As the “heart of the home,” the kitchen is certainly where it’s at – and Homedit definitely wants your heart to be happy with your kitchen! That’s why we’ve written so many kitchen-related articles, each containing clear photos that depict a delightful and inspiring variety of kitchen spaces, sizes, and styles. May as well make yourself comfortable…once you start browsing, you won’t want to leave.

Lotus Bowl from Alessi

I think the overall impression of a house or a room or any other place is in the details. They give personality to the place and make it unique and special, as nobody admires a dull space, with nothing to draw your attention. That is why we decorate our homes and make them comfortable, but also nice to look at. And one of the things I like very much is the fruit bowl. It’s both a tableware, but you can also use it for decorative purposes. It even appears in the paintings of many famous painters. And it completes the image of a room very well.


Elegant Jet Kitchen by Kinzo

Flying is a wonderful experience that makes you feel special. You become fascinated by the beautiful views of the clouds, the blue sky or the new image of land.

Once you have managed to fly by plane or other flying object, you begin to think from other perspectives and have a different image of the world. Flying objects let you the impression that you have wings and you are ready to conquer the world.Jet Kitchen represents a combination of the idea of cooking and that of flying. Its interior looks like an aircraft and so cooking can become like a nice flying experience.


Dynamic Aquarium Kitchen by Darren Morgan

Many people love to have pets in their houses: a dog, a cat, a parrot, a hamster, a fish. These animals animate our peaceful environment and make it more alive. To have a pet means dynamism, energy, life, nature. In the house the atmosphere is more animated and colorful.

Glenvale Kithens presents an Aquarium Kitchen. It is a modern kitchen that has a three meter long aquarium. The designer called it the “alive” kitchen because this aquarium creates a dynamic atmosphere. It is not a usual kitchen, here you can relax and enjoy your meal just like in a restaurant. Its design is attractive and make you feel like you are in another place than a kitchen.


An Orange Kitchen Island by A-EM Architects

Those who love sea and traveling will definitely be attracted to sailing. Sailing can be a job, a hobby or a sport. All these three different areas are unified by the pleasure or love for sailing. It is a domain that includes hard work, new challenges, experience but also fun, pleasure, adventure and satisfaction.

Islands are lands that can be reached by sailing using boats or ships. For those who love sailing they represent a place for rest or for new discoveries.The Kitchen Island, designed by A-EM Architects is a place where you can stop and relax by cooking. Its orange bright color creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, so you can enjoy modern things which this type of “island” can offer you.Imagine yourself on a desert island and trying to do a nice delicious meal and enjoying the exotic surroundings.

10 Ikea Kitchen Island Ideas

Ever thought of including an Ikea kitchen island in your home decor? The kitchen island is the element that ties all the other features together and makes the room feel complete. And with so many varieties and designs to choose from, you need to be extra careful when selecting the one. Ikea always offers tons of inspiration for everything and kitchens islands are no exception. Browse through there amazing designs and decide which one best suits your style.

Some kitchen islands are designed to also serve as bars and all double as storage units. If you have a spacious kitchen, opt for a U-shaped island. If space is a concern, then take a look at some of these smaller islands designed to let the kitchen feel airy and spacious while still keeping their functionality intact.

And in case none of the designs suits your preferences, then perhaps you’d like to come up with your own. Try one of these Ikea hacks:

Rolling kitchen island.

Make a small, mobile kitchen island using an Expedit shelving unit, Lagan countertop and Branas baskets, all from Ikea. First assemble the bookshelf, attach castors to the bottom panel, cut the countertop to the desired dimensions, secure it with brackets into an L-shape and then cut an opening above one of the baskets for the garbage bin.{found on ikeahakers}.


You can also use the Malm bedroom dresser as part of the island. First build the base( with an Ikea base cabinet you can find as is) and then attach the dresser. After that, move to the sides and top. Use wood countertops and fasten them in place with brackets. For the face of the island you can simply use plywood.{found on site}.

Billy Bookshelves.

If you prefer open shelves in the kitchen, then get yourself a Billy bookcase and a Numerar countertop and make a kitchen island. Cover the back of the bookcase with beadboard and attach the countertop. You can also install hooks on the sides for extra storage.{found on ikeahackers}.

Modern Space Saving Kitchen Unit by Toyo Kitchen

When we think of kitchen, we all dream of a big space that has all the necessary devices. Unfortunately, for some of us this type kitchen remains only a dream but there is always hope.

We must know what kind of kitchen furniture to choose in order to use our space to maximum.Space Saving Kitchen Unit is another solution for this problem. It was designed by Toyo Kitchen. It is a special kitchen unit that has a table, a sink and three electric cooking rings. The table has drawers and can be used as a bar table too.


Removable “Green” Kitchen Sink

If you live in Europe or America you won’t feel the water shortage, so you won’t feel the need to save water. But if you live in Australia for example or most parts of Africa, you will certainly know how important it is to use water wisely, as you never know when you will be able to use some fresh water again. So you realize it’s better for you to go “green” and use and re-use all sources that you have, among which the most important is water. This dry climate of Australia inspired the designer of this project to make up the plan for a sink that can collect the water you use in the kitchen and normally dump on the drain.


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