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5 Details Usually Found In Modern Kitchens

Nowadays, modern and contemporary are the preferred styles, especially for rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. They can be easily distinguished from traditional or vintage decors for example and there are some elements that are typical to them and that are usually found in all such spaces. We have selected five of them.

1. The lack of ornamentation.

The first thing that anyone would look for when decorating a modern kitchen is the simplicity of the furniture and the lack of ornamentation. It’s an element that can help you easily make the difference between this style and others. A modern kitchen will never feature unnecessary details or decorations. The focus is on functionality.


The rough appeal of the industrial Turner stool

A piece of furniture, in this case a stool, can be charming in many different ways. Each style has its own ways of making itself enjoyable. For example, the turner stool doesn’t have the delicacy and elegance of classical or traditional furniture but it manages to impress through other means.The Turner stool features an industrial-chic design. It has a simple look, with no unnecessary details and yet it’s not contemporary. It has a vintage appeal as well as this makes it unique.

The stool is also quite versatile. Given its construction, it can be sued as a bar stool or as a desk seat or dining stool. It’s been crafted from tubular metal sheets and it features an oxidized metal finish that only enhances its unique charm. It’s made using metal sheets and oval tubes and its height can be adjusted, making it versatile and able to adapt to different environments and situations.


A creative new look for a tiny kitchen

Just because you have a small kitchen it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find a practical way of organizing it. People do it all the time. For example, this tiny kitchen just got an inspiring makeover. The owners worked with Kristin of The Hunted Interior and together they came up with a perfect new look for the kitchen.

The renovation was completed in just one week and the cost was under $100. It doesn’t really get any better than this. Since they had a pretty small budget, the owners decided to work with what they had and to make the best out of the situation. Still, they managed to make some major changes. For example, they painted a full chalkboard wall and this drastically changed the whole décor. They did this because they wanted a more modern look for their kitchen and they also wanted this space to be practical and functional. The chalkboard wall allows them to write messages, to make shopping lists and to use it to make the space friendlier.


Clean and airy kitchen makeover

This is a large but not particularly spacious kitchen and, as we all know, there’s never too much free space in this room. Its owners decided to give it a makeover and to make it a little more airy. The original décor was mostly traditional and it wasn’t as bright as it should have been. It was warm and inviting but it was also old and outdated. It was time for an update.

The renovation took the owners 5 months to complete. During this time they had to make some major changes. They opted for a clean and simple décor with a subtle industrial feel. They wanted to be airy and bright but also warm and inviting.

The storage options posed problems. It took the owners a lot of time to decide where everything would go because, even though they were particularly sure of what they wanted for their new kitchen design, they knew what they didn’t want and that was all kinds of small appliances scattered all over the place and on the counters.


5 Tips For A Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens, just like cottage-style kitchens, are particularly cozy, warm and inviting. They have a unique charm that is difficult to describe but that can be recreated with the help of some elements that are specific to this style. We will give 5 such examples but there are also other that you can find by yourself.

1. Classic flooring.

We will start with the flooring and work our way up. Most people think that wooden flooring is a must for this style. It’s true that this is the most common options but there are also other things to choose from. For example, black and white tiles are a classical detail that always looks good. The same goes for checkered linoleum, even though this option is a little more difficult to match with other decors.


5 characteristics of contemporary kitchens

A contemporary kitchen is not the same as a modern kitchen, even though some people use these terms interchangeably. A contemporary kitchen can be modern but it can also adopt other styles as well. For example, it can have vintage details and accents without being a vintage kitchen. There are a few elements that are specific to this style and that can help us distinguish a contemporary kitchen from other types and that need to be taken in consideration when adopting this style.

1. Cutting-edge technology.

The first thing anyone thinks about when taking about contemporary kitchens is the cutting-edge technology. Appliances are very important in this case. They need to be sleek, durable, to ensure great performance and to have advanced features. Functionality is an important aspect to take into consideration, as well as style.


5 tips for a cottage kitchen interior

Cottage-style interiors are always characterized by elements such as cozy atmosphere, unpretentious details and use of natural materials. It’s a style as well as an attitude and it suits all the rooms of the house, even the kitchen, especially since lately it has become a social area more than a work space. There are a few elements that should be taken into consideration when designing such a space. These are a few examples.

1. A soft color palette.

The colors in a cottage-style kitchen need to be light and delicate. It’s something to be applied for other rooms as well. The color palette could include colors such as the timeless white in combination with soft shades of yellow or pale turquoise. Pastel blue is also nice, as well as light khaki. The idea is to use fresh colors in soft tones and not to exaggerate with their number.


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