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Admiring Nature with the Nature Inspired Leave Tiles from Kls Design

Not everyone can afford to be an environmentalist at all times, but you can always shell some money on making your surroundings look greener and this time around I meant it is the aesthetic sense. French Outfit KLS Design is there to help with the nature-inspired 3D ceramic tiles which please both the eyes (for the amazing beauty) and the hands as you always experience the multi-sensory experience. These tiles are good enough for your flooring and the walls and the design is versatile both for the outdoor and indoor affixation. The magical tiles have been created using baked clay and earthenware with glazed and enameled finishes measuring 20 by 20 cm or 10 by 10 cm.


Argento Vivo kitchens by Ged Cucine

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, functionality and space-efficiency are very important in the case of any kitchen. However, style and looks are important as well. For example, adding a little to the kitchen is often a wonderful idea. Color can completely change the atmosphere in a room. A white kitchen has a very clean and pure look but it’s not very practical. Moreover, a bold color is great as the kitchen is a social space with a dynamic atmosphere.

Designed by Roberto Pezzetta, this modern kitchen is quite special and not just because of the color. It’s called Argento Vivo and it won the Good Design Award in 2009. The design of the kitchen is unusual but very beautiful. The soft forms and delicate lines give it a wonderful look and plenty of character. What’s interesting is also the choice of materials. The kitchen has a design that takes great advantage of the physical properties of the materials. Glass and aluminum have been beautifully combined.


Mobile Home Kitchens – Luxury on the Wheels

Bedroom, bathroom, and Kitchen constitute the three most important parts of the modern home. For sometimes past the manufacturers of home kitchen accessories were trying to make the experience of the kitchen users mobile. Combining the modern technologies with gourmet spirits and contemporary aesthetics, they have come up with a real luxury on the wheels; the mobile home kitchen.

For instance the luxury Unica mobile home kitchen brought in the market by Inoxpiu is the example in hand of these modern mobile kitchens. One of the unique features of the device is that it can be completely customized befitting the requirements of the end user.

User can thus decide on the technical equipments to be used, the color, the material plans, and above all; the finish to the item for style. In any case the new mobile home kitchen is ideal for the current day open concept homes since they offer functionality without compromising the space management of the home where they are used.


Blue Kitchen Color Scheme by Alia Meyer

Choosing blue for your kitchen is a good idea because you do not find this color occurring naturally in human food sources. Designed by Alia Meyer this dynamic kitchen, featured in Angeleno magazine and California Home and Design, has painted blue cabinets, Azul Macubas extra granite and state of the art appliances.

The kitchen usually needs to be as simple as possible and with a lot of storage space. In addition, it has to be practical and functional. So it’s always a difficult process to choose the right furniture for this room. It’s especially hard when you have a small kitchen and every inch counts. The examples presented here is offering a very beautiful design that can be used in modern or even more traditional homes.


Lago Admires the Brighter Color Options for the Modern Kitchen

Where the world is thinking about superior metal usage with colors like black, silver and grey for the kitchen, Lago is one name which begs to differ. Lago thinks brightly and hence chooses some real radiant colors for the kitchen, the countertops and even the cabinets. The Lago kitchens are modular and offer a lot of storage solutions other than just being resplendent with numerous color choices. Take note of the fact that the Lago kitchen also has a place for a computer so your kitchen isn’t just meant for cooking alone.

Kitchens have become more than the place where meals are cooked. It’s a place where people hang out. This is probably what the living room should do but often it’s the kitchen. It’s that warm and cozy feeling that you get in there, that invites you to spend ore time in there.


Martin Steininger Designed Herbal Kitchen

The urban kitchen is all about style and efficiency and this is where designers like Martin Steiningerexcel. Martin has designed a couple of modern kitchens he dubs the Herbal Kitchen and the Wine Kitchen. Wine Kitchen is ideal for wine lovers as it offers under-counter bottle storage and an integrated concealed compartment for wine along with cheese degustation silver ware.

The same kitchen also gets a sink and a stylish transparent-door fridge. The Herbal Kitchen gets the same look as the wine kitchen but it caters to please the chef as well. The kitchen allows you to live and cook with the fragrance of growing herbs.


Toto Bar Serving Carts Adores Creativity

Tired of you regular two-level on wheels version of a trolley or a bar serving cart? Here is how you can add more flavor to your life by bringing home Toto, a bar serving cart that also does well as a new school trolley. The Cart is special as it shuns the traditional style pattern and it creates a style of its own adoring a cubic shape that smartly departs from the two level prototypes. What is great about this cart is that it offers better security from things falling off it and hence it can be moved around almost ignorantly as nothing really will fall out of it.

It’s a very interesting approach and the result is very functional. It’s a very useful piece and it can be easily packed when not used. It’s simple but very useful. It provides you with plenty of room for serving and storage. It would be a great addition to an outdoor bar or kitchen. It’s a great help.

It’s made of wood so it’s easy to carry and use. It has multiple compartments that allow you to organize your things properly and it’s safer as it doesn’t allow for your things to fall off. It has a cubic shape that expands in order to provide more space. It also has 4 round and cute feet.

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