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Colour Scheme: Orange and Blue

There is no colour scheme that’s quite as vibrant and exciting as orange and blue. Yet for an unknown reason it is a combination that a lot of people don’t go for as they don’t believe it will work.

The rationale behind being encouraged to use it is because these colours lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. This is one of the most successful and well liked methods of picking a colour scheme for a room. Thus, you can be assured that they work brilliantly together.


A minimalist white décor complemented by bold colors and striking artwork

Usually, when walls are left white, it’s an intentional move meant to highlight a certain feature or part of the décor. In some cases, the highlight is the furniture with either its unusual shapes and forms or with its colors. Other times, it’s the artwork and the way it stands out and contrasts with the white background. In the case of this modern home, both these elements stand out beautifully.

The walls are white throughout this space and this way the artwork and the furniture create interesting and colorful focal points. This nice combination of colors and the ratios used also create a very fresh and clean look. The continuous floor space also emphasizes the beauty of this airy space.


A Tiny Mobile Shelter With Rustic Charm – Only 200 sqft

You might think that building a small house is easy because of the dimensions. In fact, it can be a very difficult challenge. When you have plenty of space to work with, there’s also room for compromises and last minute changes. But when the space is very limited, everything has to be perfect. It takes time and practice to understand the process and to create a viable design but the results are as impressive as the idea itself.

For the Aaron Maret the goal was to learn how to live small. He also wanted his family to enjoy the experience so finding a way to do that while working with such a limited living space was definitely not easy. Finding a way for everyone to fit reasonably here was a challenge.


Very Chic Barn Renovated With Leftover Materials

When you look at this place, it’s difficult to accept the fact that this is just a barn. It’s because it doesn’t look like a typical barn. It’s much more stylish and chic. It’s the result of the renovation made by Sarah Steinberg of Steinberg out of Cumberland, Maine. She transformed this space and gave a completely new look.

The renovation of the barn came after the main house on this property also got a makeover. The designer used materials from the renovation of the main home so not only that it was very convenient but this way the barn and the house share a similar look. By using leftover materials, the designer maintained a cohesive design for the two structures.


Paint Me a Rainbow: Chic Home Accents from Across the Spectrum

It’s sometimes easy to find oneself in a color rut. Perhaps your living room has, over time, morphed into a beige and taupe yawn. Or your once-vibrant dining room is now a sad, neglected space of brown, brown, and more brown. Don’t be alarmed – there are so many options out there to add a spot of color, a little thing which makes a vivacious difference for the entire space! Here are some examples of how one or two pieces in a bright, bold color from the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) create instant style and effect:


Classic wood chairs get a jolt of life in bright fire-engine red here. Paired with lots of other antique pieces, the red chairs add a contemporary vibe to an otherwise vintage space. The balance is perfect – vintage wallpaper and wood table tone down the red seating a notch or two, while the cleaner furniture lines (and modern hue) bring the wallpaper’s nostalgia into the modern day. Things here are looking uptempo without being sterile.


The Momofuku Restaurant, A Stunning Example Of Contemporary Architecture At Its Highest

The Momofuku Restaurant is located in Toronto, Canada. It was completed in 2012 and it’s designed by Canadian architects and interior designers The Design Agency. The luxury restaurant has quickly become a landmark for those that enjoy good wine and beautiful architecture. With a total surface of 6,600 square feet, the restaurant spreads on three levels. The design chosen for this project is a combination of Asian influence with local elements and New York flair.

The interior of the restaurant is framed by glass and resembles an ice cube. The entrance is market by an impressive stainless steel structure designed by Chinese artist Zhang Huan. The sculpture measures 33 feet in height and it’s 65 feet long. It resembles a twisting root and can even look like a dragon from a certain angle.


Trend: Geometric Prints

Contemporary geometric prints are a fantastic interior addition for 2013. The fresh take on this pattern incorporates using bold and vivid colours and designs. This has completely revitalised the trend and makes it appear to be a completely new style. Not only this, but it is perfect for summer when bright colours and revitalisation comes to the fore.

Nonetheless, despite the fresh impetus, graphic patterns have been around since ancient times. Countries, such as Greece and Morocco,  are widely associated with the print. Thus, you don’t need to go down the vibrant route if you don’t want to or if it does not fit in with the style of the room in question. In fact, you can go for earthy tones and play to the traditional quality of the print instead.


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