Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Dilapidated Building Converted Into A Beautiful Home Featuring Exposed Brick Walls

It’s not that rare to see old buildings redesigned and renovated but usually they’re not in such bad shape. This used to be a dilapidated building so it was almost a ruin.

Then designer Alexandros Washburn found it and he fell in love with it instantly. He bought the three story brick and stone house and decided to make it his family home. Not long after they all moved in the whole house got flooded with water from the Hudson and East Rivers. It was a bad night but the designer managed to see the good in this disaster.


Decorating with 80’s Style: Ideas and Inspiration

A bit outside-the-box with lots of edgy accents, 1980’s was all about fun and freedom. Although some of us look back on those photos and cringe, it’s equally a guilty pleasure from the shoes we wore to the high hair we fixed. But what about the interior design? Take that free spirit and rock-and-roll attitude and use it to spice up your home. Look at some of these sometimes subtle and simple and other times bold and proud ways of decorating with 80’s style!

1. An Ultra Feminine Bathroom.

Who dawned some neon pink lipstick back in the day? The sheer use of this vibrant, bubblegum shade brings back memories of some of those rad, 80’s waves.


Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood Cabin –A Compact But Well-Designed Space

A Hollywood star’s house is expected to be this huge and impressive space but sometimes you can be surprised of the choices they make. Today we’re going to analyze actor Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood cabin, a very well organized space with style and elegance. The cabin was redesigned by Funn Roberts and the goal was to maximize every last inch of space as well as to make it look inviting and comfortable.

The cabin is a 580 square foot space so there wasn’t a lot of space to work with. But practical and innovative solutions were found for every little challenge.

For example, the bed was designed to hang from the ceiling so, when not needed, it basically disappears into the ceiling and it can be pulled down whenever the actor needs to relax a little or to take a nap. The entrance features a steel and glass front door that basically gives the tone for the rest of the space.


10 Tips for Stylish Spaces

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to gain a beautiful home fit for décor magazines. By implementing some important tips, you can achieve it easily.

Add a Block of Color.

A Pop of Color Transforms a Room

Neutrals are always held in high esteem in a luxurious home. They allow for clean, sleek lines and soothing atmospheres. However, a block of color can help to give the space an edge. Tip: The color should appear in small amounts to make the most effect.


Decorating with 60’s Style: Ideas and Inspiration

A bit of mod flavoring and just a pinch of groovy appeal that started the 70’s splash, the 1960’s were all about posh and artistic expression, complete with clean-lines and power color pairs. Today, we’ve collected some incredible bits of inspiration that spark memories and pay homage to that clever and classy 60’s style. Let’s take a look at some charming ways to decorate with this vintage decade.

1. A Simple Nook.

A simple nook complete with a vintage, 1960’s rocking chair is all you need to take a load off and enjoy your morning coffee. The lamp with the bowed stem also helps to create a bit of mod, contemporary essence.


An impeccable Australian home with tasteful accents

It’s quite rare to be able to find a home that looks just the way you like it. Usually the interior design of a space is something personal and each person has a unique opinion on how their home should look like. Nevertheless, this place is very beautiful and you could easily imagine yourself living there. It’s an impeccable home with stylish and simple features and with a very nicely balanced interior.

Located in Australia, this place was designed by Clare Cousins. Everything looks very neat and beautiful and every little thing is exactly where it should be. It definitely offers a new perspective on whether or not you should buy a place that’s already decorated or one which you can transform the way you want.


Mustard and Chocolate-Covered Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration

Funky and quirky, mustard may not be the most popular of yellow-shades but it’s stylish enough to make ranks with the finest of bold shades. And then there’s the silky, smooth and favorite chocolate brown. A rich and warm shade that can easily balance out most pastel and feminine tones with ease and sophistication. Put the two together and you’ll have a fantastical room fit for a drama queen or even the most posh of princess styles. Take a look at these yellow and brown rooms for some easy inspiration and ideas!

1. A Contemporary Living Room.

We love how smooth and sunny this living space is. The pop of yellow creates a bright spot, the chocolate wall accent creates an easiness quirkiness with lots o interest and the simple layout and furniture pieces help with a contemporary ethos.


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