Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Every time I go to the mountains I prefer staying in a rustic hostel where I feel more “at home” than in a pretentious five stars hotel. And one of these times I saw a very well designed living room, where the lady of the house used every piece of rustic devices to construct a very nice and yet modern environment. I mean they used everything from a real wagon wheel as a chandelier to traditional pottery as flower pots and … you use your imagination for the rest. Any way, I was pretty curious if you could only do such a thing by yourself or it could be possible to purchase it on the Internet and, to my surprise, I found out that you could. Actually there are more models to choose from, but I liked this one best.


Remote Controlled Light Bulb

Technology has advanced so much lately that I can’t even remember the times when I watched my TV and I changed the channels manually, as there were no remote controls back then. It’s all part of our everyday life now and we are so used to all these technological gadgets that make our life easier that we could not imagine living without them. Remote controls seem to be our favorite objects in the house and we sit comfortably in our armchair operating all the things around us without having to ever stand up. The best example is the remote controlled light bulb.


A Modern Uma Chandelier by Giancarlo Tintori

Years ago, chandeliers were the source of light for the big rooms of nobility or the kings’ or queens’ saloons. They were very useful and created a wonderful atmosphere of light and elegance. We can imagine those huge chandeliers for which initially there were used candles. We could also see it hanging over those huge ballrooms.

Now a chandelier combines classic elements with modern ones. Its presence make us think of those old times or to a romantic atmosphere but the shape and materials used underline the contemporary times.


A Beautiful T- 5805 Infiore Pendant Light

Everybody loves nature. It is our source of living and inspiration. Man has always tried to become closer to nature and imitate its wonderful elements.

The trees, the flowers, the birds, the insects, the animals, the sun, the moon become sources of inspiration and the objects that surround us take their shape.T- 5805 Infiore Pendant Light is a lamp that takes the shape of a beautiful flower. It is a flower with many petals and the fluorescent light creates a nice atmosphere.


Funny Umbrella Lamps by Marie- Louise Gustafsson

Umbrella is a necessary object in case of bad weather. Sometimes is useful in case of the rays of sun that can be too strong. It is protective. It defends us against too much wet or too much sunshine.

Many years ago, the beautiful ladies from the high society used umbrellas as an accessory. Umbrella had to match with the lady’s dress. It was a decorative element that was underlining elegance and good taste.Swedish designers Marie- Louise Gustafsson in collaboration with the designer Daniel Franzen propose us a prototype collection called “Come Rain or Come Sine”. These are some beautiful umbrella lamps which we can use it to complete our décor.


Solar Eclipse Lamp from Igendesign

People have always been fascinated by natural phenomena. Tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, eclipses are phenomena that have always preoccupied the science men who tried to observe it and give it an explanation.

These phenomena impress us through their grandeur, violence and unpredictability. They may modify the shape of our planet and influence our lives too. Their manifestation is real show where we can assist or even become actors too.


Table Cups Lamps by Yeongwoo Kim

Dynamic things are associated with the flow of time. If you watch a river that is flowing, a clock that is ticking, the clouds which are passing by on the blue sky, you will feel how time is flying away.

Yeongwoo Kim presents you these cups that seem in a continuous move. In fact they represent table lamps that have this shape and look like some snapshots of spills.Their light creates an interesting atmosphere and makes you think that you have always something to clean it up. It is a dynamic light. It seems to flow continuously and creates a dynamic atmosphere. It is like the flowing of time which you cannot stop even for just a second. We are the prisoners of time and the only thing that we can do is to take advantage of every second and live it to the maximum.


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