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13 Alternatives To Granite Kitchen Counters

Granite counters are very popular and they have established a strong image. However, they are not the only option. Other materials and types have started to gain admirers. People enjoy things that make them distinguish themselves from the rest of the world and it’s why granite counters are not something a person that wishes to be original would prefer. Here are a few examples of some other alternatives.

This counter might seem like marble but it’s not. It’s actually a laminate. It’s a nice trick and it’s an alternative that deserves your attention when searching for new counters for your kitchen.


Five beautiful open kitchen interior designs

An open has both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, the lack of privacy can be a problem for some people. However, in the kitchen there’s really no need for that anyway. In fact, it can even be entertaining to watch someone cook. On the other hand, it gets easier with the storage. You can expand your storage area beyond the kitchen without changing the rest of the décor. Here are five beautiful examples of open kitchens that illustrate these advantages and many more.

This kitchen basically occupies an entire wall. It shares and open plan with the living room and the two areas are pretty well defined. Notice how the thick exposed ceiling beams stop where the kitchen starts. The kitchen has a white ceiling and white walls and it’s like a bright spot for the whole room. The bar/kitchen island is also a partial room divider.


Paint colors that would look beautiful in the kitchen

Choosing the right color for the kitchen walls can be tricky. On one hand, you want that color to allow you to create a pleasant work environment. On the other hand, you also want the kitchen to be a nice place to socialize with friends and family. Then there’s also the problem with cleaning. A darker color for the walls would conceal most flaws and marks. Let’s see which colors would make good choices.

1. Blue.

If you want your kitchen to be soothing, relaxing and calming without feeling boring and monotonous, blue would be a nice choice. it would create a bright and airy look and it would also be great for creating contrasts in case you have darker furniture.


Miniki – a clever and bold solution for tiny kitchens

In a tiny kitchen there’s not much space for furniture. It’s why we need to get creative on this chapter. It’s important for a kitchen to have enough storage space for all the appliances, tools and supplies needed when preparing the meals. Miniki makes that problem easier with its compact and yet very functional design.Miniki allows you to transform your kitchen into an airy and practical space, like it should be. It gathers multiple functions into one structure and thus allows us to stay away from cramped, unpractical kitchen decors.

This way we have enough free space for when we simply want to socialize and still have everything we need for preparing a delicious meal when needed. This compact unit is composed of three modules. Two of them have the dimensions of 24″ x 24″ x 24″. They are two compact cubes and, if you prefer it this way, they can also be purchased as a double length module.


Unique Color Combinations For The Kitchen

Wanna refresh your freshest space? Try out some of these unique color combinations for the kitchen! Try putting something together that you’ve never done before or doesn’t exactly “follow the rules.” You’ll have fun, trust us!

1. Grey and Brown.

The rule says they don’t go together, but in the kitchen they sure do! Stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets and neutral grey walls makes for a very sleek, chic kitchen with a dash of masculinity. It’s completely different than the usual and will definite add an element of surprise to your home.


Six stylish bar stools that we love

When shopping for a bar stools there are a few things that you’re looking for: a strong and durable construction, a friendly and stylish shape and a design with a style that matches your interior. We have selected six of the most beautiful bar stools we encountered and we hope that you will find them as attractive and stylish as we do.

1. The Bertoia counter stool.

This stool was designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll and it’s an iconic creation, as the rest of the designer’s collection. It has an industrial look and it’s both versatile and comfortable. It was created from industrial wire rods and has a polished chrome finish and stainless steel connections. The stools looks almost like it was sculpted out of steel rods and this gives is a stylish look, despite its industrial design.


Enclume Deep Shelf Pot Rack

I think we all should know how to cook, at least the essentials because you never know when you will need it. Besides, if you are the one cooking, you will know for sure when it was cooked and what ingredients are in it, if it is made of natural things or not. Any way, ever since I got married I started watching all kinds of cooking shows on TV because they give you a lot of useful tips and information. And I saw the chefs had an impressive arsenal of pots and pans, but they do not stay in the cupboard; they are displayed in plain sight, hanging from a special support. Here is Enclume Deep Shelf Pot Rack, something I have been dreaming to have in my kitchen.


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