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Orion Porcelain Plate Set

Our modern life style is a total chaos: we eat and sleep on the run, so I can say we live on the run, always hurrying somewhere. Hence the health problems with our stomach and digestive system. Well, if you come to think of it, grandma was absolutely right when she insisted so much for us to have at least dinner together as a family. That happened in the dining room and all the members of our family were there, eating from the “good” dinnerware in a very cozy and calm atmosphere. I still try to do this at home now, but I only succeed for Sunday meals. Any way, I think porcelain plates make dinner a lot more festive than the carton plates at the fast food restaurants. Here is a wonderful Orion Porcelain Plate Set that is old, but very well preserved and looking amazing.

The set was designed in 1944 by Wolfgang von Wersin and was manufactured by the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, Germany. The set is made of white porcelain and is really fine, being polished and having an exquisite gold rim that is painted by hand. The four different size plates and the cup make the set complete for dinner and make it rather a collectible than some dinnerware that you use regularly. The set can now be purchased for $2,590 from Moss Online.

The beauty of having a turquoise kitchen island

Turquoise is a very beautiful color. It’s not as common as blue, red or the always elegant black and white but it can be a really stylish shade to take into consideration when decorating your home. It might seem pretentious but it’s actually quite easy to integrate in any type of décor. In the kitchen, for example, a turquoise island would make a big difference. Here are a few examples.

1. A pale turquoise kitchen island from Miami.

As in the case of any color, there are different shades of turquoise. If you like this color but don’t want to have a too colorful kitchen you can opt for a pale tone of turquoise for your kitchen island. It would match nicely with white furniture and it also mixes well with other colors as well. This particular shade tends to be a little more elegant than other just because it doesn’t stand out as much and it has a certain simplicity to it.{found on site}.


The compact Forma kitchen furniture

Forma is a great addition for any modern and contemporary kitchen. It’s a creation from Demode and it basically almost everything you need in a kitchen. It has a compact and very functional design and it allows for several versions to be available, depending on the client’s preference in terms of finish and color. For example, the lacquered melamine-faced doors are available in either ruled or plain finishes and the MDF doors, also lacquered, come in 20 matt or gloss colors. You can choose the one you like and you can create your own version of this kitchen island.

Other options are also available. In the case of the wood veneered doors you can choose from four different finishes. The glass doors and the worktops come in both matt and gloss finishes and several colors are available. The edge can either feature the same color and finish and the doors or it can come with an aluminum finish, depending on the client’s preference. You can combine these colors and finishes in any way you want and this modern and stylish piece of kitchen furniture can be customized according to your preferences so that it matches the rest of your décor.


15 Modern kitchen island designs we love

A kitchen island is a very clever and functional addition that comes with many advantages. For example, the kitchen island is a very versatile piece that can be also used as a bar or breakfast area. It’s very practical and functional for preparing meals and it’s a very great addition to small and compact kitchens. There are many different types and designs for kitchen islands just like there are options for any other piece of furniture. We’re only going to focus on modern designs and see what advantages they offer.

First of all, a modern kitchen island is usually compact. Still, it offers plenty or space for cooking, working and storing. It has a clever design with built-in storage spaces and fixtures and it offers a flexible work space. They also have creative shapes and designs that can help you create a unique and original look for your kitchen.


Designing & Decorating A Black and White Kitchen

Black and white is style at its absolute finest. This color combination is the ultimate form of timeless, elegant and bold design skills. And when the combo is in the kitchen, you get a theme that is not only chic and functional but fashionable and fun to decorate with!

Let’s take a look at some beautifully decorated and designed black and white kitchens and we’ll see how and what makes them work!

White, crisp cabinets with black, outstanding counter tops not only compliment each other but they also truly enhance each other. Remember they’re opposites and opposites do, in fact, attract! The contrasting shades pop no matter where they’re placed or how they’re balanced in the room. And, let’s not forget that creating a white foundation opens up the room to light and space. With small black details defining every sharp edge and smooth line, there’s no cook in the world that wouldn’t want to spend a day creating yummy new meals inside.


Espresso Set with Beautiful Square Cups

If you challenge a creative mind to something, it will always come up with some interesting ideas and solutions to anything. In this case the designer proved really ingenious when they came up with the idea of designing a special Espresso Set with Beautiful Square Cups. Everything about this set is special and this makes it so original and unique. First of all, the six espresso cups included in the set are square in shape and have no handles. Then they have a special place on top where to put the teaspoon you use to mix the sugar in the coffee. If you place the spoon there, you make sure you can find it all the time and not misplace it.

The spoons are also square, almost flat and are made of metal, so I would advise you to be careful when you want to warm up the espresso in the microwave oven. But this is not all: the wooden tray the espresso set sits on is made especially for this set and has detachable coasters, also made of wood. They simply come out from the tray and you can use them on the table. The designer , Fellina Sok-Cham , made this set in 2008 from bamboo and now you can order it for $65.

Add elegance to your kitchen with granite countertops

Granite countertops are not only beautiful and elegant but also very functional. It’s why they are so popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is a strong and hard-wearing material and it comes deep inside Earth. It starts as liquid magma and it can up to millions of years for the rock to form. Of course, this is the case of natural granite but there are artificial replacements as well.

Because of its durability, granite is used for structures that need to last longer such as tombstones and countertops. The granite is extracted from a quarry, cut and then sanded and polished. After adding any details and customizing it, the granite countertop is installed in our kitchen. You might not realize it, but you have a piece of history in your home.


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