Few things are as inspirational as a photo gallery of beautiful interiors, particularly the collection you’ll find. From boldly beautiful color, to simple Scandinavian décor, to minimalist modern design (and oh so much more), you’ll see it all in the stunning interiors of these articles.

Dipped in Water: Monochromatic Rooms

Who doesn’t love blue? It’s comforting, it’s relaxing, it’s always stylish and can be used in every and any kind of room. And with the right shade, one that evoke the soft tone of running waters, you can dress any space in your home with its serene style. Let’s take a look at some monochromatic rooms dipped in water, or well, a color inspired by it.

1. Homey & Welcoming.

We love how homey and welcoming this living room is. But it certainly isn’t boring. It still has a frothy, light style with lots of fashionable edges.


12 Ways To Use Actual Birch Trees In Your Home

Sometimes also called the Watchful Tree because of the eye-like impressions on the bark, the birch tree is very special for several reasons. The white bark gives it a very distinguished look, making it a perfect choice when it comes to interior design features. Furniture made from it has a unique look but the birch trees can also be used in other ways, more pure and natural.

by Kimberly Gavin

These birch trees are used just for décor, although they may appear to also offer some support. Their bark was sealed to prevent it from drying out and peeling. They look very charming in front of the fireplace and they give the bedroom a very serene look.


Musically Inspired Furniture And Decorations For Your Home

Your home is like a ticket to heaven: no stress, no worries, just a peaceful place where you can regain your strength and energy after a difficult day at work. But that’s not all. Think of your home as a business card. A house always speaks about its owner. It should describe you and, if possible, it should leave a good impression. So what do you do when music is one of the things that really define you? It’s easy, don’t keep it a secret! Use furniture and decorations inspired by music. Here are some ideas!

Drum shelves.

Drums are surprisingly easy to use as a furniture piece. For example, small drums can be used as shelves in the children’s room. All you have to do is find a way to fix them on the wall (you could use brackets, screws and a drill). Don’t forget to pick some good books and pictures! {found on site}.


Closet Door Designs And How They Can Completely Change The Décor

When you choose the design for a closet, whether it’s for your bedroom, for the dressing room or for your kid’s room, you have to combine two things: looks and functionality. But what about the look? It basically all depends on the design and type you choose for the closet doors. So what options are there?

Classic mirrored doors.

Mirrored doors are amongst the most common types people usually choose for their bedroom or dressing room closets. The mirrors reflect the décor and make the room seem more spacious, plus they’re very useful when you’re choosing your outfit and when you combine accessories.


Cobalt Blue & Why Home Decor Loves It

Cobalt blue. It’s that mysteriously energizing shade between indigo and royal blue that is everywhere these days. What is it about this color that makes it work so well in various styles and spaces? Its versatility makes cobalt as at home in luxe, sophisticated spaces as in kids’ rooms; in large whole-room doses or a tiny punch of color on a shelf.

Let’s check out how cobalt blue effectively and stylistically impacts home décor in a variety of ways.


The Appeal of Checkerboard Floors

There’s something timeless and classic about a checkerboard floor. Despite how it covers the largest open space in a room with a bold geometric pattern, a checkered floor can be both versatile and neutral – lending structure to an airily expansive space and aesthetic appeal to a small, cramped one.

Whether the checks are actual tiles or painted (or something else altogether), we’ve certainly taken a liking to a checkerboard floor done right.


Renovated House In California Becomes A Cat Paradise

Most people settle for one or maybe two cats but the owner of this house has 18. He loves them all and he wants to offer them the best home possible so he decided to start a renovation in order to make his house more cat-friendly and more fun for his furry friends. The house we’re discussing is located in Goleta, California. Although the owner’s name remains a mystery, we have plenty of info on the house.

The renovation cost was $35.000 and it was all for the cats. Lots of changes were made in order to turn this place into a cat paradise. A spiral walkway was installed and a series of other fun features such as tiny stairs and ledges, climbing polls and scratching posts.

The office, for example, has an entire wall of walkways. Even the bathroom has cat furniture. It features a tiny staircase and a series of ledges which form a lovely path along the top of the room.


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