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Christmas curtains

Christmas is a special holiday and it is celebrated in a big part of the world. Actually I consider it the most important holiday through the whole year. And it’s one of the few holidays that we celebrate by decorating our homes, too. When Christmas is near we want to use any kind of decorations that have at least a hint of Christmas symbols. So people, especially mothers and wives go crazy and try to do their best in finding as many decorations as possible and also to make the house very festive and welcoming. But there are some other people who only want to use some small and discreet decorations that can be easily removed after Christmas.

So you don’t have to paint the walls in red and green, but you can use only some simple decorations, the Christmas tree and maybe … some very nice Christmas curtains. There are very nice curtains for your kitchen, for your living room and even for your shower. Why not decorate the bathroom for this special time of the year.

If you want to have nice curtains , but you don’t want so spend a lot of money on it you can try a different approach and tie your old red curtains with a white bow, with a Christmas bow or even with some old white wooden beads.


Denis Chigidin Portfolio

Modern furniture with pieces that are too realistic makes the architecture unique in features. Some of the shadings as well as effects on the images are highly striking in nature. All by Moscow based Denis Chigidin Designer. The Russian designer is known both for designing furniture, but also for its interior design projects. What is most remarkable about him as a professional is the fact that he constantly surprises us with his work and does not get stuck in its own style, unable to get free of it and using only a certain style and characteristic. He is mature enough to design new pieces of furniture that will match the interior they were designed for perfectly, but that do not look like the rest of his works at all. For example he can design vividly coloured and shocking chairs and tables and, a few weeks later, when he is involved in another project, to design the delicate arcades and glass walls combined with small white stripes and wooden pieces of sculpture like that moose head. The room with a lot of light coloured wood ceiling and floor asked for a delicate design, so he created the beautiful and stunning hanging lamp that looks like a bunch of white trumpets glued into a giant sphere. But these are just a few of his projects and you can see more of them if you follow the link.


Alice Cottrell Interior Design

As an interior designer, you must stay on top of all the modern trends.And same thing do Alice Cottrell to keep the latest trends closer. Bellow are some elegant and fresh design ideas from Alice Cottrell. She is a very young and vibrant interior designer and has accomplished to finish a few projects of design so far. So the pictures that you can see here belong to different projects, different ideas and it is only normal to have different styles. The first ones that you will notice show a combination of green and white belong to the project called “Garden apartment” and this is exactly what they express: the attempt of the designer to make a city apartment look like a garden, to decorate it so as to reflect light and space and nature in every possible way. The carefully chosen pattern of leaves on the wallpaper and the pale green and white of the carpets, plus the nice but apparently fragile furniture complete the picture and make you say: mission accomplished. The next photos show us a few frames from such projects like “Family home” or “contemporary townhouse” and show a completely different style, this time the intention being of decorating a vibrant and lively house, pulsating of action and style, in the middle of the city.


15 Christmas Wreath Ideas for 2010 by Potterybarn

Christmas wreath outside of your door symbolized that your home was one that was celebrating the birth of Christ. Today, Christmas wreaths are used to decorate and celebrate the holiday season.There are 15 Christmas Wreath Ideas below for 2010 from Potterybarn.

The prices are from 29$.Also see the 2009 Christmas Wreath Decoration Post. The guys from Pottery Bran are professionals and they have a long tradition and experience behind, so they have a special model of everything for everybody. Even if you are looking for Christmas decorations or , to be more specific , for Christmas wreaths for the door or for the table, there are plenty of models to choose from. You only need to pick the right model for you – the one that matches your taste best and the one compatible with your house design.


Ideas for decorating the Christmas table

Christmas is happening again this year and we need to take care also about our dining room table. If you are waiting for more than normal amounts of people at your Christmas dining table,consider moving the table from the center of the room.Also decorating the table for Christmas dinner should utilize brilliant colors and sparkling ornaments.

Christmas Day is almost here and I wanted to share some Ideas for decorating the Christmas table with you. After all it is a special holiday that is meant to bring all family members together, so it is supposed to be festive. So take out your best dinnerware and silverware , as you must prepare something special and magic for the Christmas dinner. If you don’t have a special dining set of plates, you should purchase a red one to match the Christmas spirit and colour.


10 Purple Interior Design Ideas

Violet , purple, lilac and lavender are not the most popular range of colors, but certainly are the most spectacular colors in the modern interior design trend.Today purple is one of the trendiest colors! Subtle blend of blue and red, purple matches a wide palette of colors to create an original and very modern atmosphere.

It is classy and stylish and it can make your home look amazing if you are a bit patient to loof for the right design, choose and apply it correctly in your home. After you jump see the rest Purple Interior Design Ideas. As you can see from these gorgeous pictures, there are a lot of different ways to use purple for interior decoration. It goes very well combines with white, black and even beige and is not either too dark or too light , being actually perfect for designing a room or even the whole house in it.


Solid Wood Sustainability

Green infrastructure and Alternative Energy are amongst a few of earth’s sustainability issues. As of late, many University’s and collaborative non-profits have taken it upon themselves to introduce anti-deforestation efforts, or otherwise classified as green forestry initiatives. For example, the University of Vermont’s School of Environment and Natural Resources is revolutionizing its forestry program through the implementation of a Green Forestry Initiative. But who better to tend to the needs of our earth than the companies using its resources? Harden Furniture is one such example of a company that exercises sustainability through green forestry practices.

Green Forestry can simply be categorized into three different sectors:

- Sustainable Design
- Land Ethics
- Real-World Learning

In Harden’s case, they already understand that sustainability is a major issue; they’ve already outlined annual carbon emission output and land usage. In a statement made on the website: “It is our goal to reduce our total carbon emissions by 10% annually…” – They go on to state that they hit their goals in 2008, but fell short in 09. Although, they were still able to reduce their annual energy consumption in 2009 with the following details:

Electrical Energy Consumption -16.8%

Natural Gas – 10.7%


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