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Another Summer House on Formentera

The previous summer house was posted a few days ago, now it’s time for another one.There are very few houses that are complete and impressive in every aspect. This is one such house. The house is amazingly unique as every corner of the house has been designed with diligence and has its own beauty.

The sitting area is very natural as it has stone flooring and sculptures made from branches. It has a large window which allows the surroundings to extend to its interiors. The master bedroom is very sophisticated as it bears complete white background with touches of vivid color. The use of provincial chandeliers as night lights are also worth mentioning.

White interior design in London

As the name implies, this is an amazing tranquil house in London with the sophisticated theme of white color. Every corner of the house starting from the staircase, master bedroom, children’s bed room, living room, and even kitchen bears cool shades of white. Every aspect is well detailed and is simply mesmerizing. The white color comes out more as a hint of different colors has been used for the detailing of things, for instance, the white dining chairs have been complimented with natural wood table and printed colored cushions on white colored sofa set.

Even though you may think it would be boring to have only white in your home, these pictures are the proof that everything is possible with a bit of imagination and the result is far from boring.


Beautiful Mural Azul

Nowadays the different types of wall murals, wallpaper murals are very popular. They are affordable, quick and easy to affix and serve as excellent wall décor. This blue sky mural looks so clean and the color is energy.The pure blue  can drastically change your mood and can directly influence different aspects of your life. You can use these murals to turn a completely dull room into a cool and stylish room that can be an example of good taste when it comes to interior design. At least that’s what I think about this particular room that is impeccably designed and looks simple amazing.

The shape of a tree is seen against the wall in a bluish colour and some black silhouettes of birs appear here and there on the wall and ceiling that now look like the night sky. What’s most amazing about this design is the fact that you can also see a reflection of the blue tree on the sofa and some white reflections of the birds on the sofa pillows. I’m telling you it’s simply amazing.

Amazing Black And White D*Club&Cafe Design

No matter what you want to decorate : a room, a book or even a blouse you can always go for the black and white combination because you can’t fail with it.The interior and murals design from D*Club&Caffe are made by Do Plu Do Collective.This contrast of light and dark, the two colors at the opposite ends of the light spectrum, strangely go together. For centuries, they have been combined and continue to do so, in perfect harmony.Who wouldn’t want to drink a cup of hot coffee at this club – or have fun on a party. The furniture is totally black and covered in leather and the walls and the floor are white. The whole picture is completed by the murals that are designed in a very interesting manner.

They are applied on the walls and they look simply great , depicting images from the oriental tales. It is a good idea to choose this design for a club, as the people coming here have mostly a night life and you know you can only see black and white during the night.

PlayRoom and Bedroom Furniture Designs For Kids

Kids are cute and playful individuals. They always like to play with their friends and with toys. You as a parent must do your best to provide your kids with enjoyable playroom that they can treasure. Mimolimit is a design company specialized in kids furniture and with this project they create space and furniture for kids that are creative and fun.

Let’s see what you think about this concept. How about this wonderful wigwam arranged in the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling and offering the kids their favourite hiding place in plain sight, without having to hunt for a secret place all over the house, finding usually only what they are not supposed to? Or the zillion inflatable pillows that have animal shapes?

Fabulous house in England – Lavender grove

Though this amazing house has been given the name  Lavender grove, the name “White house” is more appropriate as a white color concept has been used throughout the house in every single corner.  The house has breath-taking interiors, which bear the theme of white color.

Various vibrant contrast colors have been used in the different corners of the house which allow the white color to show off more strikingly. The little girl’s room is mind blowing as white flooring and walls have been enhanced by the use of soft pink furnishings.

Lovely country home, Portugal

This is a fabulous country home located in Portugal next to River Minho. The house has been designed by interior designer Marta Espregueira Mendes, who has given consistent importance to every corner of the house. The distinguishing feature of the house is its interesting mixture of old and new, which has been enhanced by lots of varied patters, colors and textures. A gallery has been created between the garden area and main building which display proper use of neglected areas. Wonderful stone walls have been erected in the several parts of the house which imparts an ancient classic look.



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