Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

A Modern Bar by Felipe Assadi

Once you enter such a bar, you feel like you are on board of a space ship. Everything seems to come from another world, from another dimension.The furniture based on geometric shapes: round and oval small tables, rectangular bar table, stools and chairs, the blue and violet light and the white color of the furniture are elements that send you to the idea of abstract, of modernity and high technology.

Here you can find an intimate atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy the special surroundings or a quiet and nice discussion with a person that you love. It is a place that makes you feel comfortable.The bunch of lamps that hang over the long, rectangular table is the bridge between classic and modern.The Chilean architect, Felipe Assadi combines simplicity and usefulness, and the result is a spacey, elegant and modern bar.


Colorful and Playful House in London by Ab Rogers Design

The color and space are the best things when you think at a place for kids.The Rainbow house designed by Ab Rogers Design in collaboration with DA.Studio feature a playful and colorful area for kids.The whole house is a living artwork, because every corner offers a unique and magical discovery.In the bedrom there is a circular bed rotates into position so that you can look out any window, also it’s a trap door in the floor pops open to reveal a slide that zips you down to the living room.Enjoy Pictures and Video after you jump!


Funny Curtains for the Kids Room

The kids room is more and more important these days because now children are encouraged to be independent from very young ages. If in the past the whole family lived in only two rooms, even if they were ten or twelve, now kids must have their own room. This is very well in my opinion because your children get used to having their own space where they can play freely with their toys regardless of the guests you might have or the fact that you are preparing dinner.


How to decorate your fireplace mantle?

Fireplaces used to be very useful , but now they are more decorative than functional. However, many houses still have fireplaces with mantles above them, especially in big houses, as this looks very well. And most of the times you don’t really know how to use these mantles and what to place there in order to look good.Here are a few tips that will help you decorate the mantle in a pleasant way.


Modern dining room ideas from Team 7

All people are very busy nowadays and they work long hours for getting enough money to have a decent living. So they rarely have lunch or dinner together with all the family members and dining rooms almost lost their main function. However, on those occasion when you all gather around the dining room table you should feel well and the room should be welcoming and pleasant. But many try to combine this with a modern look and I think the guys from Team 7 can offer you all the pieces of the puzzle. They are able to give you the right furniture and also lamps for a modern dining room and they will all match together perfectly.


Arrange your house in Victorian style

The Victorian style of home designing is called after the queen Victoria and it appeared more than a hundred years ago. However, it has been famous all over the world and lots of people still choose it when designing the interior of their homes because it shows style, class and … wealth. It has been used mainly by rich people or by those who have become rich very quickly and want to show off with their newly acquired prosperity.


Wallter Retro Starburst

People have different tastes and this usually shows in the way they dress and also in the way they decorate their houses. Some prefer to leave the walls untouched by any decoration and simply painted in white, but some like using some simple and nice decorations that add a bit of style to the whole home design and make the walls look less empty and naked. If you choose a simple but full of taste decoration you will get an amazing effect that will be noticed by all your guests. Let’s take for example this Wallter Retro Starburst. It is a wooden based decoration that looks like a star with lots of rays and you can purchase it for about $142.


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