The Best Lighting Sources For Your Dreamy Bedroom

Lighting is crucial in defining and completing a room’s décor. Each room needs a different type of lighting. In the case of the bedroom, it’s best to opt for subtle lighting. The décor and atmosphere need to be relaxing. Let’s see what are the options.

Bedside lamps.

Bedside lamps provide you with the opportunity to create a symmetrical décor

Lamps are great because they sit on the nightstand where you can easily reach them and they provide you with subtle light . They’re very useful especially if you’re the type that likes to read before falling asleep but also as task lighting.


How To Transform Simple Kitchen Utensils Into Light Fixtures

What cold be better for the kitchen than a light fixture made with things like forks, spoons, food cans or other utensils? It’s a fun idea and also one with lots of possibilities. There are lots of things you could be using. So the next time you want to throw out something, think twice before you do it. Who knows…you could be throwing out your new kitchen pendant light.

Let’s start with this piece: a colander light. Forks are hanging from it but, if you want, you can make something similar and with a simpler design. Just find a way to hang it from the ceiling and to attach the socket and light bulb.{found on hutchstudio}.


Deconstructed Lighting Fixtures for an Edgy Industrial Vibe

Industrial style can take many different forms, but I think it’s literally the bare bones that reveals true industrial style. Exposed brick walls, ductwork, and concrete, for example, are tell-tale components of an industrial space. Similarly, lighting fixtures play a huge role in carrying the style through a space.

Deconstructed lighting – basically, any light that has been taken apart or reconfigured to become something new – has come front-and-center in the industrial décor scene. Here are some creative examples of this type of lighting, from pendants to lamps to bare bulbs. Check them out to see if your next lighting purchase or project might be using less to create more!


Cords Lighting – Simple Design But With A Big Impact

Hanging light fixtures can be very chic and very stylish and they’re not just for the dining room or kitchen. A beautifully-designed pendant light can look great in any room. Cord hanging light fixtures are particularly interesting. They have very simple designs and this makes them for minimalistic interiors. Their simplicity also makes them versatile so they look wonderful in Scandinavian decors and also in modern and contemporary homes.

For the dining room, such a light fixtures is both functional and eye-catching

Obviously, the whole technical part of such designs is very simple and there’s not much you can do about it. So how do you make a cord-hanging light fixture look interesting and different from everything else.


Great Chandelier Options for Small Apartments

For those who live in small apartments (“small” is of course relative – 500 square feet might seem almost luxurious in popular East Coast urban dwellings, where 2,000 square feet might feel a bit cramped to those used to more elbow room in the West), one consensus is probably universal: space is prime.

Not only do pieces within a small apartment need to be hard-working in function, but they also need to double as representations of style because, let’s face it, there’s not a lot of extra room to make up the difference should a discrepancy arise.

Here are several small spaces in which chandeliers play a key role in defining or highlighting the apartment’s unique style while still providing what a chandelier is meant for: functional light.


How to Design with Filtered Light

Filtered light has become a décor trend and it makes sense because it is such a great lighting idea. Filtered light helps to create a warmer ambiance that is rich with emotion. Here is how to use filtered light in your home.

Create Ambiance.

Bright and Bold Light Invigorates a Room

One of the best things about light that filters into your home is that it can create a warm atmosphere which makes you feel you are outside. Take advantage of a bright, sunny room with transparent curtains that provide the perfect background to décor and touches of nature.


10 Purple Lamp Shades For An Eye-Catching Decor

Purple is the color of royalty and richness. It’s warm and inviting but still very sophisticated and bold in design. It adds an amazing pop for the simplest of rooms but also bodes well in spaces that have lots of patterns and prints. It’s also a perfect shade to use all year round and we mean on your lamps. Take a seat and take a look at some of the most romantic, eclectic, modern, stylish and inspiring purple lamp shades to use this season.

What’s great about purple is how truly versatile it is. It holds up extremely well in a modern, contemporary and sleek-edged room, whether it’s a bedroom or an office. It stands its ground in a Victorian-styled space complete with gold finishes and delicate linens. And it looks just as great in a dorm room with a bunch of college necessities, like a mini fridge and bean bag chair.


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