The minimalist Daiana floor lamp by SoupStudio

This is Daiana, an interesting and intriguing floor lamp. It was designed by Milan-based Italian designer group SoupStudio. It was founded by Martino Cabassi, Davide Magni, Carlo Tartaglia and Davide Valtorta and it always comes up with interesting new ideas.The Daiana floor lamp has a very simple shape and design. It’s not the shape that was meant to impress. If you look carefully you’ll notice that the lamp seems to be upside down. This is actually the whole idea behind this project. The upside down lamp introduces a very simple and very interesting concept. As opposed to traditional lamps, in this case it’s the stem that glows and the shade that serves as a table and support.

The Daiana floor lamp has an unusual design. It’s not the design that is actually strange but the way it was used. The lamp is actually a classic piece with a classic design. The only thing that makes it so special is the fact that it’s used upside down. The Daiana floor lamp would definitely make an unusual and intriguing decoration for any home.


Pablo Piccola Table Lamp

I envy and respect designers very much because they do have a beautiful mind. They create new things every day and are able to see something interesting where the rest of us can see just something boring. Let me give you a clear example: this Pablo Piccola Table Lamp. I bet you would have never thought of designing a lamp that has a base looking like a garlic or onion. Well, this lamp has a very interesting design and is created by Pablo Piccola in 1993. The funny base is soft and pliable and is covered  in Italian glove leather. It is available in different colours, so you can customize it according to the general design of the room or your preference.


The minimalist Capri table lamp

You might think you don’t need one right now but this is the type of thing that becomes more and more useful each day. A table lamp is practical and useful when you need some extra light at night, when you want to create a more intimate atmosphere or when you just want to decorate your room. It’s an item with a double function. It’s both practical and stylish and it’s often used as a decoration or an accessory.

The Capri table lamp is in the same category. In fact, it’s a wonderful addition for any modern and contemporary home. The Capri lamp is very versatile. It can be included in offices, on the desk, in the living room as an accessory or in the bedroom, on the nightstand. The Capri table lamp has a minimalist design. Still, despite its simple shape, its also a sophisticated item. The lamp is part of the Capri Lighting Collection.

The Capri lamp is made from cased glass with polished nickel accents. It has a solid walnut base and a 3-way switch. It uses one 150 max watt bulb. The overall dimensions of this lamp are 19.75″ high x 6″ wide. This is the large version of the lamp. It comes in several colors including purple, white, blue, orange, red, green, yellow, brown, etc. There are many options to choose from so you can opt for the perfect color to match your décor. You can buy the lamp for $195.00. It’s simple and versatile, not to mention stylish and easy to match with other elements.

Create A Romantic Atmosphere With Flamenca LED Lamp

Flamenca is a table lamp that introduces a very original idea. It’s instantly obvious that this is not a typical table lamp. First of all, it has a colorful and playful design with an artistic shape. Then, it’s an LED lamp. It’s also an ambient lamp. The Flamenca table lamp was designed by QisDesign, a premium lifestyle design brand.

Flamenca is a perfect item for any room of the house. It’s also something that can be successfully used in other types of spaces as well. In could look very beautiful on a terrace or coffee place. Still, the clients might confound it with an ash tray. The lamp has a design inspired by the flamenco dress from where it also draws its name. The shape and overall design also allow it to offer a diffuse and beautiful light. It’s perfect when you want to create a romantic atmosphere.


The adjustable Neil multi-lamp device

With a design reminiscent of the space-related images we used to see on TV, this lamp is both functional and delightful to look at. The Neil pendant lamp was designed for Delightfull. It has a simple but eye-catching design. As you can see, it’s composed of eights individual arms, each with its own adjustable light. The pendant lamp is not flashy in terms of color or finish. It’s its shape and form that make it so interesting.

The Neil pendant lamp is a versatile piece. It has a design that allows it to be made part of both traditional and modern houses and it also has those adjustable arms that allow the user to create his own personalized pendant lamp. Also, it offers you the possibility to only use 4 of the 8 diffusers for illumination.


Polished Brass Cubist Chandelier by Curtis Jere

I remember all those movies and the pictures I saw in books with the ball rooms and the imposing chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I loved those chandeliers and I though (well, I still think) they looked great. However, they are only fit for huge rooms or halls because they would look ridiculous in a flat living room for example. Any way, if you have a big house with a high ceiling and it looks kind of empty to you, you can purchase a big chandelier – a modern one that will cover the space and will also be able to cast light over a larger space. This is the perfect example : Polished Brass Cubist Chandelier by Curtis Jere. It is obviously designed by Curtis Jere and also obviously made of polished brass.


The Buzzilight felt pendant lamp by Sas Adriaenssens

In case you were searching for an unusual and eye-catching pendant lamp for your home, here’s an idea: the Buzzilight. This pendant lamp was designed by Sas Adriaenssens and it’s part of the Buzzispace collection. It’s a very eye-catching piece that will definitely become an accent element in your home. This type of pendant lamps is suitable for modern apartments or houses with simple interiors.

The Buzzilight pendant lamp is a striking element that serves both as a functional piece for the home and as a decoration. It’s striking and unusual but it’s also very versatile. It would make an interesting addition to almost any room of the house, including the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and even the bedroom as long as the décor allows it. Another element that makes this lamp even more versatile is the fact that it can be used both on the ceiling and on the floor. It’s available in two models.


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