Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Outline Vase from Mocha

Summer is the season of flowers and beauty and life. And if you don’t have a flower garden and live in an apartment then the next closest thing to it is a vase full of flowers on your living room table. So if you want a cool and modern minimalist vase follow my link and visit the web site belonging to Mocha, an UK producer of home accessories. You will be able to purchase it for £39.99 here.

Yuko Tokuda is the one responsible for the design of this interesting vase and, as you can see, this vase is not called outline vase for nothing. It really is the outline of a vase but made of porcelain, with the interesting choice of shape for a vase. Only this outline is empty on the inside and the place where you should put the flower or flowers. My guess is a single big flower is perfect for this unique interesting looking vase that is so delicate you can only hand wash it.

House With Turquoise Color Accents

This house is undoubtedly out of the ordinary and unique from others as it features a unique color combination. The owner of the house has creatively chosen the beautiful summery turquoise color on neutral and white color base to design refreshing and bright interiors. Yes, you are right, the house features an elegant yet contemporary color combination of white and turquoise.

The basic color base of the house has been selected as neutral white. The walls, ceilings, windows, doors, furniture pieces, few lighting fixtures, counter tops and even cabinets don the white color. Traditional wooden material has been selected as the flooring option so that the white color theme does not get disturbed.


A Well Planned House

A good and well planned house can make a lot of difference to any area. A perfect example of some great planning and detailed designing is this beautiful house in Ostermalm. The superbly planned house is very modern and chic and any person looking at it is surely going to fall in love with it. the apartment has been renovated recently and thus has all the modern features and the amenities.

The parquet flooring of the house adds a warm touch to the house and makes it look warm and cozy. The storage of the house is also excellent and the gray limestone at the entrance makes the house look more graceful. The living room has a beautiful book case and is the central point of the beautiful house as all rooms are easily accessible from here. The house has two spacious bedrooms which overlook the courtyard.


Incredible Summer House

If you are planning to visit Denmark this vacation, renting this summer cottage situated beside the sea is a decision you will never regret ever. Featuring the contemporary color theme of black and white, the house has been designed with open and airy interiors so that the occupants get to enjoy the long summer evenings, the chirpy winds, and the barbecue dinner on the deck with candles and cozy blankets.

The most significant feature of this house is that the interiors have been done in pristine white color and have been blended with complete contrasting black exteriors. The basic elements of the home interiors such as walls, ceilings, flooring, tables, cabinets, stair cases, railings, doors, windows, chairs, bed frames and even lighting fixtures are all done in the white color. Splashes of color have been added in few areas by the introduction of small vases with green leaves and plants.

A warm interior design with ikea furniture

Frankly speaking, this house is truly distinct and unique from all aspects. Unlike the typical houses and their interiors, this house features perfect warm interiors. Every corner of the house has been given the optimum consideration in order to unleash the natural décor without imparting a crowded look to the room by the introduction of lots of furniture.

The base color theme of the house has been selected as pristine white. Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, curtains, few lighting fixtures wear the elegant white color in order to establish the color theme effectively. Traditional wooden material has been chosen as the flooring option to complete the theme of the house. Quality Ikea furniture pieces have been selected so that the motto of the design can be achieved and a statement of style is also imparted to the house.


Summer Flowers Arrangements

I was born in summer and this is my favourite season. That is why I always try to bring a piece of summer nature in my home and the best way to do this is to bring a beautiful bunch of summer flowers and arrange them in water bowls or vases or even in big buckets full of water. They can make a dull home look its best and add personality and style and also happiness to any home. Flowers are perfect both in modern homes and also in rustic ones and fit all kinds of designs. And for some reason summer flowers seem to be the liveliest and prettiest of all flowers. I strongly recommend a nice bunch of sunflowers that you can place in a ceramic pot or even in a tin bucket or in any kind of vase. This flower is big, so you can’t miss it and the colour and size are able to make you merry and you can’t help smiling.


Welcoming Twister Restaurant

Usually when I choose a place to have dinner or enjoy a nice cocktail with a friend I am interested in many aspects: interior design, atmosphere, privacy and services. All these items are meant to assure me the comfort and protection that I need .The nice ambiance, the good food and drink and the prompt serving are things that I have always appreciated to a restaurant.If I watch well at these pictures I may say this welcoming Twister Restaurant, located in Kiev can be on my list.

Serghii Makhnov and Vasily Butenko form the magnificent design team that has worked for the interiors of this restaurant. They did a real nice work creating a great interior design which will inspire you comfort, quality, privacy and warm.The restaurant consists of two areas that represent a two- storey dining section and a bar area.


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