Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Luxury Beauty & Essex Restaurant

If you look for Beauty & Essex done by Stanton Social, you will definitely find it the corner of Stanton & Essex. The building has a modern facade, but people say that you should not be here, unless you have something to pawn off. It is located in an old furniture store on the streets of the Lower East Side.

There are many elements which make this place a spectacular one, such as: the grand foyer, where people can admire a beautiful circular staicase, a luxurious chandelier which has the role of making you feel that you are in a special place; the first floor dining room seems to invite you to a party and, at the same time, makes you rememorate in your mind the party scene from the famous novel “Great Gatsby”.


“What Happens When?” Restaurant Design

It is definitely an intriguing question which makes you want to discover what is beyond … It is not only a question, it can be considered a very interesting and original concept. “What Happens When?” is also the name of an experimental restaurant which has its location in New York. The idea behind the name is that every month, the design, menu and music of the restaurant are totally changed.

The initiators of this project intended to prove that the creativity and intelligence of good designer are more important and can turn into a great work and not having a lot of money. It is impossible not to like this original idea, especially when the result is a success.There are the grids on the ceilings, the handmade objects, the bird motif, the forest theme , the miniature landsacpes of plants and birds which turn everything into a new design which is apparently a “play with scale”.


Delicious bakery in New York by bluarch

Omonia bakery is a famous place in New York, known for its delicious Greek pastries. But since the actual building of the bakery has been designed by bluarch , it’s now known for more than that. With an interior design as delicious as the actual pastries, there’s no way you can pass near this place without buying something.

The interior design of the bakery uses elements from the recipes as inspiration. For example, there’s a large number of with ¼” chocolate brown Bisazza tiles that cover the floor, the ceiling, as well as the walls. Furthermore, the very soft lighting system created a very inviting look. It’s like a pastry museum in there. Everything about this place is somehow related to the same delicious ingredient: chocolate. It’s a very successful redecoration.


Modern TREE Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

Usually, when you hear that there’s a tree restaurant you tend to imagine that there’s maybe at least a real tree involved in the process, so from this point of view you might get disappointed. However, this feeling will be changing almost immediately as soon as you see the beauty of this amazing restaurant.

Actually the Sushi Train is attempting to recreate HANAMI, which is the traditional Japanese festival of the Cherry Blossom in bloom.The original festival is celebrated under the cherry blossom trees and is a social gathering celebrating the arrival of spring. It’s a lovely tradition but not everyone has the possibility to celebrate it in its original form. This, along with the desire to create a modern version of this celebration are the factors that determined Koichi Takada Architects to design the TREE Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. The results are impressing and very beautiful.


How to Give the Hallway a New Look in One Day

Every once in a while I get bored of the old things I have and the way in which things are arranged in my house, so I try to give them a new face and look, I try to make them look different. But my idea is to do this without too much trouble and money, for example in a weekend when I have more free time. I thought of several solutions for redecorating the hallway in a few hours without too much trouble. You will see it takes little time, but if the entrance in your house is looking differently, you will be satisfied with the change.


Innovative shopping space in Paris

We are currently living in a crowded world where space is one the most important aspects. Everybody wants more and there’s never enough. That’s why sometimes people turn to some more unusual solutions for this problem. Some choose to build their house on a boat, others to convert a church. The same goes for other types of spaces, for example shops.

In Paris there’s a place called Hermes Boutique. Unlike other boutiques, this one is actually really special because it was built in a swimming pool. It’s a very radical idea, both unique and a little crazy. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s guaranteed that shopping in this place would be a unique and very interesting experience. Hopefully it’s more about it than just the location.Anyway, it’s worth seeing it even just for that.The entire project was one by RDAI.


White House With Color Accents

White Interiors are always a popular choice among homeowners as it is a very flexible theme and allows the owner to decorate the house in a unique way. From the exteriors, this house may appear very general but the interiors are completely mind boggling. The interiors of the house feature the common white color theme, but it stands out from the ordinary as splashes of colors through various aspects have been conjoined with the theme in order to create an elegant yet a contemporary house.

Every corner of the house has a different color tone blended with the neutral white color. Green color sofa and loungers have been used in the living room along with green cut glassware pieces. The kitchen and dining area features touches of red color by way of red artwork on the wall and red dishes.


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