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Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For An Eye-Catching Look

As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, the backsplash is one of the several ways in which you can introduce color into this space. The kitchen is usually a room that needs to always look clean and that’s why the colors used for the décor in this case are bright and simple. But any room needs a touch of color and there are always ways in which you can do that.

A colorful backsplash in a white kitchen will definitely become the focal point

In the case of the kitchen, a simple and efficient way of solving that concern is by choosing a colorful backsplash. Whether the rest of the kitchen is all white, beige, simple or not, a colorful backsplash is always a nice touch. And since the whole idea is to add color to the décor, you could opt for more than just one color.


Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Materials can make all the difference in the world when choosing ways to enhance your kitchen. When trying to decorate and improve your home do you ever think of glass to brighten, enhance, and use for its reflective properties? Glass is one of the most used materials already in our homes. Windows naturally enhance our homes, but glass used in our kitchens and furniture is becoming more of a design trend than ever before.

kitchen glass cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors let in light

Here are simple ideas to change your home interiors with glass. Whether you choose to add it in your kitchen in cabinetry, decor or even countertops, here are some inspiring ideas to use glass.


15 Organization Ideas For Small Pantries

A pantry is a wonderful thing to have in your home. It’s the place where you can store and hide all sorts of things. But a pantry can’t solve all your storage problems. Even though it’s very helpful, it also all depends on its size. A small pantry might seem like a waste of space but, if you organize it cleverly, you’ll see that it’s not true.

Here’s a clever idea for the pantry: paint the interior of the doors with chalkboard paint. This way you’ll be able to make notes, write lists and all sorts of useful things on them. The writing will only be visible when you open the doors to the pantry so it all remains hidden.{found on 11magnolialane}.


How to Choose Colorful Rugs for Your Dull Kitchen

Area rugs are a good flooring option given that they are practical and offer warmth, comfort, and cushion over many types of flooring such as wood, tile, or concrete. They can also provide artistic value and bring personality to a room’s design. They make an attractive and practical addition to a kitchen. Colorful rugs with beautiful designs can easily lift the mood of a dull kitchen.

kitchen carpet modern idea

Brighten your kitchen with a colorful rug

Remember your Lifestyle in the Kitchen

Before picking a specific color for the kitchen rugs, you have to consider that kitchen is a high traffic area. So, preferring rugs with dark or patterned fabric to the light one will be the right decision as dark-colored rugs hide dirt and stains easily. However, if you cannot do without a light-colored rug, be sure that it is very easy to clean.


How To Calculate The Cost For Installing A New Kitchen Island

The island is an important part of any kitchen’s interior design. It’s the element that usually sits in the center and around which the whole décor gets organized. It’s also usually the focal point of the kitchen. So when you want to change the atmosphere in the kitchen and to update the décor you don’t necessarily have to plan a complete remodel. You can just replace the kitchen island. But the costs for this project are linked to several aspects. It’s important to calculate the cost in order to make sure you remain within budget and to also estimate some of the other aspects.

Determine the size.

The size of the kitchen island you wish to purchase is an important factor that will determine the overall cost for the project. But before you choose the size, decide where you want the island to be placed and measure the space. Besides the size, also take into consideration the shape. This way you’ll have the parameters to look for when searching for the perfect island.


5 Kitchen Tiles, 5 Themes.

You’d be surprised how the tiles in your kitchen can enhance and create a signature style. Colorful pieces, neutral slabs or even rustic, wood-inspired tiles all have a way of transforming and changing the space. So, are you looking for a way to makeover your kitchen? Maybe re-doing the floors is your ticket to the perfect room. Take a peek at how these tiles did it and how the next piece of flooring you pick out could be the answer!

1. Modern.

With these large, dark tiles, this kitchen is turned into a fashion-forward, modern space. It’ s sleek and contemporary with a nice, smooth finish. The color contrasts with the white island and mixes well with the even darker shades on the cabinet. It’s a clean, stylish look that’s perfect for a young, hip couple or even for one’s own bachelor pad. It has a bit of a masculine feel, but with a pop of color this kitchen is perfect for the trendy lady as well!


Tips for Making Open Kitchen Shelving Aesthetic AND Useful

Open shelving just might be the hottest kitchen trend right now. It’s a spacious and airy and color-coordinated touch to the kitchen space. The beautiful thing about open shelves is that your exposed items can be shared with everyone who comes near!…which, frankly, is also the challenging thing about open shelves. There is undoubtedly a balance to strike in stocking shelves to make them both functional and visually pleasing.

This article contains some successful examples of open shelving in the kitchen; however, you won’t be able to embrace all of them in a single space. See if you can find one that speaks to you, and work toward recreating the look in your own kitchen, with your own treasured pieces.

One or Two Colors.

This strategy isn’t hard to understand, really. Because everyone will be able to see, immediately, the objects on your shelves, one way to tie the items to the room’s style is through color. Particularly in a monochromatic kitchen, using one or two colors in the items you display will define or solidify the color palette of the space and bring a cohesiveness into the space overall. Notice in the kitchen above, dark yellows and creamy whites create the color in the otherwise neutral kitchen.


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