Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

An Incredible, Absolutely Stunning House in London

There are many interior home designs which take your breath away and worth all the appreciation and admiration. The architecture used the spectacular pieces of furniture or other interior decorative items or the amazing combinations of colors, all of these contribute of getting a wonderful décor and relaxing ambiance which will always captivate you.

It is also the case of this incredible and absolutely, stunning house, located in London. White is the dominant color for all rooms of this house which amplifies the idea of wide open space and light.You may notice the white, dining table with chairs or the white carpet which have contemporary feel.


Beautiful Artistic Interiors by Marco Meneguzzi

Marco Meneguzzi is a talented home interior designer who has created these beautiful and marvalous interiors where the art pieces occupy an important place in the décor.All these spaces are dominated by an artistic touch, a warm,calm and romantic ambiance.

He uses contrasted colors like black and white and most of the furniture pieces are made of wreck which makes you think of the fresh, summer mornings, relaxing on a wreck furniture, outside on a terrace.The old objects of art, the glass chandelier, and the small paintings with floral images or the symmetric lamps’ arrangement create a special ambiance which makes you think of old peaceful times.


Amazing Renovated Luxury House near Paris

Many of you probably dream of a spacious house which may come true all your desires and preferences. Usually you have to afford such a luxury and be prepared for maintaining it safe and clean.For those who have the financial power to afford such a luxury and love big spaces here it is a solution for their desire.

It is an amazing renovated house, located in the Hauts- de – Seine department, west of Paris, France.The attached warehouse of this property was transformed into a huge loft like living room.You will be surprised by its spacious and colorful rooms. There are used strong and contrasted colors which create a stunning décor.The kitchen is dominated by the black color. Its furniture and equipment, modern and elegant appear in dark nuances.


Elegance with More Black and White (and Grey and Lavender)

Our world is in a continuous evolution and at the same time we evolute with it. We pass through a lot of changes which many of them mark our life. This way we get experience that transforms us into new persons.

Some of these classic or old things that belong to the past we try to keep them to ourselves although at the same time we are attracted to modernity and new items that bring a fresh air into our life. The result is that sometimes we combine all these elements so that we can go on our life in a nice and comfortable way.Here it is a beautiful house which its design is based on these types of combinations. You can notice its traditional and rustic exterior which contrasts with its modern interior.


CreativeInterior Design Ideas from Annette English

Annette English is a great creative interior designer who comes from Australia and now she can be found in Los Angeles. She usually works for famous people from Hollywood but she works for ordinary people too.Her projects imply a traditional style that can be seen in most of her works but she also creates wonderful contemporary spaces which worth all the appreciation and admiration.

Here there are some examples of her works as a home designer.You can notice a great living room which has a Nordic touch. The fireplace and the furs that appear make you think of those Nordic places and people who have to face the cruelty of hard cold weather.


Attractive Deepest Darkest Beauty

Black has always been an elegant, beautiful and attractive color which most of people adore it. It underlines refinement, mystery and sobriety. If you are at a party, for example and you wear a black dress or suit, you will show elegance and refinement. At the same time you will be fashionable because black is always a trendy color.

Erik Anderson Architects offers you the opportunity to choose a Swedish interior home design based on the elegance, refinement and simplicity that the black color expresses it. If you are a single person who loves the minimalist spaces, full of mystery and musicality then this interior design matches well your preferences.


10 Beautiful Dining Room Design Ideas

The dining room used to be that room that was especially designed for you to have dinner there with your family. Well, not only dinner, but all the meals of the day, but dinner is the one giving the room its name. However, nowadays more and more people have combined this room with the kitchen creating a larger room destined both for cooking and dining.

That can be explained by the fact that many modern families have dinner out and also by the fact that families are not so large any more, so two or three people can easily have dinner in the kitchen rather than have a separate room just for this. Well, people have different tastes and ideas, so many have still kept the old-fashioned style of having a dining room, so here are 10 beautiful dining room design ideas.


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