Eye-Catching Industrial-Style Lighting Fixtures

The industrial style can be reflected in basically any feature of a home’s interior design and this, of course, includes the lighting. Industrial-style lighting fixtures tend to be simple and sometimes with rough features but they are always functional. It’s difficult to describe them exactly as each piece is unique so, to better understand the style, here are a few examples.

This lovely little lamp is called Kozo 1 and has a simple and quite interesting design. It’s small and has a metal body with two legs as a base. It’s perfectly balanced despite the asymmetrical design. It’s a piece that would look beautiful on the nightstand near the bed or on a desk. It weighs 2.0 kg, it’s 120 mm long and 200 mm high. It uses E27 and G80 light bulbs.


Fun And Friendly Ceiling Lights For Kids

Each room has a theme and a certain type of décor. You have to adapt everything in each case. For example, when you’re decorating the children’s rooms, you can’t use the same type of lighting fixture as in your bedroom. In case you’re having trouble finding something suitable, here are some ideas.

Friendly zoo.

Kids love animals so you could exploit this aspect when choosing the right lighting fixture for their room. This ceiling fixture, for example, has a simple and very friendly design. It’s made of non-toxic and lead free materials and it’s also an energy-saving light fixture. It works with three 16 watt fluorescent light bulbs.Available for 171$.


Contemporary Chandeliers That Compliment Modern Homes

Everyone has a mental image of what a chandelier should look like. Decorative, and often ornate, they are suspended light fittings that usually hang from a ceiling with branched supports for a number of lights sources. Often the light is refracted with cut glass making the effect ephemeral. As the chandelier catches even the slightest air movement, the cause can be to make the light seem to twinkle. But contemporarily designed chandeliers don’t have to look like they have drawn inspiration from the pages of a Cinderella picture book. They can make modern design statements that work in even the most up-to-date of rooms.

Chandeliers date back to medieval times, and there is something to be said for a traditional looking one, if it is chosen to complement the right sort of décor. Conversely, they can look out of place in a more modern home. Most traditional looking chandeliers will hark back to the 19th century when the improved production of lead crystal led to a huge surge in the popularity and size.


10 Creative Lamp Base Designs Light Up the Room

When you think about it, lamps are very simple if you strip them down to the basics. It’s quite interesting how we managed to turn that simple mechanism into a wonderful accent piece that’s both functional and beautiful. The basic mechanism is pretty much the same for every lamp and yet they are all so different. Some are unique and stand out with their designs and this makes them special. Here are some great examples.

You can make a lamp base out of almost anything if you’re creative

In the case of a lamp, it’s difficult to decide whether the lampshade or the base is more important. If it’s not one it’s the other. Today we’re going to take a look at some very interesting lamp base designs. You can easily spruce up a lamp by coming up with a creative idea for a base. You can use all sorts of things. For example, you could use a stack of books to make a very interesting lamp base.


Accent Lamps For An Eye-Catching Look

Every décor needs at least one accent feature. It’s a way of not allowing it to be monotonous. So whether it’s a lamp, a chandelier, a painting, some pillows or some other type of accent piece, the goal is always the same: to create a focal point and to redirect one’s attention to that particular spot.

In this case the lamps match the color of the décor but they are more vibrant

Lamps are very commonly used as accent features. Most often, a lamp would stand out with its design or shape. In some cases color is used to make the lamp stand out. The great thing about lamps is that they have a double functional and they are useful in two different ways. First of all, they are functional light features and they are useful whenever extra light is needed or when you want to create a more romantic or intimate atmosphere in the room.


Basic Types Of Lighting To Use In Your House

Everyone knows that lighting is very important in any space, regardless of the type, function and design. But lighting is more complicated than just choosing a chandelier and a lamp. You have to also think of the type of lighting you want to use in a particular room or space. There are three main types of lighting you should consider, although there are also several other categories you could then think about. These three types are:

Ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting illuminates the room when you flip on the switch upon entering a space

Also called general lighting, this type includes the overall illumination forms usually used in a room. Its role is to create a uniform light level throughout this space. It does not include special lighting and only focuses on the overall effect. Ambient lighting can take several forms. You could opt for ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures, for wall sconces, cove lighting, floor lamps, etc.


3 Eye-Catching Ceiling Lighting Designs For Modern Tastes

Lighting is very important in any home. But the lighting fixtures you choose have to be closely related to the style you have chosen for the décor. Of course, you can mix and match, but you need to focus on a specific style when you do it. So if you prefer modern lighting fixtures in your home, we have three designs that would be perfect. They are stylish and they’re also eye-catching, making wonderful focal points.

DRSL Paparazzi Lamp.


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