Autumn touch with the Etched Fern Mercury Glass Table Lamp

Made out of mercury glass and etched by hand, the Mercury Glass Table Lamp is the perfect modern object to accessorize your bedroom or living room. Traditional lamps looking like this were made shaping molten glass into the wanted form and then then dressed in antique silver. The advantage of this item is that the mercury glass has the same luster as silver but it is easier to clean.

The lamp can be the perfect gift for autumn lovers, bringing a warm atmosphere into the room. The etched leafs look like grain and symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It can be offered along with a matching painting or photography frames, impressing the loved ones with your good taste. You can keep it to yourself and put it on the corner table for light while reading, on the desk of your home office, on the dresser near the bed or on any other surface, offering you smooth lightning in warm colors. Can be also used as a night lamp.


Mod Urn Table Lamp

Urns are supposed to be used for storing the ashes of someone in your family or of a friend. Or at least this is the general belief now. But some time ago, in the ancient times, Greeks used urns  as decorative objects and even vases. No wonder some people thought that urns would look just fine as base for a table lamp. And they were right. If you take a look at this nice Mod Urn Table Lamp from Shades of Light you will see just how beautiful and delicate it is.

The base of this lamp is made of ceramics and then it is painted in different colours that make it interesting and able to match the general colour of the room: Provincial Blue, Vintage Green, Vintage White, Gray or Orange. The most interesting feature is that you can change the lamp shade according to your taste and choose one with a classic or modern pattern. But no matter what colour you may choose, you will certainly love to have this lamp on your desk. It brings a bit of the past (the urn shape) and mixes it with a bit of the future (the geometrical modern design lamp shade), obtaining an incredibly nice-looking product. The lamp can be bought for  $149.

The Fireworks from all over the world that light up the sky

Fireworks are used to mark various events. They are used to celebrate the days of a city, a concert, a party of any kind and especially to mark the beginning of a new year. The same thing happened this year too when people all over the world tried to say good- bye 2011 and welcome 2012 in their original way using the fireworks. A firework show means a lot of time for preparations, much equipment and the involvement of many people who try to create a spectacular event.

The diversity of colors and lights, the way they are displayed lighting up the sky represent the important issues that attract the people’s eyes upon them. People are so enthusiastic about these shows and the magic of sparkles that enchant their views can help them hope to some better moments for their lives.


Sabrina – Accent Lamp from Robert Abbey

Usually table lamps, especially the ones that are meant to be used in the bedroom, on the bedside table, are kind of neutral in tones and styles. I mean they can easily be used by both men and women and they do not show any particular features that might suggest they should be used or preferred by either gender. That happens because usually the bedroom is meant for both persons, for a couple and they are both supposed to feel comfortable there. But sometimes some women are single or just alone and want to express their femininity in their bedroom, too. So they want to choose feminine objects to surround them and want class and style. This Sabrina – Accent Lamp from Robert Abbey is perfect for any woman’s bedroom.

It is so delicate and beautiful that you will love it on the spot. It actually is a normal looking lamp with a normal ceramic rounded body, but the small and delicate and detailed row of flowers that goes up the body lamp in a winding spiral makes the difference. The white porcelain is the perfect choice, as it underlines the glamour and purity of the design and turns the lamp into a beautiful decorative accessory. The shade is made of translucent white Mont Blanc parchment and covers a 60 W light bulb that provides enough light for the room. You can purchase the item for just $151.80.

Happy New Year 2012:Our Last Post For This Year

As 2011 draws to a close and the new 2012 year begins for all of us around the world, I want to offer up my Happy New Year wishes and say “Thank You” to all who visiting the

This is the Perch lamp. It’s a beautiful, very simple and chic glass lamp with a beautiful design. You can buy it for only 55.97 euros and it will surely brighten your home and your day. It’s a small lamp and features a mid-century-inspired design. The Perch table lamp is made of blown glass and it’s great for desks, tables, nightstands or any other flat surface.

The Perch lamp is available in two different models. The lampshade is identical and so is the base but only in terms of shape and materials. The colors however differ. There’s one model that comes with a bright yellow base and a white shade and another one that has a transparent glass base and a beige lampshade. They both feature a blown glass base that can be painted either yellow or white or left clear.


Lane Halogen Wall Sconce

Houses are used to be inhabited by people both during the day, but also during the night. So you need to light them in order to be able to see what is inside and to find your way there. Lamps were the most preferred lighting devices and they have been placed on the ceiling, on the walls or on the floor. The modern lamps are called wall sconces and some of hem use halogen, which provides white light instead of yellow light like before. This Lane Halogen Wall Sconce is the best example.

This lamp was designed in 2007 by Alfredo Häberli and has a very modern design full of elegance and grace. It is actually made of a strip of aluminum and the halogen light bulb inside the glass protective rectangle. Aluminum is a special material that reflects light and enhances the luminescence in the room. The wall sconce is fixed to the wall for better safety and the light falls in an oblique angle on the wall. The item is manufactured by Luceplan, an Italian company that deals with lighting devices. You can buy it from their web site or from YLighting store for $355.

Flos Zeppelin

I am a short person, so I rarely lift my head to see what is on the ceiling or above my head. However, when I enter some house where there is an incredible lamp or chandelier I can’t help noticing and admiring it. In this case I saw this great Flos Zeppelin. As the name suggests it, the chandelier is manufactured by Flos, a great company of world fame and which is known to produce very good quality products. The designer is Marcel Wanders and he proved to be a very creative person, maing this hanging lamp look more like an exotic flower than a lighting device. The name of Zeppelin suggests those fat blimps that used to float in the air at the turn of the twentieth century or maybe the guy who created them. But you could say this chandelier looks like a blimp.


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