3 Eye-Catching Ceiling Lighting Designs For Modern Tastes

Lighting is very important in any home. But the lighting fixtures you choose have to be closely related to the style you have chosen for the décor. Of course, you can mix and match, but you need to focus on a specific style when you do it. So if you prefer modern lighting fixtures in your home, we have three designs that would be perfect. They are stylish and they’re also eye-catching, making wonderful focal points.

DRSL Paparazzi Lamp.


5 Great Recycling Projects To Light Your Home

Recycling is not something you do out of love for the environment and the planet. It’s also a great way of finding new uses for things and of giving them a second change. It’s a way of not letting time take the best out of an item. So here are five wonderful projects that will show how to recycle and how to repurpose items in order to create unique features for your home.

Chandeliers Made from Salvaged Bicycle Parts.


Contemporary Lighting Tips For Your Living Room

These days the range of choice that you can select from for contemporary light fittings seems limitless. Indeed, if you cannot find the fitting of your imagination then it will be possible to find a manufacturer who can fabricate your own design for you. Both the form of the design and their lighting output is very much at the heart of contemporary design.And when it comes to modern-style lighting there seems to be a fitting design for every room in the home. With such overwhelming choice, it is often too easy to go wrong, so take your time and select your fittings only once the rest of the décor has been decided upon.

If your home is undergoing rewiring, then you will need to consider the number of light fittings required to provide a good level of light. If you have too few fittings you will need to up their output. Err on the side of caution. It is better to have more wiring than you think you may need, particularly with recessed lighting, since it will be a messy job to run additional cable after your living room has been completed. If you are in doubt, consult a professional lighting designer.


Shoes on the Ceiling: The Importance of the Right Chandelier

A pair of shoes can completely alter the look of an outfit. We’ve all heard that, right? For better or worse, shoes wield a disproportionately large amount of influential power. Imagine a man in a tuxedo with sneakers, or a woman in jeans with heels. The shoes define the overall vibe.

This can also be said for lighting in home décor…specifically, chandeliers. As the primary (or only) floating object, often in the center of a space, a chandelier can’t help but attract attention. For this reason, selecting the right chandelier is of utmost importance if you want your space to pull of the look you’re ultimately going for. Here are some examples of these “shoes” on the ceiling:


5 Chandeliers For 5 Different Styles

Chandeliers aren’t just for rooms filled with Victorian looks or high-class tastes, but if the room is styled correctly, can be fit for any theme or vision. And they give all different spaces a fun face-lift and add a whole lot of interest and pure lighting. So, let’s take a look at some different style chandeliers that can enhance and complement any type of room.

1. Ultra-feminine.

This is one of the most obvious uses for a chandelier; to help create a girlish, feminine space. Whether it’s over the dining table, in your home office or even the new baby girl’s nursery, these pretty light fixtures give a whole lot of oomph to even the frilliest and pinkest of rooms. Find a chandelier that have a lot of sparkle. There are so many that have bright, dangling crystals, shining golds and silvers and even a pop of pastel color.


Bedside Lamps Highlight Personal Style

Bedrooms are probably one of the most personal rooms in a house, probably because they are the only rooms that actually “belong” to the inhabitants. “That’s Joe’s room, this is my room, and downstairs is Jane’s room.” We would expect upon entering each room, to find evidences of Joe, myself, and Jane, respectively, in those rooms. One way to infuse a sense of style into a bedroom is through reading lamps. There are so many options out there! Consider the following stylish choices:

Unmatched His & Hers.

Although these lamps are not identical, they still work together easily in this space to bring out the style of the individuals. The genre of the lamps is kept consistent, and the medium (white porcelain? Marble, maybe?) is the same for both lamps as well. Lampshades are the same size but are different, thus showcasing different personalities and tastes. I love how the overall aesthetic of each lamp is similar to the other, yet their differences are balanced and complementary. Quite a lovely pair!


5 Lanterns That Make A Design Difference

A bit of romance. A bit of rustic charm. And sometimes even nautically-inspired. Lanterns can bring a lot of life and personality to even the most unsuspecting of places. They’re quite versatile too. From an eclectic, World Market-flavored living room to a dainty, feminine guest bedroom, lanterns can jazz up a corner and add interest to previously dull spaces. Let’s look at some wonderful ideas.

1. On a pole.

If you’ve got a lantern that looks like it belong alongside a beach boardwalk, have it take up some space in the bedroom. It adds edge to a girlish bedroom and some extra pop to a lighter color palette. It can serve as a basic reading light as well as a fashion-forward piece to the room.


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