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French Stripe Tea Towel

Tea towels are very useful but you can use them for more than one purpose. For example you can use them when serving tea, coffee or, as a matter or fact, any meal, when you need a piece of cloth on the tray or next to the saucer and plate in order to allow the guest the possibility to use it when in need. As I said before you can also use this towel to cover the bread basket, the cookies or the tray or whatever you feen is appropriate to do with it. I like this French Stripe Tea Towel very much because of its material and looks. First of all it is made of cotton and I just love cotton because it absorbs water well and is also very soft and gentle to touch. Actually the more you wash this towel the softer it becomes.

You can see what they wrote on the towel in French : “Tout est mieux avec des rayures” = “Everything is better with stripes”. Well, I do love this marine pattern and the fact that the stripes are red is even better. The designer of this product is Studiopatró  and the item is now being manufactured in a factory near San Francisco. Try not to use bleach or hot water for cleaning the towel and order it online for just $24.

Marias Brandy Glass

Glass manufacturing has long been transmitted from generation to generation by the most skillful glass blowing masters as glasses were in the past a luxurious item. In the meantime glasses are now produced and manufactured at industrial scale by automatic machines, but some of them still require a lot of skill and ability. That is why some areas in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland are still famous for the glassware they produce. This Marias Brandy Glass is hand made in Poland and looks great. As you can see it has a special shape that suggests you it is used for drinking brandy. The special shape f the glass allows the brandy inside to breathe and have the best flavour.

It has a special design with snowy etchings and icy polish, a smoky outside but also the diamond cut that makes it spark so fine. The glass is special and each is unique. Every such glass sells for €32.00. I think it is worth every penny since very skilled people who inherit this gift from their fathers and grandfather mouth blow every glass and cut their sides in diamond like shapes. Of course this makes them precious and you should better wash the glasses by hand.

Measuring Jug

Every woman spends some time in the kitchen for her and her family. It does not matter if you are a really good cook or not, you will still be there at least a few times every week. And whether you know the recipes by heart or look them up on the Internet or in the cook book, you will certainly need some tool to help you measure ingredients. It is vital to know the exact quantities in order to get the best result when cooking something, no matter if the recipe is simple or difficult. This Measuring Jug is perfect for any home and any kitchen. It is large enough to measure flour, sugar or other ingredients, but still small enough to store in any kitchen drawer: 16cm H, 10cm D.

It is enameled so it looks nice and when you do not use it for measuring ingredients you can use it as a normal jug and even put it on the dinner table, as it has the perfect capacity for the water you need at table: 1 liter. It has a small handle on the side so that you can grab it easily and pour its contents. The item is made by Austrian Family Riess and you can buy it now for £20.

Bakers Sto ‘N Go Food Storage

It’s very important to have the necessary tools exactly when you need them. And you usually don’t . That’s when you decide to buy the thing you need at that moment and treasure it forever. For example you may sometimes go on trips or hiking in the woods, go out for a picnic or any other similar activity that requires your careful packing and carrying the food you will eat. And unless you are satisfied with cold sandwiches wrapped in paper, you will certainly love and use this item: the Bakers Sto ‘N Go Food Storage.

This item is perfect for both storing and transporting food without any damage. It is, as you can see from the picture, made of plastic and has a very nice and useful handle. This way you can carry it easily. The lid is on the side and is black in colour and also inside you can see three small trays that allow you to place the food without getting rolled over and smashed to the box walls.  The tray and the handle, too, are adjustable and you can use them only if you need them. The item is FDA approved and made in USA. It is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave and you can have it now for $19.95.

The Keukenkabinet: a kitchen inside a cabinet

Small spaces have always been a problem. It’s hard to fit everything inside when there’s not enough space for everything. That means you either have to make some compromises and give up some items or find another solution. Here’s a compact kitchen that can solve some of the problems.

The Keukenkabinet is a project created by johanneke. It’s basically a cabinet that is nothing but just another part of the living space when closet but that turns into a little kitchen when opened. This is a very functional and ingenious idea that allows people to save a lot of space without having to make compromises. Of course, it can’t be compared with a real kitchen but it’s something to think about.


Antique kitchen remodel

Whenever the kitchen or any other room of the house tends to look too old and too boring, it means it’s time for a renovation. You don’t have to be worried because this doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time or money, You can remodel and update your home by yourself. Consider it an elaborate DIY project. Let’s take a look at this antique kitchen that has been turned into a bright and more modern area and use it as inspiration.

Antique kitchen remodel

Redecorating this kitchen only took the owners 8 weeks from start to finish. It’s not that bad considering the results and the fact that they did all this by themselves. It was an extensive renovation and it included replacing the insulation, the windows, the millwork, the cabinets and the interior finishes. The cost was approximately $60.000 which might sound scary but not every renovation requires all those elements so if you just want to change the atmosphere a little you can do that with significantly less money.


Dinner Plate from Le Creuset

When I go to the restaurant I like to try new things and new tastes. But I must admit the exterior design is very much important, too, when it comes to the opinion I make when looking at a certain food. And experienced chefs know that. That is why the best restaurants focus on both fields: the quality of the food cooked and the design of the displayed food. So I guess one of the most important things here is the way the dishes look. A nice looking plate will draw attention on the food it has on and will focus your eyes on the exterior.

Dinner Plate from Le Creuset

This Dinner Plate from Le Creuset is perfect to illustrate my words. It is made of stoneware and has a colourful and durable exterior. The design is pretty simple, but delicate with three concentric circles on the edge of the plate and a unique colour on the whole plate. The enamel on the outside protects it from scratches or other marks. The plate is manufactured using very high temperatures and this allows it to be thermal resistant, so it is perfectly safe to use it in the freezer, but also in the microwave oven, broiler and dishwasher. There are more available colours and you can now purchase this item for just $20.

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