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Before And After: 15 Kitchen Makeover Projects

Is your old kitchen starting to look less and less appealing? Maybe it’s time for a makeover. Even a small change can make a big difference. Change the look of your cabinets, reorganize the kitchen, change the layout or the color of the walls. Cooking and being in the kitchen should be a joyful experience so don’t let monotony take over the décor.

Give your old MDF cabinets a fresh look.

Don’t wait for your kitchen cabinets to get ancient before you buy new ones or before you give them a makeover. These cabinets, for example, were in good shape except for some minor finish flaws. The solution for the problem was simple. The cabinets were painted in a super glossy white. In combination with the colorful backsplash they look wonderful.{found on sfgirlbybay}.


Organized Buffets: Let’s Look Inside & On Top

Do you have a buffet table in your dining room and have no idea what to put inside or if you do, how to organize the mess of extra decor, linens and dishes? Look no further, because today, we’re giving you some easy tips, tricks and peeks on what’s inside everyone else’s sideboards! Let’s take a look at some organized buffets. We’ll have you tiding up yours in no time!

1. The Extras.

If you’re a collector of vintage mugs or even pink depression glass dishes, then store your extras in one part of the sideboard or buffet table. It’ll keep them safe but easy to get to when you need them!


10 Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen Island

When you first bought or designed your current kitchen island, it probably seemed perfect. But what if you could make it better? Have you ever thought that you can get more from your kitchen island with a simple makeover? There are tons of improvements you could make. Just think of what you need in your kitchen or what could make the island better and more appealing.

Storage and display.

One idea is to have built-in compartments where you can store and display things like cookbooks, magazines, vases and decorations. If you have an open floor plan with the kitchen island facing the dining area or the living room, then take this opportunity to display your beautiful collections.


Make A Statement With A Metallic Kitchen Backsplash

When designing or remodeling a kitchen, the backsplash is one of the most important elements and one that you spend a lot of thinking about. Of course, the usual tile is a good choice and one that allows room for creativity but you can also choose to think beyond the basic tile. For example, a metallic backsplash would surely make a statement.

The aluminum backsplash is a nice choice in a kitchen with gray elements

A metal kitchen backsplash is a good idea if your kitchen features an industrial style or if you wish to add some industrial charm to a rustic or modern décor. It’s also a good option for minimalist kitchen interiors and a way to create a focal point without using bold colors.


Your Kitchen Counters: Organized and Styled

Between the kids, the groceries, the bills and everything else in between, out kitchen counter tops seem to always be cluttered and chaotic. Not to mention, they’re never stylish enough to act as a decor-worthy aspect of the room. Well, let’s nix the attitude that kitchen counters are made for piling and get inspired. Take a peek at some of our finds and ideas on how to take those tops and turn them into organized and styled piece of your kitchen!

1.Oodles of Labels.

We love this idea for the pantry but it works just as well for the counter tops too! Use different containers and different labels for an organized, yet funky, youthful look!


Creative Kitchen Sink Designs You Never Knew Were Available

Some things become stereotypes and they’re the reason why you find yourself stuck when trying to come up with an original interior design for your home. For example, when you think of a kitchen sink it’s always the same image that comes to mind: the typical round or rectangular sink in which you wash dishes and nothing more.

But there are lots of other types of sinks and lots of ingenious designs to consider. So open your eyes and your mind and explore some of these options.


Bar Stools: 24 Ways to Find your Match

If you’ve ever agonized over choosing the right bar stool for your space, you’re not alone. It’s a seemingly simple concept…with about a million variables that could take your overall design down different pathways.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen bar stools, actual bar bar stools, nook bar stools, or something else entirely, here are 24 things to consider that, we hope, will help you narrow down your search. Don’t worry. The perfect bar stool is out there, and you’ll find it.


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