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Cobalt Blue & Why Home Decor Loves It

Cobalt blue. It’s that mysteriously energizing shade between indigo and royal blue that is everywhere these days. What is it about this color that makes it work so well in various styles and spaces? Its versatility makes cobalt as at home in luxe, sophisticated spaces as in kids’ rooms; in large whole-room doses or a tiny punch of color on a shelf.

Let’s check out how cobalt blue effectively and stylistically impacts home décor in a variety of ways.


The Appeal of Checkerboard Floors

There’s something timeless and classic about a checkerboard floor. Despite how it covers the largest open space in a room with a bold geometric pattern, a checkered floor can be both versatile and neutral – lending structure to an airily expansive space and aesthetic appeal to a small, cramped one.

Whether the checks are actual tiles or painted (or something else altogether), we’ve certainly taken a liking to a checkerboard floor done right.


Renovated House In California Becomes A Cat Paradise

Most people settle for one or maybe two cats but the owner of this house has 18. He loves them all and he wants to offer them the best home possible so he decided to start a renovation in order to make his house more cat-friendly and more fun for his furry friends. The house we’re discussing is located in Goleta, California. Although the owner’s name remains a mystery, we have plenty of info on the house.

The renovation cost was $35.000 and it was all for the cats. Lots of changes were made in order to turn this place into a cat paradise. A spiral walkway was installed and a series of other fun features such as tiny stairs and ledges, climbing polls and scratching posts.

The office, for example, has an entire wall of walkways. Even the bathroom has cat furniture. It features a tiny staircase and a series of ledges which form a lovely path along the top of the room.


15 Creative Ways To Use Wire Around The House

Of all the materials you could use around the house, wire is not that often mentioned. Surprisingly, it has many uses. But let’s focus more on the decorative side. There are many ways in which you can use wire features, from fences, decorative art to storage.

Cabinet décor.

The chicken wire gives these wooden kitchen cabinets a rustic look. The distressed finishes also adds to the charm. Use chicken wire instead of glass for a different and more interesting look. A lot of styles can work with such a feature.


Create A Soothing Atmosphere With A Turquoise Bedroom Décor

Turquoise is the marriage between blue and green, a color so beautiful and so versatile it makes anything look stunning. But did you know that the color gets its name from the French word for Turkish? That’s because the gemstone with the same name comes from Turkey. It’s been a prized ornamental gem for thousands of years and we still value its uniqueness.

Combine various shades of turquoise and mix them with bold prints

A pastel shade of turquoise on the bedroom walls gives the room a bright look

As a color, turquoise is soothing and calming, even when it has a bold hue. That’s what makes it perfect for the bedroom. You can find out more about this in an article we’ve written on the theme, “10 bold but soothing turquoise bedroom interior design ideas”. Today we’re focusing basically on the same subject: How to use turquoise in bedroom interior décor.


Vivid Spring Colors at Home

Springtime in general is inspiring, invigorating, and energizing. This time of year emphasizes freshness and life – out with the old and tired and stale, in with the new and vibrant and colorful. If you’re looking for strategies to breathe fresh life into your home décor this spring, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some tips and tricks to make this spring an unforgettable, and utterly enjoyable, one for your home.


Bring The Virtual World Closer To Your Home With Pixelated Furniture And Accessories

No matter what field you work in, you have to keep up with the times and changes. Designers always manage to impress us with the way they reinvent things. New trends appear every day. For example, pixelated furniture and accessories seem to be quite popular these days. It’s easy to see why once you take a look at these products.

This is a collection of hand-made rugs designed by a graphic artist. He based this project on the decomposition of color through pixels. The two rugs we’re talking about were made of hand-knotted wool. One features a combination of vibrant colors and the other one is based on more subtle tones.


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