Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Get the Chevron Stripe

Chevron stripes add a fun twist to regular stripes. Here is how to include them in your décor for a fresh take on a favorite classic.

Mix Different Stripes.

Chevron and Regular Stripes Work Together

You don’t only have to use one type of stripe in a room at a time. Regular stripes, such as in the use of wallpaper, work beautifully with chevron stripes in other upholstery, such as the curtains. Use stripes of different colors to make the effect even more pronounced.


5 Ways to Display Fashion and Accessories in Your Home

Most people just use clothing and accessories to decorate themselves. But they can also serve as home decorations if displayed in the right way. Here are a few ideas for bringing your personal fashion sense into your home décor.

Create an Accessory Wall.


Accessories like hats and purses, particularly those you might not wear often, can serve as interesting wall art. Just hang a series of hooks on your wall and hang your hats or handbags from them. This can be particularly decorative if you have any antique hats or purses that you don’t get to show off in person very often.


New Rules for Wine Cellars

Gone are the days when wine was stored in the basement or some other banished part of the home. These days your wine collection can and should be part of your home décor. Here are some creative ways to display your wine.

Build a Wine Cabinet.

Wine Cabinets are Simple Yet Stylish

Integrate you favorite wines into the furniture. A wine cabinet is a great way to display your wine collection to your guests and also allow it to form part of the décor. Keep the cabinet doors made of glass so that the wines can be on show. This is a sophisticated and classy way of storing wine.


Cool Uses of Chevrons With Modern Interiors

Chevrons are a design classic. They have been used since the times of heraldry to indicate rank and status. Nowadays, the V-shaped chevron offers something of a utilitarian look, perhaps because we are so used to seeing them indicating traffic flow on road signs. Chevrons and zig zags make for a visually dynamic look, when applied in interior designs.

The style offers an ultra modern look that can be highly graphical, so don’t mix them up with busy floral designs, for instance. Coordinate different elements of your décor with chevrons by all means, but let them stand out and dominate the room’s visual look.


Sectional Glass Garage Doors Used In Modern Designs

A sectional garage door is a type where the door panel is split into sections horizontally. The door opens by rising vertically and it’s sliding in tracks which curve and then go horizontally into the room. There are several benefits for using this type of garage door. One of them has to do with space-saving.

A glass garage door that separates the kitchen from the courtyard

Given the fact that the door opens vertically and is suspended under the ceiling, this allows you to use the space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors are also flexible, weather resistant and they keep out the wind, rain and dust.


Small Church Transformed Into A Beautiful Vacation Home

Although converting or restoring a building can be more costly than building it from scratch, sometimes it pays off to choose a more challenging and unusual project. This vacation home, for example, used to be a church.

Located in Nova Scotia, the church is now a summer retreat, an oasis in this beautiful region. The conversion of the space didn’t have as a goal to delete the past of the building and to give it a whole new look but, on the contrary, to preserve as much of the original as possible.


20 Centerpiece Ideas For Fall Weddings

Choosing the decorations for a wedding is one of the most difficult things you have to do. They have to reflect your personality but they also need to fit within a budget and to look good. The flowers and accessories you choose for the centerpieces also need to be available during that season, although you can still find them for an extra charge.

Dried wheat and other similar elements can be used to make a great seasonal centerpiece

For fall weddings, a nice idea is to use fall flowers and ornaments. For example, you can use twigs, chrysanthemums, roses as well as things like tiny pumpkins, pinecones, leaves that have beautiful autumn colors and even dried plants.


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