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The Keukenkabinet: a kitchen inside a cabinet

Small spaces have always been a problem. It’s hard to fit everything inside when there’s not enough space for everything. That means you either have to make some compromises and give up some items or find another solution. Here’s a compact kitchen that can solve some of the problems.

The Keukenkabinet is a project created by johanneke. It’s basically a cabinet that is nothing but just another part of the living space when closet but that turns into a little kitchen when opened. This is a very functional and ingenious idea that allows people to save a lot of space without having to make compromises. Of course, it can’t be compared with a real kitchen but it’s something to think about.


Antique kitchen remodel

Whenever the kitchen or any other room of the house tends to look too old and too boring, it means it’s time for a renovation. You don’t have to be worried because this doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time or money, You can remodel and update your home by yourself. Consider it an elaborate DIY project. Let’s take a look at this antique kitchen that has been turned into a bright and more modern area and use it as inspiration.

Antique kitchen remodel

Redecorating this kitchen only took the owners 8 weeks from start to finish. It’s not that bad considering the results and the fact that they did all this by themselves. It was an extensive renovation and it included replacing the insulation, the windows, the millwork, the cabinets and the interior finishes. The cost was approximately $60.000 which might sound scary but not every renovation requires all those elements so if you just want to change the atmosphere a little you can do that with significantly less money.


Dinner Plate from Le Creuset

When I go to the restaurant I like to try new things and new tastes. But I must admit the exterior design is very much important, too, when it comes to the opinion I make when looking at a certain food. And experienced chefs know that. That is why the best restaurants focus on both fields: the quality of the food cooked and the design of the displayed food. So I guess one of the most important things here is the way the dishes look. A nice looking plate will draw attention on the food it has on and will focus your eyes on the exterior.

Dinner Plate from Le Creuset

This Dinner Plate from Le Creuset is perfect to illustrate my words. It is made of stoneware and has a colourful and durable exterior. The design is pretty simple, but delicate with three concentric circles on the edge of the plate and a unique colour on the whole plate. The enamel on the outside protects it from scratches or other marks. The plate is manufactured using very high temperatures and this allows it to be thermal resistant, so it is perfectly safe to use it in the freezer, but also in the microwave oven, broiler and dishwasher. There are more available colours and you can now purchase this item for just $20.

Contemporarary Ola Kitchen by Snaidero

Snadeiro’s Ola Kitchen is a legend and it’s been around for over 20 years. It has become a classic and it’s been in production since 1990. A while ago the award-winning kitchen finally got a new look. It was the result of the collaboration between Snaidero and the Pininfarina Group.

Contemporarary Ola Kitchen

The Ola Kitchen got an update in 2000 when the Pininfarina Studio brought it up to date with new handles, new colors, a new worktop in steel and new wall units. The technical content of the kitchen however remained the same, as well as the well-known curved look. It was a big decision. Now the 20-year old Ola Kitchen is a contemporary design. It has a softer look while also maintaining many of the original features.


Impressive Kitcehn Remodel for $50

If you want to recreate your dream kitchen that will be the heart of your home, then you should take a look at this wonderful makeover for inspiration. The interesting thing about this upgrade is that it only cost the owner $50, and we can say that they were well spent.

This remodel is a good example with working with what you have. If you want a change, then all you have to do is to rush to the store and buy a couple of gallons of paint. As you can see this kitchen was transformed by painting it in an Antique White color. Everything was painted: the walls, the cabinets and even the backsplash. The secret behind the tile is that it was very porous and wasn’t shiny at all, so the painting process was possible.


Egg Pants

I guess I have a thing for eggs today. So I will tell you about Egg Pants. I know, the name seems hilarious and you are absolutely right, but these pants made for the eggs are actually a funny egg cup for the kids. And since kids love funny things, especially when they eat and need someone or something to distract them, this could be the perfect solution. If you have a child who does not want to eat eggs, you simply buy these pants and boil an egg for them. It will be fun to eat eggs and you will be happy to see the kids eat the whole meal.

These pants are perfect for any size of eggs and this is why they are made of silicone, so no matter how big or small the egg is, it will not fall off this support. Besides, silicone is pretty adherent, so the egg will stay inside until you have finished eating it and only after that will you throw the egg shell. The creative designer of this item is Liz Kinnmark  and she did it for Design Glut studios. If you like what you see you can now buy a pair of these egg pants for just $6.

Kitchen design ideas with many storage option

The kitchen, as everyone probably knows, is an important and essential part of any home. Eve though you don’t like, don’t want or don’t need to cook, the kitchen is still a functional place where you can store a lot of things. And because decorating a kitchen is not as easy as it might look, we gathered some inspiring idea that might come in handy.

kitchen with many storage option

Here are some ideas of how you can functionally decorate your kitchen. In most of the cases, you would have to have a large kitchen for all those items to fir properly and to also look good. However, some decors can be adapted to smaller kitchens either by letting go of some elements or by simply adjusting the dimensions. I particularly enjoy these kitchen decors because they are simple and elegant.


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