Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

No Skirts Allowed When You Have A Transparent Glass Floor In Your House

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to flooring. You could have wood floors in which case you’ll also have to decide on the type of wood, the finish and the color, you could have concrete floors which give the place an industrial feel and you could also have tiled floors which can be very fun to work with as you can combine colors and create patterns.

The glass floor visually connects the floors and the huge glass wall emphasized the transparency

But there’s also another option, less popular but very interesting: glass floors. Despite it looking fragile, glass is actually very strong and there are many different types to choose from. It’s why you have the possibility of installing glass floors in your home. It’s a very interesting idea. If you decide to use transparent glass for the floor on the upper level for example, then your house will look very open and spacious.


10 Cool Family Basement Designs

There’s something about a basement, set away from the rest of the house, which reinforces gathering and bonding time. Perhaps because it’s tucked away, meaning that not just anyone will enter and spend time there. Perhaps it’s because homeowners feel a little more freedom to truly express themselves in a room that’s out of the “public” eye. Or perhaps it’s simply because all of us need a place to relax and spend time together, and the basement family room, when designed well, can accommodate nearly any kind of quality family (and friend!) time.


Wooden Beams And Stone – The Perfect Combination For A Cabin-Like Feel

The thing we all like most about cabins and winter getaways is how warm and cozy they all feel. How exactly is that possible? Well, it’s quite easy to understand if you stop and take a closer look at their designs and architecture. Usually, cabins have wooden exteriors which gives them that charming rustic look. But, more important than that, the interior also has wood-covered walls and exposed beams.

It’s beautiful how the ceiling and the floor bring cohesiveness into the décor

Another important material is stone. It’s usually used around the fireplace but stone accent walls can also be an option. So transferring that coziness and beauty into your own home is quite simple.

Put a stone fireplace in the bedroom to create a bohemian décor

All you have to do is use those materials. For example, you can incorporate wood accent walls into your home’s interior décor. The bedroom is an excellent place for that. Another option is to have wooden ceilings which can also warm up the room.


Dark & Moody Walls for a Cozy Bedroom

For some reason, dark walls can be intimidating. Perhaps many of us have had the mantra that “light colors make a space feel larger” running for our heads for so many years that it’s hard to wrap our brains around an entirely different mindset – the fact that dark, dramatic walls can make a space feel intimate, warm, and peaceful.

Whatever your personal feelings, dark walls are certainly a trend in 2014. Even if you’re not ready to pull out the midnight-hued paints for your own space yet, here are some inspiring photos of dark walls in the bedroom that create a magical, sophisticated, cozy result. Who knows…maybe the idea will grow on you?


Vacation or Not, Tropical Foliage Decor is Calling Your Name

There was a time when palm fronds and banana leaves were seen in interior décor only – I repeat, only – within the confines of a tropically-themed rental unit. Those times are long gone. Tropical foliage is popping up all over the place, in sophisticated venues and casual ones, in over-the-top whole-room quantities and single-leaf accents.

If you’re curious about the tropical leaf trend, here are some room-by-room examples of how tropical foliage is incorporated into interiors with high style.


Revolutionary Design Idea. Spectacular Steampunk Pub That Defies The Laws Of Time

Every time you want to relax or have fun with your friends in a public place, you have several options you must consider before choosing the final location. Décor, comfort and music are equally important if you want to forget about work and daily stress.

Sometimes we just want to drink a coffee in a totally different environment, a place that would rip us away from reality. So thumbs up for 6th Sense designers, because they’ve proved their talent by creating a pub that defies the laws of time. Ladies and gentlemen, sci-fi lovers and admirers of the English Victorian era, welcome to Joben Bistro (in English: Top-Hat Bistro).


Industrial Chic: Concrete isn’t just for Sidewalks Anymore

You’ve probably seen it coming. The transformation of concrete from a strictly utilitarian substance for the great outdoors (sidewalks, driveways, patios) into an übersophisticated medium of interior design. The surfaces are raw and imperfect; they’re grey and inconsistent. Which is what makes concrete such a fantastic backdrop to the clean lines and slick surfaces of many contemporary spaces.

One of the best features of concrete? It’s pretty inexpensive and extremely versatile. That’s a win-win situation for the design world if I’ve ever seen one.


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