Industrial Lighting Inspiration: From Desktop to Chandeliers

For a bit of a fashion-forward, hipster vibe why not add some industrial light fixtures in and around your home. It gives off a raw, masculine edge without becoming too fussy or overwhelming for different parts of the house. From the desktop to industrial pendants hanging from the ceiling, we’ve compiled a great list of lighting inspiration that will get you out of the traditional zone and into something with a lot more interest and style. Take a peek!

1. Hanging Light Collage.


Cool Lamps That Lighten Up The Mood With Their Designs

Lamps come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and it’s no secret that they serve a double purpose: to illuminate a room or part of a room and to serve as decorative elements. But some lamps take their aesthetic role very seriously and they feature really intriguing designs, so unusual you can’t even place them in a category. There are tons of cool lamps out there but the tricky part is finding them.

Wall-mounted lamps.


Look Beyond The Clichés – 11 Pink Chandeliers With Grown-up Charm

Pink is a deceptive color. It looks all soft and girly but it’s not just for nurseries and definitely not just for girls. Pink looks awesome when paired with accessories and focal points in interior décor. For example, pink chandeliers can be very charming if you decide to make them stand out. They can be the quirky accessory a room needs to feel complete or the touch of color that can turn the ceiling into a focal point.


Unique Chandeliers Made Out Of Recycled Wine Bottles

Think about the simple and ever popular bottle of wine. What do you see? Is it a chandelier? Probably not and that’s too bad because wine bottle chandeliers are truly gorgeous and they add tons of character to any space they’re displayed in. So next time you have a glass of wine, save the bottle for a special project.


Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting For A Trendy Appeal

When it’s all said and done, when you’ve chosen the color for the walls, the furniture, the appliances and everything, all that’s left in the case of kitchen décor is choosing the accessories such as the lighting fixtures. Sounds easy but it’s not. So, to make your job easier, we’re providing you with a collection of beautiful lighting solutions for modern kitchens.


Modern Arched Floor Lamps That Really Stand Up

Floor lamps in general are not perceived as being particularly flexible or versatile so traditional interior designs usually lack this feature. In modern and contemporary design, however, things changed. That’s because a new breed of floor lamps was invented: the arc lamp. In terms of design, these lamps are really simple. They have arched shapes, hence the names derived from here and they’re really flexible which makes them particularly versatile and functional.

The best spot for the Arco lamp is often the corner of the room


Up To The Task – 10 Contemporary Table Lamps With Ingenious Designs

Wondering what’s missing in your home to make the décor perfect? Try a table lamp. We find them very fascinating. Table lamps combine functionality with aesthetic appeal and they’re often the missing link between a dull and boring design and one that feels perfect. In contemporary design, table lamps are used as decorative pieces but they’re also up to the task when you need some mood lighting in the bedroom or some extra light on your desk.


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