As the “heart of the home,” the kitchen is certainly where it’s at – and Homedit definitely wants your heart to be happy with your kitchen! That’s why we’ve written so many kitchen-related articles, each containing clear photos that depict a delightful and inspiring variety of kitchen spaces, sizes, and styles. May as well make yourself comfortable…once you start browsing, you won’t want to leave.

Pond kitchen by Jaehoon Jung

Women spend more than a quarter of their lives in the kitchen doing different activities there: cooking, washing the dishes and so on. So it would be best to make it a pleasant activity and environment. When you buy a very nice-looking piece of furniture or a funny sink or something else that you like watching and also helps in in the process of cooking or whatever you do there, you will feel a lot better and efficient. Look at this wonderful design of the Pond kitchen! I am sure any person will be happy to use it, whether a woman or a man.


Modern German Kitchens from Poggenpohl

Kitchens are not just a place to cook and eat anymore, nowadays are places where people converse, kids spend their quality time with parents, etc. The German designer Hadi Teherani from Poggenpohl comes with a impressive collection of modern kitchens which was started from the idea of cooking + living.

The kitchen is more than the place where meals are cooked. It’s a place for interaction between people, where people gather to chat and many more. Even in the smallest kitchen, it’s always crowded with people. I’m not sure what it is that’s so attractive about the kitchen, but people seem to like spending time in there. So having a modern and beautiful kitchen is even more important.


Different Styles of Light Rails for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the most sacred place in the entire house. More often than not it is the most favorite place of the entire family, and ideally the lady of the house presides over the kitchen. Now this is one place which has to be properly taken care of. Make sure that there is enough and proper lighting for the same. There are many different styles of lighting that are adopted for the same; the one gaining the most momentum is the lighting rail.  There are many different styles of lighting rails that can be incorporated in your kitchen to make it look livelier and functional. This is an especially important style of lighting because of the varied number of cabinets that you have in the kitchen, thus, lighting up the nooks and corners of the entire place.

Made out of halogen and/or xenon, the strip lighting makes for an interesting and very essential style of lighting for the kitchen. These track lights can be fitted directly under the kitchen cabinets in slots that are as thin as an inch. They are highly effective besides being very cost effective as they need a minimum amount of power to function.


Round wooden extending table

When you hear the word “table” you immediately think about a rectangular wooden thing that you use to eat on, either in the kitchen or in the dining room. And because space is really important and you want to have a large house, you do everything in your power to save space. And one of the most usual methods of doing so is by using an expending table. When you are home alone or you have dinner only with your wife, then a small table will be enough for both. However, if some more guests come to visit or join the table during a special holiday like Easter and Christmas, you should be able to offer each a seat at your table. And instead of having all your guests sitting one next to each other behind a very small table, you’d save a lot of time, space and energy by simply using extending tables.



Thanksgiving table cloth

Thanksgiving Day is only one step away and those who organize a big family dinner at their homes now have the last preparations. But even if you have all the food and drinks, the gravy sauce, the table and chairs, the silverware and the plates arranged for welcoming the guests, you still need one more thing to make the Thanksgiving Day more festive and really special. And that is … Thanksgiving Day table cloth.


Colored kitchens

You might expect to have special designs in mind only for the bedroom and the living room, as they are the most important rooms in the house. But the bathroom and the kitchen are important, too and they should be treated with equal importance. Because, as far as I am concerned, I can’t cook or work in a place that I do not like, a kitchen that is not well arranged and nice-looking.So I think colorful kitchens make you feel alive and happy, willing to work in a nice kitchen.


Kitchen Cart with Drop Leaf in Beech

Kitchen carts are the best solution to space problem,furthermore kitchen carts are perfect because they are mobile, and you can pull them out to use them when you need the space and then just tuck them away after you are done with your big kitchen project. The Kitchen Cart with Drop Leaf in Beech is available for 200$ and is made from solid Beechwood with a natural beech finish.It features a 2 door cabinet for discrete storage.This kitchen island looks beautifully with light or dark decor. I am sure that all of you have seen at least once such a kitchen cart, but I am also sure that most of you have only seen it in movies and do not have one at home. However, I do consider it as being very useful. It looks just like any other kitchen cabinet, not very large in size, with different drawers and shelves in the lower part and a top used for cutting vegetables. The biggest difference is that this cart has small wheels and you can move it easily where you feel convenient, without too much trouble. This wooden cart is really nice because beech has a special texture and colour that makes the piece of furniture a beautiful kitchen item.

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