Champagne Glass Lamps by Moise

Everybody loves to celebrate and parties.A successful party is that where you feel good, you are surrounded by a lot of friends or persons that you love, the food is great and the music is nice. In case you also celebrate something the whole picture is complete if there are champagne glasses. They symbolize a special moment that deserves to be celebrated.

In case you want to keep this celebration atmosphere the champagne glass lamps are perfect for your house. They will always remind you of special moments.


InsideOut Lamp from Casamania

Brian Rasmussen does a great job designing this amazing lamp from Casamania. But why would a lamp, pendant or table lamp, be called InsideOut? I get it that it is a word game, but the explanation is given by the designer himself. His inspiration was the sphere, the perfect geometrical shape with no beginning and no end. However, when you look at this lamp you can see no such thing as a sphere. Well, if you use your imagination and see the whole picture from the distance, you could. But the outline is not perfect, because the edges go “inside out”. The lamp is made of aluminum sheets and they go in and out like the bows of a ribbon. They fill the missing space with shadows and lights and the optical illusion is amazing.


Heart – Shaped Lamp for Valentine’s Day

Every year just before Valentine’s Day I promise myself I will not celebrate it this year and somehow I finish by celebrating it along with all the other people in the city. I know it turned into a big commercial celebration, but I love the idea of celebrating LOVE , so I play along. And I find it nice to give and get a symbolic present that shows that your heart is still in the right place. And what could be more appropriate for this day than heart-shaped lamps. They are also affordable gifts and , to be honest, are also very useful, especially when you want to use them for moving around the house without having to turn on the whole lighting system and wake the kids.


Bird in Hand Lamp by J.P.Meulendijks

The first thing that crosses you mind when you see a bird is flying. I think that each of us once expressed his or her wish of flying, to experience the beautiful feeling of floating and to have the impression of touching the blue sky.

This bird in hand lamp, designed by J.P.Meulendijks gives the same impression. The ways the hands are arranged seem to resemble some wings of birds. It creates the impression of flying. Their white color makes you think of some pigeons or wings of angels too.It is a lamp that makes you feel closer to the sky or maybe closer to heaven, to divinity.


Magic Starry Nights

Everyone thinks that he or she has a lucky star on the blue sky. It is a star that makes you confident in your own forces, gives you strength to go on and courage to believe in you.

Man is a human being that thinks dreams and hopes. His most important values are: memories, wishes and hopes. Each of these three can be represented by a star.So, if you think of all these elements, man’s soul becomes a constellation of shining stars that lights his soul and helps him to go beyond the darkness of his sad days of his life.


Foldable Flower Home Lighting Fixtures

Flower is one of the most fragile and beautiful things. For those who love nature, the flowers represent a perfect gift too. It cannot be compared with things like: clothes, accessories, books or sweets. It is something that creates emotions and fills your heart with joy. Flowers bring life, light and color to a room.

Fredrik Farg, the designer of these foldable lighting fixtures combines the fragility of a flower with the mobility of a lighting fixture.These lighting fixtures have the shape of a flower that can be changed. It may become more closed or more opened. It depends on what our intentions are and what kind of atmosphere we want to create.


Motorlight by Jake Dyson

Man cannot imagine his life without light. Light is one of the fundamental things of our life like water, air or earth. These are the basic elements that assure our existence and provide resources for our daily living.

Light is the one that illuminates our life every day even if it is sunny or cloudy. The nuances of light may influence our mood too. We can feel more dynamic and full of life on a sunny day or less energy and blue on a cloudy day.Jake Dyson designed motorlight and helped us to adjust the light in our room to our mood, taste and uses.


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