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Essential Space Saving Tips for the Kitchen

Maybe it’s a little more apparent at this time of year, in the thick of the holiday season when so much is happening in the kitchen (and with so many people, to boot!). But kitchen space is invaluable. No matter what style your kitchen is – traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between – and no matter how big it is, maximizing the space you do have is one of the keys of enjoying this holiday season.

Saving space is really about making things easier, more organized, and less cluttered. In essence, making the most of not only your space but also the items within your space. Here are some pretty quick and easy, yet totally essential, ideas for you to incorporate into your kitchen. Most of them are so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner!


The Skyline Kitchen Optimizes Functionality In A Simple And Stylish Manner

A kitchen, whether it’s tiny, large, traditional, modern, ornate or simple must always fulfill one condition: it has to be functional. Without this detail it would simply be a room full of items that can’t be used to their full capacity, a room where function and practicality are wasted. Of course, we can’t say that about any of the Snaidero kitchens.

This particular model is called Skyline and it’s easy to see why it got this name. The best way to describe it is as a kitchen where function meets style and where simplicity is at its best. The Skyline kitchen features beautifully shaped worktops with curved lines and fluid forms as well as elegant glass shelves that complement the whole design in a very transparent and yet very efficient manner.


How to Choose the Right Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs can be trendy and traditional, so open your imagination. Here are some tips on choosing the right dining room chair design and not being afraid to step out of the box.

Add a Touch of Old to Your Modern Look.

Vintage Chairs Settle on Character

In a modern setting, one of the most powerful décor staples is a flair for something vintage. Cherner chairs are an example of how a flash from the past (in this case the 1950s) can become an interesting design in a contemporary dining room. A unique chair style prevents the room from becoming boring any time soon.


Kitchen Remodel Featuring An Interesting Mix Of Concrete And Reclaimed Wood

We’re going to take a look at a very nice kitchen remodel from Amsterdam. It has a beautiful industrial vibe and it features an interesting combination of materials. The current look and design of the space were the creation of designer James van der Velden of Bricks Amsterdam. The task was to remodel the kitchen, not just the whole space.

The combination of wood and concrete is a very interesting choice for the kitchen. Both materials have beautiful textures when analyzed separately and they contrast with each other when put together. It’s this contrast that makes the choice of materials so interesting in this case.

The designer chose them for both functional and aesthetical reasons. Concrete is a nice material to use in a kitchen because it’s durable and strong. Wood, on the other hand, is a softer material with a warm look and a texture and color that makes it look cozy.


A Look at Traditional Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchens are a unique space in our homes, and they play a unique (and prominent) role in our lives. By definition and tradition, the space is function-centered – food is prepared and cooked in the kitchen. But modern kitchens are so much more than a food prep zone. They are the heart of the home, full of life and warmth and interaction.

Traditional kitchens are work-focused and incorporate basic materials in their designs. Contemporary kitchens tend to be sleek and refined and stylish. It’s a lovely kitchen that incorporates the best of both worlds within its proverbial walls.


Hangin’ Up The Pots: Fun and Functional Ways

There are two problems that plague almost everyone with a kitchen; too many pots or not enough cabinet space. Either way, you have to start getting creative with your pots and pans when it’s time to organize. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of unique, fun and functional ways to hang them all up! Let’s take a peek!

1. Simple Set-up.

Take your most used pots and pans and hang them up right at the stove for easy access. Keep things clean, contemporary and uncluttered for a flattering, fashionable and functional look.


10 Smart (and Affordable) Space-Savers for the Kitchen

Most of us probably don’t have as large of kitchens as we would like. It seems like there is always plenty – and then some – of stuff to fill the cupboards and drawers and spill into overflow storage areas. While we might need to take a step back and look at this as an Accumulation of Stuff problem (as opposed to a square footage problem), it’s also nice to know that there are some great, affordable space-saving options for our kitchens. Here are ten such smart kitchen ideas:

Stick your sink in the corner and install a wall-mounted faucet. This is especially beneficial to tiny kitchens with very little counter space, because the sink doesn’t “chop up” what little counter space there is. As an added bonus, wall shelves above the faucet provide a great place to store cheerful décor or useful kitchen items.


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