Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Captivating Interior Images by Abelardo Morell

I think everybody loves traveling. It is wonderful to discover new places, enchanting landscapes and meet wonderful people of different kinds. Traveling offers you the opportunity to find out many interesting things which will complete your knowledge about the surrounding world.

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in an armchair or on your bed and wondering yourself how it would be to see Florence or Venice from that place .All these things would be possible with a little help from your imagination and some more help from the images applied on the walls of your rooms, created by the Cuban photographer Abelardo Morell.


Unique Barn Style House

This house is truly a house out of the ordinary as it features a unique barn style decoration. It might surprise you but this house was originally a mill. The mill was completely renovated into a beautiful barn style house while respecting the original materials and structures employed in the primary structure.

The public areas of the house such as the living room, kitchen and the dining area has been distinctly decorated in soft color tones such as white to create a warm and relaxing environment. The bedroom features a true dramatic statement as it boasts prime stone walls and jute mat covering as the flooring.


An Ideal Scandinavian Summer House

A Scandinavian summer house fits a certain type of house, but this Scandinavian summer house exceeds all expectations. It has everything you might think of : green space and beautiful trees which seem to protect the entire place, a wide space for all sorts of outdoor activities;  rooms in black and white with spots of orange  in different objects, wide glass windows which encourage to admire the outside view,  decorative objects which give a modern tint to the entire environment.

This house is the perfect combination of the Scandinavian living with mid-century furniture, creating a very pleasant environment. The chairs, the lamps, the carpet are the key elements which make the difference in this classical  atmosphere. Actually, the orange objects are the ones that give that retro perspective over things in this Scandinavian area, the things which give a positive energy and dynamism.


Mid-Century Interior Design in Portland

Everybody wants to have his own place, his own house, according to his own taste. The interior is as important as the outside, if not more important, as you spend most of your time in your home, especially if it is an apartment. This Portland interior is an example of a decent, cosy space, characterized by modernity and simplicity at the same time.

The whiteness of the walls and the glass windows are a blessing, the view that the window offers is the most relaxing one, the fireplace is inspiring. The colours are a delight: a mixture of brown and light wood tones with a shade of refreshing green from place to place in a generally white environment.


A Playful Clean House

Everybody loves playing, no matter the age, but the concept of a “playful house” is not very old, on the contrary, but it is intriguing. Beauty can be discovered everywhere, even in a disordered place. There are people who like order more than anything else, but also people who are very messy, but able to find the goods in their mess, there is a sort of order in their disordered lifestyle.

The house in the pictures is certainly the type of house in which you can find everything in its place, although you might have the feeling that things were placed randomly. All goods have their own place, the only difference is that they are not where we would expect them to be: hidden somewhere, in obscure places where nobody can see them. Here, all the goods are everywhere, but there is that feeling of  a “controlled mess”.


Reversible Wall Art from Crate&Barrel

I don’t know about you but I find totally naked and white walls rather boring. I need something to cover them or better said decorate them. Of course I only choose a painting or a photo frame or some other nice wall decoration like a mirror or a beautiful wall clock, but I don’t leave them entirely white. I don’t know why I think this kind of house lacks personality. Any way, some of these decorations have a practical purpose, but some only a decorative one. For example this reversible wall art that you can find at Crate &Barrel is so nice, but you can’t use it for a practical purpose other than decorating your house with it. And this is a good enough purpose for me.

It is crafted of triple ply sheet iron and it shows a nice tree branch, being rubbed by hand and having a sienna finish. Any way, you can turn it in reverse and it will look just as nice since it is reversible like the name suggests. You can use this nice wall decoration indoors, but also outdoors. It is made in Mexico and can now be purchased for $229.

Powell Brown Cherry 3-Legged Accent Table

I admire those days when furniture was not just furniture, but a work of art, showing the inspiration and imagination of talented people. Every leg of every chair and small table was beautifully decorated  with wooden craft: leaves and flowers sculpted in wood. OK, I’ll admit – I was born in the wrong century, but I do love nice and creative furniture. So when I found this wonderful round table on the Internet I was really thrilled.

This is a traditional wooden table with a round top, three legs and a lower shelf. The three legs are craved in wood and look like three letters “S” and they all support the table top. The leg look like a lion’s legs and the first impression is further confirmed by the presence of a brass lion’s head on the front of the table, in the place where the legs meet the top. This table is in “Brown cherry” and it can easily be used as a decoration itself or you can simply use it as a chic and pretty table. You can purchase this item now on Amazon for $121.57.

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