Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Sophisticated Ame Restaurant Design in Toronto

When you hear the words “Ame Toronto”, what do you think about?Not many people would think about a restaurant,except if they know about it and this is what it is: a  restaurant with a totally sophisticated design. Toronto stands for good life, for quality and this restaurant is exactly the same thing, according to the same pattern of modernity.

The designer Munge Leung, intended and successfully managed to create a comfortable and modern place which provides a cosy experience for its guests. What is interesting about this place is the ideal combination of lights and deep shadows creating dramatic effects and offering intesity to the entire area, but this is not the only good part; the use of natural materials and modern Japanese spots, the oversized screens with all sorts of patterns make the restaurant even more attractive  and give it an unique air.


A Classical Mallorcan Villa Interior Desig

When you see the interior of this villa, you cannot avoid thinking about the image that you expect to see when you open a furniture catalogue.

This villa in general and this living room in particular has everything you might think of when you imagine a living: a big modern sofa, a small but so necessary coffee table, parallel doors which go to a beautiful garden and to the yard and big glass windows, a TV in the wall, a  cosy elegant armchair which invites you to sit and read a book or just relax enjoying the beautiful landscape in front of your eyes and all the details that make the difference between an ordinary room and a cosy one and tell you things about the personality of the owner: the flowers in the vase, the shape of the lamps, the curtains which have to match with the colours from the room.


Silk Road Restaurant by Karim Rashid

Silk Road could make you think about the past, but this Silk Road is something else, it is a restaurant at the Vdara Hotel in the City Center, Las Vegas. Its design came into being from a multi-cultural vision and the result was one characterized by plush and  opulence. It is a mostly monochromatic restaurant, golden yellow, but with some spots of color from place to place, if you take into consideration the furniture pieces and the floral motives on the walls.

In every house, no matter it is our home, the hotel we choose to stay in while we go in a holiday or our favourite restaurant,  light plays one of the most important roles. Silk Road also places light on one of the first places: at day the colors of the rooms are emphasized by the natural light, while at night it is the subtle ambient light which creates an intimate atmosphere.


Mesmerizing Black And White House

This amazing house is out of the ordinary and is assured to draw attention. It is the bold and contemporary black and white theme of the house which sets it apart from the crowd. Not just a particular area of the house but the entire house reflects the intricately designed theme. Black matte finish material has been used as the base of the entire area, whereas walls and ceilings reflect the pristine white color.

The kitchen area, the dining area and the living room share an open floor plan. White countertops, cabinets and dining table have been combined with black appliances, stainless steel fixtures and black and brown chairs. On the other hand, living room features contemporary black sofa clubbed with sleek white center table and cabinets. Splashes of color have been added to the room creatively by installation of book rack with colorful books.


Sparkling Aura Spa by Khosla Associates

If you came tired at home from a long day of work then you would need some relaxation. You may choose your own home or go somewhere else where you may also benefit from other relaxation services which will transform you into a new, fresh person.

Such a place can be this sparkling Aura Spa, designed by Khosla Associates, located in the Park Hotel, Hyderabad, India.The designers who worked for the interiors of this location were commissioned to design its varied spaces using the erstwhile Nizam of Hyderabad’s jewels as inspiration.For Aura Spa, Khosla Associates were inspired by the transparency and whiteness of Golconda Diamond.All its spaces are flooded with light and dominated by transparent and sparkling materials and the use of the white color.


Luxury Beauty & Essex Restaurant

If you look for Beauty & Essex done by Stanton Social, you will definitely find it the corner of Stanton & Essex. The building has a modern facade, but people say that you should not be here, unless you have something to pawn off. It is located in an old furniture store on the streets of the Lower East Side.

There are many elements which make this place a spectacular one, such as: the grand foyer, where people can admire a beautiful circular staicase, a luxurious chandelier which has the role of making you feel that you are in a special place; the first floor dining room seems to invite you to a party and, at the same time, makes you rememorate in your mind the party scene from the famous novel “Great Gatsby”.


“What Happens When?” Restaurant Design

It is definitely an intriguing question which makes you want to discover what is beyond … It is not only a question, it can be considered a very interesting and original concept. “What Happens When?” is also the name of an experimental restaurant which has its location in New York. The idea behind the name is that every month, the design, menu and music of the restaurant are totally changed.

The initiators of this project intended to prove that the creativity and intelligence of good designer are more important and can turn into a great work and not having a lot of money. It is impossible not to like this original idea, especially when the result is a success.There are the grids on the ceilings, the handmade objects, the bird motif, the forest theme , the miniature landsacpes of plants and birds which turn everything into a new design which is apparently a “play with scale”.


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