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5 Inspiring Kitchen Artwork Ideas

Even though it’s designed for cooking and the main goal is to make it functional, the kitchen still needs an attractive décor that can give you energy and inspiration. So integrating artwork into the décor is a very good idea that gives it the kick it needs to feel dynamic and vibrant. Here are five nice ideas for kitchen artwork.

Since it’s a kitchen, you don’t have to think too far for the main theme. An oversized piece of artwork representing a beautiful, juicy fruit or ingredient would be a perfect way of making yout kitchen pop while remaining close to the theme.


Design Your Kitchen Like A Pro

Designing and decorating a space is a very personal thing. Everything has to respond to the users’ needs and this means you have to put great thought in everything. Working with a professional is sometimes a very good idea but not even him/her can do all the work for you. So instead of relying on someone else’s help, you better start putting all your thoughts in order to design your home like a pro. The room that needs the most attention to detail and that really needs to be personalized is the kitchen. In there, everything has to be exactly the way you want it in order to be able to move around comfortably. But starting the design from scratch is not easy at all. Here are a few tips can should help with that

Get an idea of the space you have available.

It’s important to first determine exactly how much space there is to work with. This will also help you make some of the decisions regarding the type of furniture you’ll be using, the type of appliances, the space where they should each go and so on. The shape of the room is also important. An L-shaped kitchen requires a certain type of décor while a U-shaped space is a completely different story. So start with the beginning and make a plan.


Curtain designs and ideas for the kitchen

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your kitchen feel more warm and welcoming. Usually it’s the accessories and all the small details that make a big difference in the décor. For example, some beautiful curtains can drastically change the atmosphere and turn it from simple to elegant and from cold to cozy. If you’re having trouble figuring out the type of curtains you should be using in your kitchen, maybe these examples can help with that.

This traditional kitchen has an overall classical and elegant look. It’s very bright, especially since all the cabinetry is white and the walls feature the same neutral color. The curtains are a way of adding some extra elegance to the room and also of making it feel more personal and inviting while also maintaining the same classical look.


13 Cozy, comfortable and delightful breakfast nooks for the kitchen

Leaving aside the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, having a good, dynamic start can dictate how your entire day will be like. So don’t ignore the importance of a pleasant breakfast table and a pleasant atmosphere that can inspire you to have a great day. Breakfast nooks are very good options because they are cozy and very comfortable and they give you that boost that you need in the morning and allow you to feel great before going to work or starting your usual activities.

A white U-shaped booth surrounded by windows, complemented by a black table

There are lots of great designs and options that you can use for your breakfast nook. Built-in benches are a wonderful option because, not only that they are very comfortable, nut they also provide you with the option of having some extra storage space. You can opt for under-bench storage and have some practical and accessible space that you can use for storing all sorts of kitchen items. Window seats and corner benches work best with drawers underneath the seat while U-shaped nooks and booths encourage drawers at the bench’s end.


Kitchens: 5 Low-Cost Tips for High Impact

What is it about food, or the potential of food, that brings us together? Oh, yeah…the deliciousness. That’s what. Regardless, the kitchen is the heart of a home. What’s fabulous is the fact that kitchens are as different as their owners’ design (forgive the pun here) tastes – some are sleek and contemporary, some traditional, some rustic, some eclectic.Because the kitchen tends to be a well-visited space, we want it to look its best. Here are five low-cost kitchen makeover tips for high impact.

1. Paint it white. Old oak or pine cabinetry receives an instant facelift and shove into the 21st century with a coat of white paint. Big kitchens, small kitchens, gallery kitchens, awkward kitchens…it doesn’t matter what yours is, this works. This is probably the #1 bang-for-your-buck.{found on creekbedthreads}.


Decorative kitchen hoods, both functional and beautiful

Every kitchen needs a hood. It’s a practical and functional piece that usually doesn’t take much space but that really makes a difference when you’re cooking. In some cases, however, the hood becomes more than just a necessity. It becomes a decorative element and so many unexpected designs start to appear.

Traditional kitchen with a decorative hood matching the furniture and hardware

Decorative hoods are more suitable for large kitchens where the space occupied by them is not needed for something else. It’s a way of creating a focal point for the kitchen and a way of making the whole décor stand out. In a way, we could say that the hood is almost like the fireplace of the kitchen. The comparison is based on the fact that both the hood and the fireplace are wonderful architectural elements that change the atmosphere in the room and that add a classical touch to the room.

Elegant kitchen with an imposing hood featuring a mantel

Simple kitchen with granite countertops and a stylish hood that blend into the décor

Traditional kitchen hood with arched lines, clean angles and well-defines details

Chic, French country-style kitchen with delicate hood details and backsplash

Mediterranean kitchen with exposed beams and a decorative hood with matching color

Stylish kitchen with a beautiful backsplash and a very clean and elegant hood

Decorative kitchen hood that matches the matches the chic white cabinets

Elegant kitchen wall unit with a built-in decorative hood and backsplash

Modern kitchen with exposed brick backsplash and a rustic hood

Since the modern and contemporary kitchens are focusing on the clever use of space, minimalism and efficiency, most decorative hoods are found in traditional and classical kitchens. Even so, their designs are very varied. There are many options to choose from. Of course, there are also lots of elements to take into consideration before making a decision, such as the overall décor of the kitchen, the materials and colors used, the style, etc. But maybe this selection of examples can help you make up your mind.

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10 Practical, versatile and multifunctional rolling kitchen islands

In the kitchen it’s important to have a flexible design, to be able to free up space when you need it and to be able to organize everything in an efficient and functional way. Modular kitchen furniture is a wonderful choice is this case. But a kitchen doesn’t feel complete without an island. So to maintain the flexibility and versatility of the décor, a rolling kitchen island would be a perfect choice.

Rustic rolling kitchen island with a storage shelf underneath

Rolling kitchen islands are very practical simply because you can move them around and change their position and location. This allows you to free up space when you need it but also to have everything clean and organized. Rolling kitchen islands are usually multipurpose pieces of furniture.


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