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Henry VIII and Disappearing Wives Mug

British history is very rich in amazing and unusual facts that are remembered after hundreds of years and still fascinate people from all over the world. I am especially interested in the Golden Age of the British Empire, with Elizabeth and Henry VIII. Of course the political accomplishments of the two, especially of the latter are very well completed by their unusual personal love lives.

Henry VIII is now better remembered for his six wives and the fact that he decapitated most of them rather than for his accomplishments as a king. That is the source of inspiration for the Henry VIII and Disappearing Wives Mug you can admire in the pictures here.


Chew Chew Train Dinner Set

I don’t know what happened to the kids nowadays, but I guess they have too much to choose from or they have too much of our attention on them, but they simply refuse to eat their meals without a whole set of whining and fussing. So the desperate parents don’t know what to do and what means to invent that will make their kids accept food without any problems. After I have tried impersonating all cartoon characters and imitating all wild and farm animals, I have found an acceptable solution at last: I found an amazing and funny set of kids dinnerware that looks like a toy train.


Driade – Bento tray series by Miki Astori

There are so many little things you need around the house, that you wouldn’t think at all of them when moving to a new house. However, you only realize you should buy them when you need them. One of these things is the cutlery tray. It is only named after the cutlery you can deposit there, but you can also use it for a number of other things, too.


Planetarium set of 8 nesting bowls by Liliana Bonomi

Bowls are very useful. They can be made of any kid of material from wood to metal, from ceramic to plastic and you can use them for lots of purposes, so I think they are a “must have” in the kitchen. I always need one and the perfect gift for me would be a set of different sized bowls that I could use for just about anything. Well, I found such a set of eight metal bowls designed by Liliana Bonomi.


Merge Cup with Saucer

When I wake up in the morning the first thing i do is prepare a steaming cup of nice hot coffee. Only after savouring this drink i can start my day. That is why I am always careful to have a nice coffee cup that will give me pleasure while drinking my coffee, something that i can enjoy, some cup that looks nice and feels nice too. That is why I am a bit sad when my favourite coffee cup is broken by mistake. So I start looking for a new one. So I found this amazing (though expensive) coffee cup that is very original – it’s the Merge Cup.


Lotus Bowl from Alessi

I think the overall impression of a house or a room or any other place is in the details. They give personality to the place and make it unique and special, as nobody admires a dull space, with nothing to draw your attention. That is why we decorate our homes and make them comfortable, but also nice to look at. And one of the things I like very much is the fruit bowl. It’s both a tableware, but you can also use it for decorative purposes. It even appears in the paintings of many famous painters. And it completes the image of a room very well.


Elegant Jet Kitchen by Kinzo

Flying is a wonderful experience that makes you feel special. You become fascinated by the beautiful views of the clouds, the blue sky or the new image of land.

Once you have managed to fly by plane or other flying object, you begin to think from other perspectives and have a different image of the world. Flying objects let you the impression that you have wings and you are ready to conquer the world.Jet Kitchen represents a combination of the idea of cooking and that of flying. Its interior looks like an aircraft and so cooking can become like a nice flying experience.


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