Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Jackson Street Furniture BIG (O)Val Table

We need some pieces of furniture more than we need others and, except for the bed where we sleep I think the most important ones are tables. You need a table to eat on or to write on (a desk actually) and you also need a bed side table to put your stuff on, you need a coffee table to place the coffee cups on when you have guests and so on. So you must be careful to choose the right kind of table for your house, one that fits the overall design of the room and also serves its purpose. And I have found a very good example: the Big oval table from Jackson street furniture or simply “the big O”.

This table looks like a big letter “O”, a big oval made of bent plywood. It has our legs made of brushed stainless steel that make it pretty stable. You can also use this table as a storing device because it has two thick glass shelves you can use and even the wooden bottom of the “O” can be used for storing different things there. It looks very nice and it has a very original design, making it perfect both for the living room, but also for your bedroom. You can now purchase this item for $699.

Wonderful Interior Renovation by Dan Pearlman

The German agency, Dan Pearlman was selected by the Berlin MTV Network Headquarters to create new interior designs for their working spaces.

Usually, people try to find jobs which offer nice conditions of work too.The modern furniture, the high technology equipment or other facilities are taken into account when somebody is searching for a good job. (more…)

Effective Undulating Walls of Beijing Chateau by Graft

Beijing Chateau has an amazing interior design created by Graft.The most striking element related to this interior is the undulating shape of walls. It is a form which creates a dynamic effect. You will have the impression that everything moves around you.

There are used beautiful nuances of colors such as: green, yellow, red and blue. Everything is decorated beautifully using a contemporary style. Everything is arranged in an elegant way but you can remark the comfort it assures you.


Crystal Vase for Stylish Home

I love the fancy interior design that I can see in some modern hotels, but I think each person can arrange a stylish home for themselves by simply showing their personality in the things surrounding them. This way you more than simply buying some furniture and placing it in an empty house – you combine different things together in an original way that belongs only to you. And one of the easiest ways of decorating your home is by using some stylish decorating things like … the crystal vases.


Hello, Kitty! Doors from Nusco

Kids just love animals in general and cats in special because they are so gentle and nice, playful and small, just like them. So Hello, Kitty!, the nice character that you can see on many items for kids is loved by children all over the world and by adults, too (though they wouldn’t admit it). I have mentioned this nice kitty in an older article when talking about a whole house that was designed on a Hello, Kitty! theme. But now I am talking about something different: interior doors with Hello, Kitty ! pattern on.


Fratelly Studios club from Bucharest, Romania

A surprising design from the Romanian firm Twins Studio. Their idea for the Fratelly Studio club from Bucharest, Romania is, let’s say, grandiose.The club is located in an industrial-like building, with the classic large metallic pillars and metal beams. The main idea for this club seems to have been “ Think Big!”. Indeed, it is a very imposing construction on the outside, as well as on the inside.

The interior walls are covered with a series of large wooden blades, about four meters tall, which can be rotated along their central axis. This allows you to change the whole look of the club in just a few minutes. One side of the room is lacquered wood, while the other can be covered with printed material. A nice combination between rustic and modern.


32 Floral Arrangements Pictures from Maison & Objet

This year Maison & Objet was focused on natural flower arrangements, wallpapers with flowers and hand-paintend butterflies.The exhibition was divided into six pavilions dedicated to different decorative styles: ethnic, luxury textiles, decorative items and home accessories, kitchen accessories, rare items, unique pieces, classic furniture and rustic furniture.


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