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Wallpaper Decoration from Aimee Wilder

Aimee Wilder is an American graphic designer who makes some great wallpaper. The availability of different types of wallpapers helps find the best for a room. The availability of different types of wallpapers helps find the best for a room. Wilder choose an abstract graphic expression but in same time fun and nice.

Wallpapers are a quick way of decorating your home. They can help you change the appearance of you home without having to redecorate the whole place. They are easy to apply and there are a lot of different options when it comes to patterns and colors. Here are a few examples of wallpaper designs that you might enjoy.


10 Walmart Christmas Decor

There are about 25 days until Christmas will come and many people are searching for Christmas decoration.On the sidebar you will see a special category called “Just for Christmas ” where you can find many Christmas articles coming to help you.Now I will present you the most Walmart Christmas Decor best seller products.

Personalized Snow Cap Christmas Stocking, Snowman for 15$


Decorative pottery

We have all learned in the History classes that ancient people used clay to obtain the smaller or bigger pots  needed for storing water, wine, grains and other things like that. In time they were replaced by  more and more modern plates and pots, cups and other similar items that are now made on the industrial scale, so in very big numbers in a factory where everything is automatic and the production is impressive. However, some people still use pottery, either for functional purposes or for decorating their homes.


African masks as wall decorations

If you want your house to be stylish and special you must add a personal touch to it. That means that you must think about using some unusual objects to decorate it, objects that are not very easy to find and used regularly by other people. So you may think of decorating your living room with African masks. If you also add some other elements of African culture you will get a very nice, though unusual living room.


5 Maps Decorating Ideas

Everyday we locking for fresh decorating ideas and locking to understand the current trend interior designs.There are a lot of ideas to catch up and bring a intersting decor.Decorating with maps is a ingenious idea for those who travel around the world.

Custom World Map Collection of 6 – Original Silk Screen Prints which si available at 175$.


Tiles for the hallway

Fashion comes and goes and it is replaced by another one that forms some other tastes to the people living in that period and what was really cool and fashionable some time ago now can be seen as a lack of taste or worse. That applies to the things we use in the house and the way our homes look. For example there was a time when everybody was desperate to cover everything in carpets, including walls and the last single inch of floor. Then, after some time, you simply had to use wooden flooring. And now it’s the moment when you use tiles. Of course people exaggerate and use cement tiles even in their bedrooms which I think is awful , but again everybody decides for their own houses.


Mark Williams Home Decor Pictures

Mark Williams is a talented photographer who has spent his time between the UK and South Africa. Mark believes that the décor should be personal, original and sensitive to the type of architecture and home decoration wonderful blend of fashion, design, form and function. Below there are some beautiful home decor pictures.

The talented eye of the photographer kept the most relevant aspects in the design of these homes and transposed them in the pictures, making quite a brilliant combination. You are able to admire these photos and to see both the designer’s and the photographer’s perspective at the same time, which is great.


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