Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Contemporary House from Kathryn Tyler and Linea Studio

This contemporary studio house has been designed by well known interior designer Kathryn Tyler of Linea Studio. The key features of the house are white walls, concrete floors and wide open spaces. The interior designer has introduced enough of storage space in the house and that too at places, which are often ignored and wasted such as the passage under the stairs. In addition, the other elements of the interiors are kept minimal. Sofas and chairs with long legs have been introduced so that floor can be seen, and the place appears to be large and open.

Contemporary house seem to pay a lot of attention to functionality. So there are a lot of very simple and very functional pieces that are eye-catching. For example, there’s the storage system build into the staircase structure, that seems to be more and more appreciated. It’s a very clever solution that can save a lot of space. There is also that huge bookcase that takes an entire wall. But with a piece like that, you can have all the storage space you need. You can place there all the books, magazines and even other collectibles and valuables that have decorative purposes.


Linea Rolling staircase from Edilco, Italy

If you have a big house or apartment then you certainly need an interior staircase. This is functional and helps you get from one floor to another without getting out of the house. I mean that happens most of the times. That is because sometimes these interior staircases only look functional, because they actually are decorations, works of art that are meant to make the interior of your home more pleasant and bring a personal touch to it.


Decorate With Creative Wall Calendars

Nowadays, you can find interesting wall sculptures, textiles, mirrors and even wall fountains to add depth and beauty to your rooms. But if you want something uncommon you can choose a big wall calendar. There are many creative DIY calendars around, I will show you the best three examples.

The most common type of calendar is the one that usually hangs on the wall where everybody can see it. And this one is more or less based on the same principles, although it’s a lot more attractive. Still, as beautiful and interesting as it may be, it still takes a lot of space that not everybody has. But you can’t have it all.


Christmas Tree Wall Sticker

The Christmas Tree Wall Sticker measure 100cm and is made from high quality matt vinyl and are easy to apply. Furthermore provide a quick and cost effective way of adding a touch of glamour for Christmas Day.

During Christmas time, the most important decoration is, of course, the Christmas tree. Usually families with children don’t get to wait until the Christmas to decorate it. It’s a beautiful tradition that gathers the family together by involving all the members in a common and beautiful activity like decorating the Christmas tree. Some even go a little further and decorate the entire house.


Home Decorating Ideas with an Asian Theme

There are various themes which one can use to decorate the house. One of the most elegant, beautiful and simple themes is to use the Asian theme. The Asian theme is very calm and soothing and it does not involve too much of designing also. Any house can be decorated as per the Asian theme and the basic thing that one need to do is to ensure that there is no kind of clutter in the room and colors are chosen carefully. In an Asian theme one needs to use a lot of imagination and they can use fabrics, rich textures and bright colors. The room that has an Asian theme should always look rich and grand, and if that is accomplished, one has truly been able to recreate the Asian magic.

Asian themes uses bright and vibrant colors, and thus, it might not always be a good idea to do up the whole house using this theme. It is always better to concentrate on some part of the house and use it as the focal point by decorating it using the Asian theme. There is heavy dependence on texture and color in this theme, and this needs to be kept in mind.


Unique Astrological Art by StarArc

StarArc create sophisticated and modern art portraits based on the geometry of your astrological aspect pattern. The prints are one-of-a-kind abstract painted on canvas with the finest art printing methods. Starting from 279$ there are more than 30 color schemes, 8 sizes, and additional options to choose from to fit any interior environment.

Modern and contemporary homes are often very difficult to decorate. They have a very simple style and the decorations must be appropriate, colorful and they have to create a strong impact on the viewers. People usually chose abstract figures in this case.

These paintings, as you can see, are actually representing the same image with some variations, but in different colors and sizes. So even if they might look the same at first, on a second and more detailed look you can see that each and every one of them is unique. The geometric figures create the abstract image that you were looking for.


They could make great decorations in any modern or contemporary home. It’s a very simple design that doesn’t seem to transmit very much information, but the truth is that it gives you the freedom to use your imagination and creativity and make anything you want from it. It’s the type of picture that two people never distinguish as being the same. Have fun and enjoy!

More Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

There are approximately 16 days until Christmas, and I think that you should take care about our Christmas Tree .Decorating the Christmas Tree it’s not easy if you don’t want to have a simple tree. Bellow are many Christmas Tree Decoration Picture Ideas. Christmas is a very special time of the year. At first it had a religious signification, but with time this got lost and replaced by the joy of spending time with the family and friends. Personally, I think this way is better. It’s better to be realistic and to use this period to get close with your family instead of believing in some fantasy, myth or whatever you want to call it.

Decorating the Christmas tree is probably the most important part of this event. Children often count the days until Christmas and they can’t wait to help decorate the tree. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring the family together, involved in a common activity. It’s beautiful to see people work together, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.


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