showing good taste. However, if you want to have a bit of luxury you can choose an expensive exquisite leather sofa and some interesting table lamps. And what could be more amazing than a glittering desk lamp that is all decorated with Swarovski crystals? They are so nice and beautiful and reflect light in many different ways that you  could mistake them for real diamonds.


Man on the Moon pendant light

Have you ever seen the Man on the Moon? Or at least do you know who that is? Well, I’ll tell you then that it is a beautiful pendant light that you can use in your children’ s room. And it is exactly what it says. It shows a little stylized man that sits on the Moon and glows in the dark, guiding the little steps around the house and also keeping them safe and away of the night monsters that sometimes torture their little sweet dreams.


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