Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Powell Brown Cherry 3-Legged Accent Table

I admire those days when furniture was not just furniture, but a work of art, showing the inspiration and imagination of talented people. Every leg of every chair and small table was beautifully decorated  with wooden craft: leaves and flowers sculpted in wood. OK, I’ll admit – I was born in the wrong century, but I do love nice and creative furniture. So when I found this wonderful round table on the Internet I was really thrilled.

This is a traditional wooden table with a round top, three legs and a lower shelf. The three legs are craved in wood and look like three letters “S” and they all support the table top. The leg look like a lion’s legs and the first impression is further confirmed by the presence of a brass lion’s head on the front of the table, in the place where the legs meet the top. This table is in “Brown cherry” and it can easily be used as a decoration itself or you can simply use it as a chic and pretty table. You can purchase this item now on Amazon for $121.57.

House With A Perfect Mix of Classic and Modern Touches

Most of us tend to follow a single style when designing, decorating and furnishing our home. However, this amazing house has proven that a blend of contrast styles also looks simply exquisite. This is undoubtedly a house out of the ordinary because it features a blend of two contrasting styles – classic and modern. Classic Interiors has been mixed with modern touches to create an environment filled with distinct characteristics and charms.

The overall theme of the house has been selected as traditional pristine white. And walls, ceilings, and curtains of the entire house reflect this white color. Wooden material has been selected as the flooring option but with a contemporary twist. The panels of wood have been installed diagonally in “V” shape. For the kitchen area, wooden flooring has been extended to the countertops, and dark blue tiles have been selected as the flooring option.


Miami Bliss Spa in Miami by A+I Design Corp

A spa is the perfect place for people to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves in the most pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, which seems to be taken from the cover of a magazine or from a movie. What could have more benefits than some time away from everyday life, a unique moment of endearment? Miami Bliss designed by A+I Design Corp is the perfect location for such a dream break and you definitely have to try it! You are in Miami, so you have to let yourself influenced by its style, beauty and fame.

Anyway, you have nothing to lose, on the contrary, all you have to do is to allow to be spoiled. Once you enter, you discover a totally new world in which the shades of blue and green seem to contrast in the most pleasant way possible the general concept of white which governs this place.


Renovated Bisazza Headquarters by Studio Carlo Dal Bianco

Art is one way of relaxing although we refer to music, painting, sculpture, drama or writing. The products of these forms of art will always influence our mood and make us see life from a different perspective. They impress us through the author’s power of expression of who has succeeded to reach our soul using the words, musical notes, gestures, colors or shapes.

A place dedicated to art which has renovated for almost a decade is Bisazza Headquarters. The project was realized by Studio Carlo Dal Bianco which a new façade of a remarkable place that houses several exhibition halls, a library, a gallery and a number of color- themed meeting rooms like “The Black Room” or “The Blue Room”.


A Japanese House by Code Architectural Design

Nakanosawa House is the residence of two families from Sapporo, Japan. The construction was designed by Code Architectural Design in order to shelter two brothers and their wives “under the same roof”, but in two  separate households, with two different layouts for each place. One of the households has the maximum possible height, being an open space which has only some windows  opening to the exterior, while the other has a rather law profile and modest proportions.

Both households have a common space, the garage, which seems to have a unifying function, like an indispensable particle which holds things  together, into a single, unified whole; also common are the enclosed terraces with large windows which give the impression of a wider space. Watching the house from outside, the first thing that you see is the low profile and the modest proportions, but if you take some time and carefully analyze the entire area, you change your mind and  start seeing the advantages.


Akane Vase from Tortoise General Store

Sometimes your house is perfectly clean and everything in its place, but it simply does not look nice or pretty, it does not have that appeal for people to like it instantly. I guess it lacks personality and style and these are usually given by the details, the small pretty things that are in the perfect place that values them and also the space around. One of these things can be a vase that brings a certain specific touch to the room it is in and the furniture it is on. The vase that you can admire here is called Akane vase and it can be found at Tortoise General Store.

This vase looks like a colourful heart inside a thick layer of mouth blown glass. The bottom is thick and transparent and can be used as both a flower vase and a stand alone decorative object. It was designed by the Japanase Akane Matsuura and is delicate and resistant at the same time, beautiful and delicate and can be purchased for $255.

The new Clancy’s Fish Bar at City Beach

Paul Burnham Architect was chosen to design the new bar for Clancy’s Fish Pub located in Perth, Australia. The new bar is actually a renovation of a ten year old restaurant that was once there. The new construction is placed directly on the white sand. The clients will feel more welcomed this way. The bar also allows them to admire the very beautiful Indian Ocean.

The idea behind this new project was to create a very colorful and happy space using vibrant colors. The result had to be a very friendly family pub where anyone would feel welcomed. In order to achieve that look the ceiling had to be painted in black so that the contrast with the other vibrant colors would be stronger. Then the whole ceiling was covered by twelve lavish fabric chandeliers. The chandeliers are very colorful and playful, using vibrant colored fabrics perfect to express the atmosphere of summer holydays. The floor, that was originally covered with concrete, is now painted with all sorts of funny patterns like mermaids and children’s games. This way everyone will be happy.


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