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Dishes from Up in the Air Somewhere

The guys from Up in the air somewhere think that people are unique individuals and that is why they should have unique tableware. So they have handmade dishes , each with a slightly different shape and with tiny differences that make each dish unique. All the dishes from this manufacturer are made of white clay and then they are covered with a glossy glaze and some paint, depending on the model. Most models here have golden rims and that makes them really classy and show good taste. They look very nice when stacked and they also have different sizes.


The Milly Kitchen from Stosa Cucine

Nowadays kitchens are modern and simple. They are now modular, meaning that you would rather have more units of furniture rather than a whole body that is bolted to the wall. These separate modules are spread through the kitchen and the main one is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, making a kind of separation between the cooking area and the rest of the room where you can have a sitting area or have lunch or dinner. Any way, this very nice-looking kitchen is manufactured by Stosa Cucine, Italy and it is modern and simple, yet very shiny and practical.


Creative Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Usually people think of their kitchen as a nice and simple space or go to the other extreme and choose an extravagant and complex design. Both representations have as central idea a useful and comfortable kitchen that can make your life nicer and easier.

The KicheConcept company presents us some kitchen design ideas where modernity is combined with simplicity and art is combined with technology.There are kitchen design ideas that underline complexity and extravagance. These kitchens have pieces of furniture that have complex shapes and intensive, dark colors as the combination red and black. They are representations of modernity and high technology.


6 Kitchen trends for 2011

Are you in the process of making a new kitchen or remodeling your existing kitchen? Well, if this is so, then it makes sense to design or update the kitchen with the latest trends so that you need not repeat the process the next year again, and you get the maximum value out of your dollar.

Here is a list of kitchen trends for 2011 –

1) Curved shapes are in – Interior designers are now introducing curved shapes to the kitchen like other parts of the house. Sharp and straight look will now be replaced by soft appearance. The easiest way to introduce curved shapes and impart the kitchen with a contemporary look is through the introduction of rounded sinks, bowed cabinets, curved islands and curved faucets.


Cocoon by Mảns Salomonsen

Usually in the kitchen we have useful things. We are interested in getting something to eat. Here we may speak less about creativity or imagination, perhaps when we are cooking something or we are decorating our food in order to impress, to attract or get a tasteful image.Kitchen should become a place where usefulness is combined with beauty. In order to like what we cook or to do this activity, we should think how to make our kitchen look more comfortable and attractive.

The Swedish designer Mảns Salomonsen created Cocoon, device which combined life and colour .He intends to bring life into our kitchen by growing spices and colour by depositing fruits and vegetables, using this device.A cocoon represents a new life, a new being, who intends to appear in the world and at the same time it stores it. The designer based his device on these elements.The cocoon is a piece of decoration and is very useful for the kitchen too.


Funny salt and pepper shakers

Normally when you go to the restaurant you look for the salt and pepper and use them so as to make the food to be exactly as you like it. That is because people have different tastes so the cook in the restaurant will avoid making it salty or spicy, so as to please everyone and those who want it a bit spicier can add the extra pepper or salt. Any way we should do that at home, too, especially when we have guests and we do not know their tastes. So always try to find a neutral taste and add the salt and pepper shakers to the table. Here are some ideas of funny such shakers that will make your guests laugh or smile , but notice them.


Pond kitchen by Jaehoon Jung

Women spend more than a quarter of their lives in the kitchen doing different activities there: cooking, washing the dishes and so on. So it would be best to make it a pleasant activity and environment. When you buy a very nice-looking piece of furniture or a funny sink or something else that you like watching and also helps in in the process of cooking or whatever you do there, you will feel a lot better and efficient. Look at this wonderful design of the Pond kitchen! I am sure any person will be happy to use it, whether a woman or a man.


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