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Divine holiday house in Cantabria

This is a top class holiday house in Cantabria, Spain and belongs to a couple with five children. Contemporary rustic style and easy to clean furniture are some phrases which describe this house best. The house has a large living room with sober wooden flooring and great floor to ceiling height.

Large windows with printed curtains, impressive paintings and flower vases and contemporary light fittings and lamps complete the mesmerizing look of the living room. The master bedroom is spacious with voluptuous bed and allows sufficient natural light to travel in. The children bedroom is done in smart shades of blue, white and brown. But the most important room in a house is the living room where all the family members gather in the afternoon and spend some time together. That is why the living room design is very carefully chosen and made.

The choice of a red sofa is very inspired , so you need vivid colours in a house with so many children and there are also a lot of pillows and cushions, very appreciated by both kids and adults. There is a fireplace that makes the room even cosier and two white rooms that can be used in many ways, for example supporting the fruit bowls like in the picture. The comfortable armchairs and the rough wood table in a corner complete the picture of a perfect living room for a large family.

Contemporary and classy summer house in Malaga

This is a fabulous summer house and is located near Archidona in Malaga. The house can be called a happy house as it is surrounded by olive groves coupled with vibrant interiors. Splashes of bright colors have been used throughout the house in all the corners, which creates a playful and lively atmosphere.

Almost all the furniture has a top classy look as it is rustic marked with simple, modern lines. Lots of lantern, baskets, pillows and colorful rugs have been used all through the structure. Various decorative elements and excessive detailing add on to the overall look of the house. The whole house is decorated and designed in a rustic traditional manner, so as to remind you of the true and traditional Malaga, to keep you close to the origins, not to create a false image, which is actually a great idea.


Extravagant Kona Residence located in Hawaii

Kona Residence in Hawaii has been completed recently and is truly a contemporary property cuddled between cooled lava flows. The house has been organized as a sequence of pods evenly distributed all throughout, with each boosting its distinct features and view opportunities. Two pods have been used as sleeping pods and marked by some common areas, master suite, media and main huge living area. Exteriors of the house have been made from reclaimed and recycled teak timber from train tracks and older barns. The entrance of the house is the main unique attraction where the local basket weaving culture has been used and embedded.

The inside of the house is very stylish and modern that you can easily mistake it for a luxury apartment in the city. That is because it is meant to offer all the comfort and technology necessary to make the people living there feel perfect at home.{ Belzberg Architects }

Matroska a compact living concept

Matroshka in Russian means “grandmother”, also this compact living room system has the same name. But Matrioska is also the name of that famous Russian doll that hides another smaller doll inside that hides a smaller doll inside and so on until you take out ten dolls or so from inside what seemed to be only one.

The Matroshka living concept is very similar because you can only see a piece of furniture at first sight, but if you keep digging you will find a whole room there. It features an L-shaped sofa, double bed, dinner table, four stools, total seating for 12, home office workspace, wardrobe and a bunch of storage. All of of those takes only 4 square meters ! In my opinion it’s an amazing concept that fits an armoire, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress into a box.

Dr. Seuss Nursery Theme Room Ideas

Wall murals are creative and fun, the best part of using them is that anyone can do it–you don’t have to be an artist. You can design your own wall mural using your imagination, artwork, greeting cards, or picture books. For example here this home owner wanted to decorate the children’ s room by using Dr. Seuss theme.

She believed that the baby’s room should be bright, and visually stimulating.You don’t know who Dr. Seuss is ? Well, he was an American writer and cartoonist most widely known for his children’s books. And those funny animals that you can see in all these photos are some of his characters. They are funny and unusual, somewhat similar to the animals we know like cats and dogs but rather different, as they borrow human features from people: they use clothes and cars and hats and they can drive and eat from the plate.

The children will find them amusing and nice and they will try to identify with them, playing with them and talking to them. Great design and quite a touching concern for the kids’ room.

Fresh and Modern Home Interior Design by Jordi Vayreda

This is an extremely welcoming house renovated by the well known interior designer Jordi Vayreda. Shades of pink, gray and green similar to the spring time have been used consistently all over the house to enhance it. Lots of decorative elements such as small rugs, tiny rustic containers and soft, fluffy pillows on the floor draw attention immediately.

These items stand out completely as they are coupled with a sophisticated white background. Various other items have also been used to bring out the youthfulness of the house. The kitchen, dining room and the living room are connected physically as well as concept and design wise.


A viable and beautiful home in Northern Selous, Tanzania

The house has been named  “The Retreat” and is a twelve bed luxury hotel and offers complete solitude. It has a truly authentic and sumptuousness base. Since it has been tucked away in the remote corner of the game reserves blended perfectly with the wilderness, the house imparts absolute privacy.

It has a strategic location, and thus the guests are allowed to enjoy the unique and untouched surrounding areas where nature is at its best marked with outstanding sights and sounds of the African Bush. The interiors of the house have been done in an amazing way, and each corner boosts its features. The architect and the guys that were responsible for the interior decoration tried and succeeded to combined the traditional African style with the modern style and I must admit they did a great job.


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