Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Charming Roof Garden On A Triplex In New York

Located in New York, specifically in the West Village, this building comprises an impressive triplex with a 40 foot atrium and a stunning roof garden. The garden features mature trees, beautiful plants and flowers and it creates a very calm, relaxing and almost magical atmosphere. The building boosts a total of 8000 square feet of space.

The building was originally constructed in 1847 and it was a townhouse. Later in was transformed in a general store and produce market. You can still see the imprints of the past on the building as you can distinguish the words “fine whiskies and wine” written on it.


Uber Masculine Ways to Style the Nightstand

Whether it’s a matching set for a newlywed couple or a single table in a bachelor pad, every man needs a nightstand with a bit of masculine flair. Industrial decor or a specific vintage style, there are fun and funky ways to make the nightstand look personable, fashionable and a bit more macho. Let’s take a look!

1. A Worldly Traveler.

The hunter green, vintage style piece is perfect to use as a man’s side table. Add a globe for flair and some functional pieces for an easy, sophisticated look. It’s a classy, old-age way to decorate with a man in mind.


Achieve Whimsical Lightness in Your Living Space

A living space that exudes a feeling of lightness is a must for homes as it has a direct effect on your mood. Light furniture and breezy fabrics can also increase storage space while creating a sense of whimsy.

Choose Curtains that Allow Light Inside.

Transparent Curtains Bring in the Sun

Fabrics are an important part of your décor and they should evoke a sense of airiness as well as brightness. A room cannot feel or look whimsical if it is heavy and dark. Thin fabrics, such as window treatments, let the sun inside while the curtains themselves contain a flimsy appearance.


Cranberries and Blueberries: Food Inspired Decor

Inspiration can come from anywhere. A movie, a song, a vacation overseas, a visit to a friend’s house or even an amazing meal; you can find ideas from any nook and cranny of your life. And when it comes to interior design, color palettes and ways to decor your new apartment, dorm room or refinished kitchen you’ll need lots of time to create a vision. Today, we’re using blueberries and cranberries as our inspiration. The shapes, the shades and the combination can all make for lots of fun, food inspired decor ideas.

1.Rich and Rustic.

A rich cranberry may be the perfect color to adorn a room that you want to have a cozy, nestled feeling. In the kitchen, pair this smooth tone with some farmhouse vibes for a down-home, yet stylish and organized, look.


A Charming Oasis In Vietnam

Moving to a new country is not easy. You have to start a new life and to get used to calling home a strange space. It helps if you manage to find or to build a home that’s far away from everything that happens in the city and that feels like an oasis to you. It’s the case of Peter Arts and Hedwig Pira who left Belgium, their home country, and moved to Vietnam. They had an ambitious plan: to build themselves a dream home.

They wanted it to be modest but to also have all they could desire. Surprisingly, the construction was completed in less than 4 months. Completed in 2009, this charming home continued to be polished and decorated for another year, until its owners were completely satisfied with the way it looked like.


10 Halloween Decor Inspiration: Inside and Out

Fall is finally here and what fun and exciting holiday is coming up first? Halloween of course! So, it’s time to compile some spooky, chic, creepy and fashionable Halloween inspiration and help all of our friends at home to become intrigued and ready to decorate. Scroll through some of these fun ideas and start creating a plan for Halloween night!

1. A skull-filled  centerpiece.

We love this trendy, chic and a tid bit spooky centerpiece. It’s modern and creative, perfect for a Halloween-inspired dinner party! The tree illusion is quite fun and unique as well.


Florence House That Combines Rustic Charm and Futuristic Elements

Located in Florence, Italy, this house is very interesting for one main reason. It’s interior design is an odd combination of antique features that give the space a rustic and cozy feel and futuristic element with sci-fi flair. The house was designed by Simone Micheli who managed to bring these two styles together in an apparently impossible mix.

The result is a spectacular interior design. This is also due to the fact that it’s such an expected mix of elements. Although surprising at first, the space and its décor quickly become familiar and the space starts to feel like a cozy and inviting home.


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