Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Dark Floors: A Dramatic And Elegant Detail That Can Be Adapted To A Multitude Of Decors

When decorating a space, whether it’s an apartment or something else, one of the first things you need to take care of is the flooring. Usually, wood is chosen because it makes the space feel warmer and more inviting and because it also has an elegant look. However, wood can be stained and painted in many different shades and colors.

You can separate the room into dark and bright and to have white elements close to the ceiling

Dark floors are particularly interesting. They tend to look dramatic but, at the same time, they are elegant and timeless and their versatility is just an impressive as their simplicity.


10 Of The Most Modern Wall Dividers For Bedroom

Dividing up a room is always tricky. You have to perfectly measure the space and you need to take into consideration all the possibilities and elements that might have anything to do with this. In the case of an open floor plan, there is enough space to work with and dividing the areas is relatively easy. In the case of a bedroom, however, things are different.

The sleeping area is enclosed in glass with curtains on the walls for privacy

Usually, in the bedroom the concern is creating a more secluded portion for the sleeping area. You want the area where the bed is to have more privacy, both for you and for those who might visit. In a way, it’s almost like you want to hide the bed. There are plenty of solutions.


School Bus Transformed Into A Functional And Mobile Home

Creative minds always try to come up with new and ingenious ideas for living spaces. They come up with projects like converting churches and factories into homes as well as more unusual structures like boats or even buses. Today we found this very interesting school bus which may look like a regular bus from the outside but it’s actually a home.

Designed by Meet Hank, an architecture student, the bus home is not fully livable yet but it’s on the right track. This is a 225 square foot home inside a school bus. Although the space in limited and the layout is predetermined, there are still lots of variables. As you can see, there’s plenty of living and storage space inside.


Big, Bright Words to Decorate With: Ideas & Inspiration

In reality, everyone should be a lover of words. It’s how we communicate. Even if it’s not verbal, words are what get out emotions across. A simple look can be translated into a word or a phrase. A sound can symbolize the same thing. So, it’s only natural that we use words around the house to inspire and transform. Even if its just one big, inspiration and bright word, you’d be surprise what it can do to your space! Check out these quick ideas & inspiration we’ve gathered for you!

1. In the playroom.

Broaden your kiddos horizons with some inspiration word decals to sprinkle around the room. Buy them in bright, primary color decals or just simple black to make it a more subtle messages. Use words such as: create, inspire, discover, explore and dream to get their little kid wheels turning!


Design a Glamorous Indian Living Space

The jewel tones and elegant textures of Indian décor are becoming a hot trend around the world. Here are easy ways to achieve this magnificence.

Think Energy!

Bright and Beautiful

Indian-inspired décor is about having positive energy in your home and an abundance of color! So focus on choosing upholstery and décor accessories that make you feel good when you look at them and that are in bright shades. In the above picture it is evident how strong, happy colors such as shades of orange or coral can create magic.


19 Stylish Retail Design Stores Interiors Around The World

Have you ever thought about how different it is to design a retail store than it is to design a house? Where would you start for example? Also, how would you design the interior? In a store, one of the main priorities is to make the space feel appealing to the costumers and to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Each retail store does that in its own way.

Clothing stores.

AIGLE flagship store, Paris.

Let’s start with this Aigle flagship store. As a matter of fact, this one is not that different from a home. That’s because it was designed to look like one.


Paint Chip Crafts For Those Who Love Colors

A nice and inspiring idea for adding some color to your apartment is to make your own artwork. For example, you can make wall art, decorations and all sorts of other crafts. In case you want to get creative but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the project, you can use paint chips. Get some swatches and choose your favorite project.

If you want to add some color to your home you can do this this with the help of colorful paint chips. The idea is to stick them to the wall. You can create all sorts of patterns and not everything has to be perfectly aligned, especially if you prefer a more random look.


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