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15 Modern kitchen island designs we love

A kitchen island is a very clever and functional addition that comes with many advantages. For example, the kitchen island is a very versatile piece that can be also used as a bar or breakfast area. It’s very practical and functional for preparing meals and it’s a very great addition to small and compact kitchens. There are many different types and designs for kitchen islands just like there are options for any other piece of furniture. We’re only going to focus on modern designs and see what advantages they offer.

First of all, a modern kitchen island is usually compact. Still, it offers plenty or space for cooking, working and storing. It has a clever design with built-in storage spaces and fixtures and it offers a flexible work space. They also have creative shapes and designs that can help you create a unique and original look for your kitchen.


Designing & Decorating A Black and White Kitchen

Black and white is style at its absolute finest. This color combination is the ultimate form of timeless, elegant and bold design skills. And when the combo is in the kitchen, you get a theme that is not only chic and functional but fashionable and fun to decorate with!

Let’s take a look at some beautifully decorated and designed black and white kitchens and we’ll see how and what makes them work!

White, crisp cabinets with black, outstanding counter tops not only compliment each other but they also truly enhance each other. Remember they’re opposites and opposites do, in fact, attract! The contrasting shades pop no matter where they’re placed or how they’re balanced in the room. And, let’s not forget that creating a white foundation opens up the room to light and space. With small black details defining every sharp edge and smooth line, there’s no cook in the world that wouldn’t want to spend a day creating yummy new meals inside.


Espresso Set with Beautiful Square Cups

If you challenge a creative mind to something, it will always come up with some interesting ideas and solutions to anything. In this case the designer proved really ingenious when they came up with the idea of designing a special Espresso Set with Beautiful Square Cups. Everything about this set is special and this makes it so original and unique. First of all, the six espresso cups included in the set are square in shape and have no handles. Then they have a special place on top where to put the teaspoon you use to mix the sugar in the coffee. If you place the spoon there, you make sure you can find it all the time and not misplace it.

The spoons are also square, almost flat and are made of metal, so I would advise you to be careful when you want to warm up the espresso in the microwave oven. But this is not all: the wooden tray the espresso set sits on is made especially for this set and has detachable coasters, also made of wood. They simply come out from the tray and you can use them on the table. The designer , Fellina Sok-Cham , made this set in 2008 from bamboo and now you can order it for $65.

Add elegance to your kitchen with granite countertops

Granite countertops are not only beautiful and elegant but also very functional. It’s why they are so popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is a strong and hard-wearing material and it comes deep inside Earth. It starts as liquid magma and it can up to millions of years for the rock to form. Of course, this is the case of natural granite but there are artificial replacements as well.

Because of its durability, granite is used for structures that need to last longer such as tombstones and countertops. The granite is extracted from a quarry, cut and then sanded and polished. After adding any details and customizing it, the granite countertop is installed in our kitchen. You might not realize it, but you have a piece of history in your home.


Stylish NY kitchen renovated by Angela A’Court

This kitchen is part of a NYC townhouse and it only measures 16 feet wide but feel much more spacious thanks to the bright and airy interior décor. The kitchen was renovated by Angela A’Court who, after relocating from London, decided to remodel this lovely house and make it her new family home. The kitchen, together with the dining area and a small lounge space, occupies the garden level of the house.

The house was in pretty good condition and had a nice structure. However, the interior décor was outdated and needed to be changed. For the kitchen she chose a simple white look. It was a clever choice, considering the dimensions of this space. The walls are white and the cabinets are featuring the same color. The concrete countertops are also light and go nicely with the whole fresh décor. They also add some nice texture to the mix.


What’s the best flooring for a kitchen?

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen so the traffic can be very intense. Also, it’s a space designed for cooking and it’s impossible to avoid spills and scratches, regardless how careful you are. It’s why the kitchen flooring is a very important element and the material needs to be carefully chosen. There are several options.

Wood is a very common material. It’s also a warm and elegant material that allows you to create an inviting and cozy décor. Whether you choose solid wood or engineered wood it will wear quickly. The surface is easily damageable and there’s not much you can do after that. It’s why people usually prefer other alternatives for this room of the house.


10 different kitchen styles to adopt when redecorating

The kitchen is just another room in the house. The thing that makes it so special is its specific functionality and this is also the main element that dictates the design. However, when it comes to style, there are many different options and there’s no way to say which one is better than the rest because it all depends on your personal tastes and preferences. Here are ten such styles to choose from when designing a kitchen.

1. Polished concrete kitchen.

Concrete is a very basic and simple material and yet it can have so many different aspects. A polished concrete kitchen would usually have a more industrial look. Concrete floors are especially practical in the kitchen and they can be beautifully complemented by modern furniture and stainless steel appliances.{found on site}.


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