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Funny Dog shaped Spotlight

Dogs usually sit on their tails and watch us in a rather vertical position, with the head up and the eyes front, with all four feet on the ground, supervising every move you make. Well, imagine a stylized wooden dog in the same position and you will get the Good Dog Spotlight, a creation of those from Strand Design. And since the comparative of “good” is “better”, it was only normal to call its upgraded version The Better Dog Spotlight. It is a Funny Dog shaped Spotlight that blends wood and stainless steel together and uses light as their common feature, this way obtaining a very interesting lamp.


Let yourself get mesmerized by light with the Hypnotic lamp by AP DIZAJN

The Hypnotic lamp, as its name suggests, is not a typical accessory. It’s a lamp that literary hypnotizes you with its design. Inspired by the symmetries seen on the dahlia blossom, the lamp features patterns composed of a multitude of geometrical shapes that mesmerize anyone who looks at it. It’s a very interesting and original concept.The inspiration source for this lamp is surprising, mostly because I’s quite difficult to see the resemblance.

The geometry of the flower has been transposed and transformed into a hexagonal grid and transferred on a base. The pattern was deformed to create a three dimensional impression and it’s the reason why it’s so captivating and hypnotizing. The image changes with the viewer’s perception and you get the feeling it’s following you wherever you go. It’s a very interesting image.


Elegant White Capiz Pendant

I have always said that nature is so creative and fascinating that it overpasses human imagination. For example it creates so spectacular creatures nobody would dare to imagine. One of these fantastic creatures is capiz , the bivalve shell of a mollusc that can be found mainly in the Philippines. It has a spectacular translucent body that makes it reflect light and this way looks great. No wonder local people and artisans use it for interior design, jewels and other beautiful decorations. This Elegant White Capiz Pendant from West Elm is the perfect example of their exquisite craftsmanship.


Woody W01 – an LED table lamp with a double function

Woody W01 is part of a three-piece series that also includes Woody W02 and Woody W03. All three pieces are based on similar designs and have similar functions but W01 is a little more transparent when it comes to reflecting these concepts. The table lamp, as its basic descriptions suggests, is obviously a combination between two distinct pieces. It’s been launched by lighting brand Goodbye Edison that also has a very suggestive name.

Presented at Maison & Objet 2012, the table lamp impressed with the simplicity of its design and with the functionality of its form. Since it’s both a table and a lamp, it can serve as both at the same time. It’s a piece that would be useful in the bedroom, placed next to the bed. It would provide the diffuse, soft light needed for reading or for ambiance and its top would also serve as a place to rest the phone, remote control, a book or other similar objects.


The Rabbit Lamp – a funny and powerful alternative for illuminating your home

Animals are our close friends and we often use their image for our creations and inventions. We learn new things from them and we honor them by shaping things to their image. One example for that would be the Rabbit Lamp. It was designed in 2006 by FRONT for Moooi© and it’s one of those items that is cute and functional at the same time.

The lamp has a design that is faithful to the animal that inspired. The dimensions reproduce the real thing and respecting them was easy, considering the fact a rabbit’s real dimensions pretty much coincide with those of a standard lamp. With this piece you can bring a piece of nature into your home. You can use the lamp in the bedroom, on the nightstand but also in other spaces such as the living room, the office, studio, library, etc. It would be a beautiful and interesting accent piece anywhere you place it.


Lemon Yellow Lamp for Your Desk

I spend a lot of time behind my desk, being busy writing all day long, reading and writing e-mails and doing lots of other tasks that involve sitting on the chair behind my desk for a long time every day. And since these activities are a bit dull, I try to find colourful things that will make my desk lively and cheerful. Things like this beautiful Lemon Yellow Lamp for Your Desk make my day more beautiful. First of all I noticed the colour. I admit this strong lemon yellow was the one drawing my attention in the first place. Then I noticed this desk lamp is also flexible and you can move its head so as to adjust the light flow in the direction you want.

The table lamp has a sparky chrome base and an over-sized Mod shade that is powder coated with an intense yellow gloss and has a white interior. There is also an on/off switch that allows you to turn the lamp on and off, depending on your needs. The two incandescent light bulbs that make this lamp work have 60 w maximum and are not included in the package when you order the item. This modern table lamp is available for $198 on CB2.

Vintage Shiny Lamp

I know every age and era has got it features and also its advantages and disadvantages, but this is exactly what defines it and what makes it special and different from all the other times. So I enjoy being a part of the modern era and I make use of all the gadgets and technological improvements it offers us. I would never return to the old telephone with a dial or to the times when there was no Internet or wireless communication. However, there are a few things in the past I would gladly choose to have nowadays as well. These are the home accessories that are very beautiful and useful and which have not changed so much in time. For example I really like this beautiful Vintage Shiny Lamp.


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