The Luminaire Duo Made From Recycled Cork by Studio Ninho

The Luminaire Post is an ingenious creation of Brazilian designers Vinícius Lopes Leite and Gabriela Kuniyoshi of Studio Ninho. They designed this piece as a combination of two elements, a lamp and a message board. The inspiration came from two distinct ideas but they managed to bring them together in a harmonious composition and to help them become one.

The idea behind the project is quite clever. Since it serves both as a message board and a lamp, you’ll be able to use post-its with reminders and to stick them to the surface of the lamp. This way you’ll always be reminded of what needs to be done every time you turn on the light and when you turn it off. It’s a clever idea that has the potential of being very successful. Correlating something that we use on a daily basis with something that needs to be done and that we need to be reminded of was ingenious and smart.


The ideal sconce for a lovely home

There’s always a thing to do with old things that you don’t use anymore if you are a creative person. This sconce with a retro character makes your house look cozy like your grandmother’s home. Made from an ancient hearth pin board, salvaged porcelain sockets and some vintage cages from an old spool of an industrial cord from a warehouse, this piece is a very useful source of light yet a very nice one.

Handmade products have the benefits of being unique and that is the biggest and the most important aspect of this lamp. And, of course, there is the vintage look that makes it very popular and wanted in the last few years, since the whole vintage industry evolved.


Minimalist triple hanging pendants

Minimalist and chic, this triple pendant lamp will look stylish in a variety of decors. Its simplicity gives it versatility and allows it to be included in many types of spaces. For example, it would make a subtle focal point for the living room but it would also look nice in the dining room, above the table. It could also make a beautiful addition to the kitchen, depending on its size, or to the home office or even the bedroom.

This 3 globe pendant light has a very simple and clean design, with narrow and delicate lines. The combination of materials sued to make it is also well-balanced. The three globes are hanging from a ceiling plate made of solid walnut, with an eco-friendly oil finish. They are attached to the plate by red cords and they add a very subtle pop of color thus creating a balanced contrast.


The Versatile Lightme! Lamps by Panni Pais

Lightme! is a collection that includes three very interesting lamps. Each of these three lamps has unique characteristics but what they all share in common is the simplicity of their designs and the functionality that they offer. Each lamp has a playful name. They are called Buddy, Twiggy and Woody.The Lightme! series was created by Hungary-based designed Panni Pais. The series features designs that were inspired by stacks of wood usually used to set up a fire.

With such a unique source of inspiration, the lamps are highly original. They have translated the unique and primitive beauty of those stacks of wood into functional everyday objects. The designer also wanted to give these lamps another functional feature: their ability to be used in a variety of spaces.


Think Big When You Choose The Floor Lamp

The first time I visited a Catholic church I was overwhelmed by its size and grandeur and I felt small and unimportant. I had the same feeling again when I saw this beautiful ITRE The Great JJ Modern X-Large Floor Lamp. It is nothing more than an over-sized floor lamp designed by Jac Jacobsen for Centre Stile design studio . This lamp was designed back in 1937  and has been one of the most famous lamps in the last century. It is perfect for large space like a huge living room, for rooms with high ceilings and for large halls.


Outdoor Hanging Lantern from Shades of Light

The weather is lovely for this time of year, so everybody wants to spend as much time as possible outdoors. You go walking in the park, in the forest, near a lake when you are free, usually at the weekends, but when you have only little time you go out in the garden and enjoy the evening there. Of course, you will need some light out there and this Outdoor Hanging Lantern from Shades of Light is my recommendation for you. It is great to be used in a garden or patio, but you can also bring it indoors if you like.

I know there is a great variety of lamps for outdoors, hanging or not, but I like this one because it combines in a very nice way the traditional with the modern. I mean the lamp is obviously modern because it uses modern materials like iron and 100 watt light bulbs that can be economic, too, but it is designed in a particular traditional way that is inspired from the Mediterranean culture. It has a metal scrollwork frame outside and a nice crisp white glass inside and this contrast shows incredibly well. It casts a gentle light that calls for intimacy and can be purchased for $199.

The Snövsen desk lamp by MadeByWho

A desk lamp doesn’t need to be fancy or overly accessorized. Its main priority is to be practical and functional. Ideally, it would also take little space and it would have a simple and versatile design. The Snövsen lamp meets these criteria perfectly. It’s a minimalist lamp designed to be used in home offices, libraries and other similar spaces.

The lamp was a creation of Danish design studio MadeByWho. It has a very simple design and it’s made from a mixture of circles and squares, two basic geometrical shapes.The result is a very charming desktop lamp that impresses with its simplicity. It’s made from four Danish maple wood pieces that were used to create the support structure. Then there’s also a thin painted ceramic shade. The angled structure ensures that the light gets dispersed properly and provides the user with the extra light he needs.


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