Delicate Future Flora by Tord Boontje

Flowers are delicate and fragile things. There are so many different species each of it with its own colors and various smells. They are associated with things that bring joy, happiness, love, warm and represent fragility, beauty, refinement, emotions, tenderness, romanticism.

A beautiful bunch of flowers is an explosion of color and feelings. It can show us how fragile and beautiful life is and how much we should appreciate it.


A Beautiful Snow dust Lampshade by Olga Kravchenko

It is winter. Nothing compares with the beauty of snow that covers all the surroundings. It creates a fairytale image where everything is white, peaceful and shining.

Children are those who enjoy most of this white season. They go to skate, to ski and play with snowballs. People usually decorate their houses with all sorts of objects that fit the winter spirit .Everybody wants for Santa Claus to come and bring them a lot of presents.Olga Kravchenko proposes you a snow dust lampshade. It is a lampshade that resembles snow and she explores the way this snow dust can create an original design while it deposits.


Book Rest Lamp and Bookmark Too

Most of us like to read something before going to bed. We read a book that we enjoy, magazine or a newspaper in case we want to find out new things or read something in we cannot fall asleep too easily.

The Book Rest lamp is a nice lamp that we need for reading. It has a fine light which does not tire your eyes and creates a relaxing atmosphere. It is small , cute, multifunctional and it can fit many places.


Educative Tree and Root Lamp by Kitae Pak

Nowadays, more and more people think of becoming eco or green. Their preoccupation for keeping the environment clean and safe becomes more important.

Everything that is green means a source of oxygen for us, so we should be careful to keep our green spaces as much and as many as we can.Recently cutting the trees has become a real problem. It has affected the environment and the natural phenomena too. Many people have tried to signal this problem.


Kinema Pendant Luminaire by Stuart Fingerhut

Nature has always meant a source of inspiration for our life. We explored and discovered its beauties so that our creations took the shapes of these natural elements. We tried to become closer to nature.

Nowadays, we have come to a point where we realize how important nature is for us and how much we should take care of it.Stuart Fingerhut presents us Kinema Pendant Luminaire. It is an interesting lamp that has an unusual shape. It seems that it looks like an insect, a tree beetle. It is like an insect with wings. It opens its wings and spreads light. The advantage is that we can control the amount of light that we get into the room.


Big Bold Candelabrum by Roderick Vos

I am sure you remember those pictures and old movies where they show the candelabra used by the people in the ancient times. They did not have electricity, so they used candles instead in order to cast some light on the inside of their homes. The bigger the number of the candles in a candelabrum, the richer that family. But nowadays we only use candles if we want to be romantic and have a cozy sweet light in your home. The candelabrum now has a more decorative purpose now and we use it for embellishing the inside of the house, as it gives style and elegance to the place.

This Big Bold Candelabrum by Roderick Vos can be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and can also be used to create the magic atmosphere you want for Valentine’s day. The designer made the candelabrum by cutting a four mm powder coated metal sheet and getting a simplified version of a candelabrum. This one only has five arms and uses real candles that you can only purchase at the same time with the candelabrum, directly from the web site belonging to the manufacturer – Mooi for 729 euro or maybe from any other online stores – $340.

The Rocket Lamp by Journee Lighting

For years man has tried to conquer space and answer to his many questions related to it. He was so fascinated by its mysteries and discoveries that he continued to search new means of transport and devices in order to satisfy his desire.

He has never stopped to analyze and observe the mysteries of the unknown space. He invented things like satellites, rockets, spaceships that have helped him to continue his researches. Stars and planets became the objects of his researches.Journee Lighting presents us The Rocket Lamp that is named Lotus LED Luminaire. It is a lamp based on LED lighting. It has the shape of a rocket and can have different colors.


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