Elegant and sumptuous black crystal chandeliers

The chandelier is often the element that adds richness and elegance to a room, the detail that completes the décor. But not any type of chandelier is suitable for any room of the house. There are numerous criteria to base your decision on when choosing the right chandelier. The color could be one of them. Black crystal chandeliers, for example, have a very interesting charm. They are not as bright and transparent as one would expect a chandelier to be and yet they are very elegance and beautiful. Let’s take a look at a few interiors featuring black crystal chandelier for a better understanding of the concept.

This eclectic living room features a very interesting palette of colors. The walls have been painted black which is a rare trend and they’ve been combined with rich, patterned curtains featuring a combination of black and red. The wooden floors are partially covered with a beige rug and complemented by furniture featuring matching colors. The textures and patterns are diverse and very rich. The black crystal chandelier captures this mix of details and reflects it in a very elegant way.


Oversized Tripod Floor Lamps: Casual And Elegant At The Same Time

Floor lamps in general are wonderful for all types of decors. They serve a double function as they are both functional and great decorations. Floor lamps can be sued to shed a little romantic light in the room, to add warmth and coziness to the décor as well as to balance the décor. Tripod floor lamps have the advantage of being both elegant and casual at the same time and this makes them particularly versatile and great for lots of interior types.

This living room has an overall simple décor. It’s a traditional type of living room but it also has a few modern details. The fireplace makes the room feel warm, inviting and cozy and the two tripod floor lamps placed on either side of the fireplace only enhance this appearance.


Modern and Colourful Piani Desk Lamp

Normally office lamps are more impersonal and more functional. But when compare them to our home lamps, we realize they are rather dull. Apparently somebody decided to do something about it and designed this Modern and Colourful Piani Desk Lamp. You can use it both as an office and also as a home desk lamp. It is beautiful and colourful, nice to look at and touch, simple in design and yet bringing all eyes on it. The lamp is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bourollec and it is manufactured by Flos. It is among my favourite lamps because it has stability above all.


Shiny Oxana Table lamp

When I was little I was fascinated by legends nd mythology. And my favourite one was when Prometeus stole fire from the gods and gave it to people on Earth. Somehow, I have always imagined that he brought that fire in a goblet of metal that spread rays of light around it and looked mysterious and shiny. This Shiny Oxana Table lamp is very close to what I had in mind back then and this is indeed a gift from the gods given to humanity, as people would be in the dark without light. Light is very important and today it is given by electricity and not fire.

This table lamp is very beautiful and it looks more like an ornament or decoration than a home appliance. It is manufactured by Elgo and its design is impressive. The lamp is delicate and nice, with a strong and shiny base that has a chrome finish and a riveted lamp shade. This shade is made of steel and it is highly decorative, with rays of light pervading through the holes in a very pretty way. The lamp works with One 25 Watt 120 Volt G9 Base Halogen lamp that is included in the package. You can have it for $198 from Lumens.

Unusual Giuko Lamp

I have a rather wild imagination, so when I first saw this Unusual Giuko Lamp  I first imagined a caterpillar casting light around it. It may be the nice but unusual design that makes it look like a caterpillar hanging from the ceiling with one end on the floor. It is basically made of five rings that are connected to each other and then hang from the ceiling. Each ring has a nice and shiny light bulb in the middle spreading light all around it. The rings can be made of wood (ebony or maple) or can even be chrome plated, which gives them even more elegance and spark.


Funny Dog shaped Spotlight

Dogs usually sit on their tails and watch us in a rather vertical position, with the head up and the eyes front, with all four feet on the ground, supervising every move you make. Well, imagine a stylized wooden dog in the same position and you will get the Good Dog Spotlight, a creation of those from Strand Design. And since the comparative of “good” is “better”, it was only normal to call its upgraded version The Better Dog Spotlight. It is a Funny Dog shaped Spotlight that blends wood and stainless steel together and uses light as their common feature, this way obtaining a very interesting lamp.


Let yourself get mesmerized by light with the Hypnotic lamp by AP DIZAJN

The Hypnotic lamp, as its name suggests, is not a typical accessory. It’s a lamp that literary hypnotizes you with its design. Inspired by the symmetries seen on the dahlia blossom, the lamp features patterns composed of a multitude of geometrical shapes that mesmerize anyone who looks at it. It’s a very interesting and original concept.The inspiration source for this lamp is surprising, mostly because I’s quite difficult to see the resemblance.

The geometry of the flower has been transposed and transformed into a hexagonal grid and transferred on a base. The pattern was deformed to create a three dimensional impression and it’s the reason why it’s so captivating and hypnotizing. The image changes with the viewer’s perception and you get the feeling it’s following you wherever you go. It’s a very interesting image.


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