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Decorative kitchen hoods, both functional and beautiful

Every kitchen needs a hood. It’s a practical and functional piece that usually doesn’t take much space but that really makes a difference when you’re cooking. In some cases, however, the hood becomes more than just a necessity. It becomes a decorative element and so many unexpected designs start to appear.

Traditional kitchen with a decorative hood matching the furniture and hardware

Decorative hoods are more suitable for large kitchens where the space occupied by them is not needed for something else. It’s a way of creating a focal point for the kitchen and a way of making the whole décor stand out. In a way, we could say that the hood is almost like the fireplace of the kitchen. The comparison is based on the fact that both the hood and the fireplace are wonderful architectural elements that change the atmosphere in the room and that add a classical touch to the room.

Elegant kitchen with an imposing hood featuring a mantel

Simple kitchen with granite countertops and a stylish hood that blend into the décor

Traditional kitchen hood with arched lines, clean angles and well-defines details

Chic, French country-style kitchen with delicate hood details and backsplash

Mediterranean kitchen with exposed beams and a decorative hood with matching color

Stylish kitchen with a beautiful backsplash and a very clean and elegant hood

Decorative kitchen hood that matches the matches the chic white cabinets

Elegant kitchen wall unit with a built-in decorative hood and backsplash

Modern kitchen with exposed brick backsplash and a rustic hood

Since the modern and contemporary kitchens are focusing on the clever use of space, minimalism and efficiency, most decorative hoods are found in traditional and classical kitchens. Even so, their designs are very varied. There are many options to choose from. Of course, there are also lots of elements to take into consideration before making a decision, such as the overall décor of the kitchen, the materials and colors used, the style, etc. But maybe this selection of examples can help you make up your mind.

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10 Practical, versatile and multifunctional rolling kitchen islands

In the kitchen it’s important to have a flexible design, to be able to free up space when you need it and to be able to organize everything in an efficient and functional way. Modular kitchen furniture is a wonderful choice is this case. But a kitchen doesn’t feel complete without an island. So to maintain the flexibility and versatility of the décor, a rolling kitchen island would be a perfect choice.

Rustic rolling kitchen island with a storage shelf underneath

Rolling kitchen islands are very practical simply because you can move them around and change their position and location. This allows you to free up space when you need it but also to have everything clean and organized. Rolling kitchen islands are usually multipurpose pieces of furniture.


Kitchen Island Lighting Styles For All Types Of Decors

There’s no doubt that the kitchen island is a crucial element in any kitchen, regardless of the style of the décor, the size or the location. Most often, the island is the focal point of the kitchen décor. This is partially due to the fact that it is placed in the center and takes a central position. This makes it hard to ignore. Then there’s also the fact it’s a multifunctional element that usually also serves as a storage space and sometimes as a bar, table and work surface.

Industrial lighting.

Simple black and white kitchen with industrial pendant lights

But just being in the center of the room is not enough to stand out. So in order to make the island a main décor element in the kitchen it also needs some additional help. The lighting is very important in this case. It allows the island to shine and to stand out. Usually, the type of lighting is chosen in concordance with the overall style of the décor. So depending on the already existing décor and on the atmosphere you are trying to create in the kitchen, there are multiple options to choose from.


The advantages of having a magnetic knife holder in the kitchen

Those compact wooden knife racks are very popular very accessible in terms of price. However, they’re not the only options and surely not the best. You’re probably familiar with magnetic knife racks. They’re a much simpler version of the wooden knife rack and they also present a number of other advantages as well. We’re going to enumerate some of them and then offer some examples showing you how you can integrate these items into the kitchen.

Small wall-mounted knife rack under the kitchen cabinet

First of all, a magnetic knife holder is much more hygienic than a wooden one. The wooden racks are absorbent and they hold water and develop bacteria. They are also almost impossible to thoroughly clean. Another great advantage is that these magnetic racks can be attached to the wall or to the cabinet doors where they’re safer for the children. Keep them out of their reach but still handy so you can easily use them when needed.


30 Kitchen islands with tables, a simple but very clever combo

Every room has a central element that defines it. For the kitchen, that element is almost every time the kitchen island. It’s the piece that brings everything together, the piece that sits in the center and maintains an organized décor. The role of the kitchen island is not very specific. It’s a multifunctional element and it serves as a wonderful and practical storage piece with shelves and drawers but it’s also a great work surface.

Oak kitchen island with granite countertop and a rounded edge

Sometimes the kitchen island is also used as a breakfast area or table. Because of that, a special type of design has been developed. It’s a kitchen island and it’s also a table. These two pieces have been combined to create a very clever and functional mix that beautifully complements any kitchen. And just like in the case of any other piece of furniture, this type of kitchen island and table combo also comes in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors.


Kitchen Brick Backsplashes – For Warm And Inviting Cooking Area

In the kitchen there aren’t many elements that have the possibility of becoming focal points. Usually the walls are painted in a neutral color, sometimes with an accent wall, the furniture has a uniform look throughout and the appliances also share similar characteristics. Among the elements that usually stand out we could mention the hardware, the lighting fixtures and the backsplash.

Countryside kitchen with pitched ceiling and brick backsplash


10 Modern Bar Stool Designs For A Stylish Kitchen

Most kitchens, besides being part of an open floor plan, also feature a bar area. It’s a space that presents several advantages. For example, it’s a multifunctional space. You can use it as a work surface but also as a breakfast area or work space. Moreover, it’s perfect for those that also use the kitchen as a social space and for entertainment. But a bar means nothing without the right bar stools.

Modern open plan kitchen and living area with a minimalist bar and stools

There are numerous designs, shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Before making a decision, there are several factors to take into consideration. For example, the bar stools should be both stylish and comfortable. If you choose one in the detriment of the other you’ll always regret it. Then you should also think whether you want the bar stools to match the bar and the rest of the kitchen décor or if you want them to be bold and to stand out. It’s easy to use bar stools as focal points. You just need to find an eye-catching design or to opt for bold and vibrant colors.


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