Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Hand painted Furniture by Jane Keltner

All houses have furniture in them because furniture is very useful. You use it to sleep or sit on or for storing clothes and other items or even for dining on. Any way, there are so many kinds of furniture that you can choose just the right furniture for your house, according to your taste and all. Well, today I am going to present a new kind of furniture that is very special and unique: hand-painted furniture. There are some people like the designer Jane Keltner who thinks that you can paint on furniture and get the most extraordinary results. She paints furniture for Brighton Pavilion and succeeds having great results.


10 Great Bedroom Design Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I like the moment just before falling asleep, when I stay in bed and relax and also the moments when I can linger in bed for a longer time in the weekend mornings, enjoying the free time and feeling comfortable. This is exactly the reason why we should all feel fine in the bedroom and enjoy what we see, meaning the bedroom design.

Esuoh House by Hofman and Brown Architects.

So, if you are not very good in this field, you can always take a look at these 10 great bedroom design ideas and maybe you can find something interesting.


Summer Themed Wallpaper for your House

I know that many people prefer white walls in their houses, but sometimes it is better to be surrounded by a bit of colour because this can lift up your spirit and make you feel fine. Any way, I consider wallpapers a very useful way of decorating your house because they look nice and most of them are washable, so in case there are some accidents involving children and crayons you can solve the problem immediately. And, since spring is at the end and the temperature outside already makes me think it’s summer, I thought I should share with you some summer themed wallpaper for your house.


Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Home in L.A.

I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be a star, to have all eyes on you, with very little private life left and all the details in your life and house made public. I also wondered what a rock star home looks like. And I found the answer to my latter question when I saw the great pictures of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s home in L.A.

Sharon picked this house as the possibility to start over after the long and busy period of live shows and they also wanted to have some ocean views. So she bought the house and wanted to decorate it in a unique style. She wanted to show something of her romantic features, but also to combine them with the dark Goth style of her husband’s, the famous rock star that used to sing for Black Sabbath. My opinion is that she did a great job, choosing all the furniture and accessories carefully and combining them in the most fortunate manner.


Top 10 beautiful nursery design ideas

When you get prepared to have a baby you start preparing a special room for him or her. This proves to be a lot more trouble than you thought before because when you decorate the room for a person, you know exactly what they want and what their tastes are. But when you do the same thing for a tiny person who can only eat and sleep or maybe isn’t even born, you have no idea where to start and what to do. Besides, if you are a parent for the first time you don’t know exactly what you need inside this room – the nursery, so you’d better get some specialized help. Here is a top 10 with some of the best nursery design ideas I have seen and I want to share with you.

10. This is a great idea for small nurseries that are designed . There’s a small ladder that will help you get to things up on shelves and so on. Add a nice small table that looks like a dwarf holding a thick round piece of wood, some nice stars wall stickers, an over sized lamp and some very nice animal toys , a grey wall and an animal skin mat on the floor and the picture is complete.


Espacio C- Lovely Colorful Training Center by ROW Studio

The main word for official institutions is sobriety. They represent spaces which resume to formal, elegant, modern and important problems. Usually here you meet serious faces or with a formal smile.

What about color, joy and relaxing atmosphere?Here it is Espacio C, designed by ROW Studio. It is a lovely, colorful Training Center in Mexico City.Here you will not feel bothered by anything for the contrary, although you might come with important things you will realize how nice this place is and what beautiful and relaxing moments you can spend here.It is a perfect place for working in group and informal meetings.


Kwart Radiators by Karim Rashid

We all use radiators in our homes, especially in winter when it is cold. And we are so used to hiding them from the human eye that we finish by doing so as a reflex, not a volitive act. Any way, the point is that you can’t use it as a way of decorating your room, of bringing a certain colour in it and also benefit from the heat it generates in the long cold nights. Karim Rashid is well-known by now for the works he designed in home decoration, but these radiators are am amazing thing.

As you can see from the pictures, the designer does a very good job and turns these radiators into real works of art. They are made of aluminum, so they are pretty easy to model since the material is not very pretentious.


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