Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

How to Decorate the Kids Room with a Family Tree

When they are about five years old, children get curious about their origins and start asking questions. My daughter is really curious about the family relationships, who is whose mother and father and why her grandma is my mother and so on. But she is no exception, as all children do this. So when you notice their preoccupation in this topic, you’d better be patient enough and give them all the answers. So what if you made this really funny at the same time? I found a very simple, yet nice way of explaining the family tree to your children: decorate their room with a nice “Birds of a feather” family tree.


Israel Lighting and Furniture by Aqua Creations

Light is the one that makes us feel that a new day has begun and should take advantage of each second.

Each beautiful sunrise brings us a new day and a new beginning.Aqua Creations presents us beautiful and interesting lamps and some pieces of furniture. They are big and take the shape of different aquatic plants. They create a wonderful atmosphere and make us think of the aquatic beauties and mysterious forms of life that the deep waters hide.


Italian Business Bedrooms – The Happy Room

Kids are the sweetest human beings. They bring life into an empty house, smile on a sad face and fill your soul with happiness. They inspire you innocence, fragility and joy. Kids are those who should get out of you only good things and make you become a better person.

When you think of kids you will have in mind vivid colors, fun and big responsibility.The Happy Room, designed by Silvio Fabbri and Emanuele Cancellieri is a nice bedroom for kids. It is spacey; the furniture is made of wood and has vivid colors: pink, light green, white. There are also beautiful floral motifs on the walls and two tiny carpets that have the shape of a colored butterfly. It is a place where they can play and study too. It is a bedroom full of color, life, and joy and perfect for your kids.

Romantic Rooms Design For Valentine’s Day

Nothing is more romantic this Valelntine’s Day than staying with your love in a romantic room with a cup of red wine.Decorating a romantig room today it’s easy using large curtains in contrast with room to create a dark atmosphere or decorating using pink or red colors.Draperies or curtains play a important role catching the wind and flow can make one feel like swaying to the charms of the respective partner.

This dining room has a great contrast its dark walls covered in dark fabric with contrasting bright orange sheers that pool on the ground.And also the chandelier give a romantic fee.


Pink and White Room for Your Baby Girl

When your children are big enough to express their likes and dislikes it is a lot easier to arrange their room because you know exactly what will please them. But when they are babies, really small, the parents get to decide for them. And they normally choose pink for the girls and blue for the boys. But if you want to avoid getting fed up with seeing only one color, you can combine them with white and you can’t be wrong.


Printed Backlit Decorative Wall Panels from Barrisol

These wonderful decorative wall panels were presented to the world back in 2005 by Barrisolin Belgium what was meant to be an amazing exhibition called the Jaga Project. The project intended to cover a big area of unused space only with panels and decorations, having the panels lit from behind so as to obtain amazing light effects and shows. These panels are not only decorative, but they can also serve for separating different areas within the same room or hall or maybe exhibition.


Tulip Roman Shade

Every time I clean the curtains to my rooms I feel like the house is empty or incomplete. And today you can’t possibly live without curtains and shades at your windows because nowadays our houses are very close to one another and you can’t leave other people invade your privacy. So you need them to cover your windows, at least at night. Not to mention those living in blocks of flats who actually have access to all their neighbors’ lives if they don’t have shades. So, if you need them anyway, why wouldn’t you purchase some very sweet ones ? They will make the room nicer and will add personality and style.


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