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Tips for a Modern Kitchen Design and 15 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas from Moben

Kitchen is one of the most important places in the house because we spend most of our memorable moments in the kitchen. It is not only the place where the meals are cooked, but also a place where the family sits together and has a lovely conversation over their breakfast and other meals of the day. Hence, one should always pay close attention when it comes to designing a modern kitchen.

There are many kitchen renovation magazines and websites that showcase some of the best kitchen designs that they have but you should keep in mind that every house has different needs and space area and therefore your kitchen design should be unique as per your needs.


10 Modern Tribe Kitchen Ideas by Scavolini

The kitchen is probably the most visited area inside a home. The room requires a lot of space for different things like the stove, the sink, refrigerator and cabinets, as a kitchen has many functions.This modern kitchen called Tribe by Marcello Cutino for Scavoli is perfect for those who own big homes.Tribe collection can be described in two words: modern and fresh.One of the very important aspect of this collection is a tableware draining system that reminds the hood.Tribe kitchens combine different cultures and styles.The kitchen is light oak, as the table, chair and stools, doors are red or oats and could have glass inserts. All these kitchens are very well equipped with everything a modern woman might need in the kitchen and, at the same time, keeps everything away from the sight, very well secured in drawers or behind closed doors. This comes in total contrast with the traditional kitchen that has everything on display. Any way, the point is that these tribal kitchen are very colourful , in combination of red and blue for example, which are a bit strong, but nice.


Top 4 Touch Stylish Kitchen Faucets That Makes Life Easier

Are you looking for modern kitchen faucets, perhaps to update your kitchen or to create an geek chic feel? With all the numerous faucet collections from various brands, it can really be overwhelming as where to look or where to start. In this post, we will show you latest modern kitchen faucets that makes your life easier and techie.

Semi-Automatic Touch Faucet by KWC

I want to start this top with the latest semi-automatic faucet by KWC, which features touch technology that was originally designed for use in kitchens and public spaces.I like to call smart kitchen faucet because blue indicates cold water, orange for warm and red for hot.


2011 IKEA Dining Room Designs Ideas

Like previous post about IKEA living room ideas, now its time for IKEA Dining Room Designs Ideas from 2011 catalog. We know that a dining room is the place for people to interact and enjoy delicious foods, but if they can’t find themselves feeling comfortable in the eating room this is not going to happen. IKEA comes with some interesting and modern ideas form small spaces to big, from classic to modern and so on. You kind find this dining room ideas on IKEA catalog.

Everyone has its own style when it comes to decorating the home. Some people like to experiment and to choose some interesting features but some like to maintain the classic look and to make sure that the décor looks elegant and simple. Some other people have a problem when it comes to decorations. They just can’t stop.


Well equipped ergonomic kitchen for effective use from Valcucine

A practical and functional design is the key to a perfect kitchen. Even though this room has become a social space, it also needs to maintain a functional structure and design. When everything is close at hand and reachable, you get to work faster and to be more productive. If you also add beauty and style to the mix then you get the Logica system from Valcucine.

This kitchen combines formal simplicity with high technology and elegant lines and the result is a wonderful design, suitable for any modern or contemporary home. Unlike any other kitchen, this one is only one big block. It’s unusual but, when you think about it, it’s wonderful to have everything in one place, everything on hand and exactly where you need it.


50 Modern Kitchen Designs Inspiration

Kate Anne from Melbourne, Australia wrote us with a request for a post on modern kitchen ideas area. She found the post I did back  few weeks ago, but wanted some more ideas about modern kitchen.So,there are so many people that like ultra-modern things and as such want a kitchen that fits in with this preference and for today we put together a collection of 50 amazing modern kitchen designs that are meant to release pressure.

As you can see, the kitchen designs are a bit different, but they do have one thing in common: they are modern and that means having modern furniture, having a more or less minimalist style in designing it, having very good appliances that show the use of technology in this sector, too and also very good taste. As for the rest, you must show your personal style in arranging your kitchen, so you are free to choose only the features that seem to be fine for you. It is irrelevant if you choose light or dark coloured kitchens, a table or a bar, hanging lights or not, curtains or not. Your choice only shows your personality.


Retro Kitchen Design You Have Never Seen Before

A retro kitchen it`s not one of the most popular decorating ideas when it comes to kitchens these days. It implements the use of newer and vintage items. This means whether you’re into the nostalgic 1930s or the cool 1960s, you can easily integrate retro styles into your kitchen.Anyway it is fun to look back  and see what was considered cool and trendy in the past.There are actually few websites that are dedicated to documenting and digitizing past kitchens, one of those sites is Antique Home Styles. Of course things are very different nowadays, most people preferring the fully equipped and minimalist style kitchens. But there is one thing I like more about the retro kitchens: they used to be a lot more welcoming and merry, painted in vivid colours and models and having images of fruit and vegetables on the wallpaper or on the other objects and decorations used in there.

1930 Armstrong Kitchen


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