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Modern Space Saving Kitchen Unit by Toyo Kitchen

When we think of kitchen, we all dream of a big space that has all the necessary devices. Unfortunately, for some of us this type kitchen remains only a dream but there is always hope.

We must know what kind of kitchen furniture to choose in order to use our space to maximum.Space Saving Kitchen Unit is another solution for this problem. It was designed by Toyo Kitchen. It is a special kitchen unit that has a table, a sink and three electric cooking rings. The table has drawers and can be used as a bar table too.


Removable “Green” Kitchen Sink

If you live in Europe or America you won’t feel the water shortage, so you won’t feel the need to save water. But if you live in Australia for example or most parts of Africa, you will certainly know how important it is to use water wisely, as you never know when you will be able to use some fresh water again. So you realize it’s better for you to go “green” and use and re-use all sources that you have, among which the most important is water. This dry climate of Australia inspired the designer of this project to make up the plan for a sink that can collect the water you use in the kitchen and normally dump on the drain.


Use containers to neatly organize your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used areas of a house. It is the area where the important task of cooking of food is done and hence, organizing the area is of vital importance. An organized kitchen is pleasant to the eyes and also inspires one to prepare delicious and sumptuousness dishes.

The easiest way to organize the kitchen and establish a level of orderliness in all parts of the kitchen is to use containers. Containers are known as the best companions for organizing a kitchen as they group several items together and prevent sprawling of things, which is a usual scenario in the kitchen.  Containerizing with proper labels also prevents items and ingredients from getting misplaced or mixed. In addition, the cleaning process is also less tedious as containers can easily be removed and wiped.

Here is a list of ideas to use different types of containers for organizing the kitchen –

Tins – small or large, square or round, the tins are an ideal choice for storage of small miscellaneous items such as rubber bands, plastic sealers, magnets and small packages of items such as yeasts, seasonings and herbs.


Snowflake Drink Coasters

It’s still winter and I can’t wait to see it go away, but when it only began I liked it a lot, with its big snowflakes and all. As nothing suggests winter better than big perfect snowflakes. So if you want to have some season decorations in your home without trying too much, you can combine the snowflake picture with some practical purpose and purchase some very nice drink coasters that are made of tile and have a snowflake pattern on. They look very nice and bring the winter atmosphere in your home, too, but they can also be used to protect your furniture against scratches or any unwanted accidents.


Dishes from Up in the Air Somewhere

The guys from Up in the air somewhere think that people are unique individuals and that is why they should have unique tableware. So they have handmade dishes , each with a slightly different shape and with tiny differences that make each dish unique. All the dishes from this manufacturer are made of white clay and then they are covered with a glossy glaze and some paint, depending on the model. Most models here have golden rims and that makes them really classy and show good taste. They look very nice when stacked and they also have different sizes.


The Milly Kitchen from Stosa Cucine

Nowadays kitchens are modern and simple. They are now modular, meaning that you would rather have more units of furniture rather than a whole body that is bolted to the wall. These separate modules are spread through the kitchen and the main one is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, making a kind of separation between the cooking area and the rest of the room where you can have a sitting area or have lunch or dinner. Any way, this very nice-looking kitchen is manufactured by Stosa Cucine, Italy and it is modern and simple, yet very shiny and practical.


Creative Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Usually people think of their kitchen as a nice and simple space or go to the other extreme and choose an extravagant and complex design. Both representations have as central idea a useful and comfortable kitchen that can make your life nicer and easier.

The KicheConcept company presents us some kitchen design ideas where modernity is combined with simplicity and art is combined with technology.There are kitchen design ideas that underline complexity and extravagance. These kitchens have pieces of furniture that have complex shapes and intensive, dark colors as the combination red and black. They are representations of modernity and high technology.


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