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Ous Hanging Candleholder

People have been using electricity for quite some time now and we all use electric light bulbs in our lamps at the office and at home and in the streets. But we still use the candles, too, except that they now they have a rather different purpose: they are used for decorative purposes now instead of practical ones. I mean candles are now used to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere at home and are part of the design, even if we do have electrical lamps, too. This Ous Hanging Candleholder is illustrative for the decorative role it has in designing a beautiful living room.


Outdoor Hanging Lantern from Shades of Light

The weather is lovely for this time of year, so everybody wants to spend as much time as possible outdoors. You go walking in the park, in the forest, near a lake when you are free, usually at the weekends, but when you have only little time you go out in the garden and enjoy the evening there. Of course, you will need some light out there and this Outdoor Hanging Lantern from Shades of Light is my recommendation for you. It is great to be used in a garden or patio, but you can also bring it indoors if you like.

I know there is a great variety of lamps for outdoors, hanging or not, but I like this one because it combines in a very nice way the traditional with the modern. I mean the lamp is obviously modern because it uses modern materials like iron and 100 watt light bulbs that can be economic, too, but it is designed in a particular traditional way that is inspired from the Mediterranean culture. It has a metal scrollwork frame outside and a nice crisp white glass inside and this contrast shows incredibly well. It casts a gentle light that calls for intimacy and can be purchased for $199.

The Snövsen desk lamp by MadeByWho

A desk lamp doesn’t need to be fancy or overly accessorized. Its main priority is to be practical and functional. Ideally, it would also take little space and it would have a simple and versatile design. The Snövsen lamp meets these criteria perfectly. It’s a minimalist lamp designed to be used in home offices, libraries and other similar spaces.

The lamp was a creation of Danish design studio MadeByWho. It has a very simple design and it’s made from a mixture of circles and squares, two basic geometrical shapes.The result is a very charming desktop lamp that impresses with its simplicity. It’s made from four Danish maple wood pieces that were used to create the support structure. Then there’s also a thin painted ceramic shade. The angled structure ensures that the light gets dispersed properly and provides the user with the extra light he needs.


Candela Cube Interesting Lamp

I find mirrors fascinating and I consider them more than just an object of vanity for men and especially women. Many scientists have studied mirrors and their use in optical phenomena, one of the first ones being Archimedes. Stories say that Archimedes even used very large mirrors to focus the sunlight and set fire on the sails of the enemy Roman fleet. Historians have not found out any proof that this was true or not, but the story suggests at least the ancient preoccupation for the study of mirrors. Mirrors were also used in spreading light since the time of the famous lighthouse in Alexandria. Well, the same principle is used this time in building this Candela Cube Interesting Lamp that is modern and nice looking and very interesting as design.


Source Kudu Lamp

I have said it time and time again that nature is the best source of inspiration, no matter what your job is or what you seek inspiration for. Any way, this is just one more proof and if you look at this item carefully you would realize that the base of this Source Kudu Lamp looks like a pair of horns coming from an African antelope. They are, of course, stylized, but they look great nonetheless. The lamp shade is rather common, even boring, with the white fabric surrounding the 13W CFL bulb that is included in the price.


Curvy Bottom Lamp

We, people have discovered a long time ago that we can use the objects we can find around us, in nature, and shape them according to our taste and skill. Wood is the handiest material and people have used it to make their homes and furniture, to make whatever tools they needed around the house. But they also learned how to carve it and turn it into beautiful things that are used to decorate the home. This nice Curvy Bottom Lamp can be set as an example for both, being useful and decorative at the same time.

It is a lamp, so it is a lighting device and it is also very beautiful, so every room and every table will be embellished by its presence. The funny thing is that the curved base of this lamp is hand made by Amish craftsmen, very traditional people who kept their tradition alive and learned how to spread it in the world at the same time. So they make these beautiful crafts on order and sell them in the market and online, too. For example this nice lamp that has a curved wooden base made of black walnut and a nice beige shade is sold for $210. This is a win-win situation if you ask me.

Fiery Red Siren Pendant

In Greek mythology sirens were those creatures that are nowadays called mermaids who sang and enchanted sailors who jumped in the water when they heard their song. I don’t know who or what inspired the name of this pendant lamp, but I do know it is a modern and cool lighting device that can add some youth and style to your home. This Siren Pendant is red and pretty big, so it will stand out from the crowd, being the one object you remember after visiting a house for the first time.


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