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Lavender Accents: For Every Girl’s Space

I for one adore lavender shades. They’re fresh, they’re feminine and they can transform a room into something stylish and equally relaxing. They also work well in any type of space. So, today, we’re showing off lavender accents for any and every girl’s space, from the bedroom to their home office. Let’s get inspired!

1. Home Office Walls.

For a comfy, cozy home office, study or reading nook, paint an accent wall lavender and offset the coolness with a warm chocolate brown or hazy grey. It’s welcoming and subdued making for the perfect place to rest and focus.


Collections: How to Collect and Display Interesting Items

Collections are a great way to add personality and interest to your home. But it can also just be fun to find and display your favorite types of items. Whether you already have an established collection or are just thinking about starting one, there are many things to consider when displaying large collections in your home. Here are some tips to make your collections work well with your home décor.

Consider Your Theme.

If you haven’t chosen a collection yet, it’s important to pick a theme that interests you, but also one that will mix well with your overall décor aesthetic. Collections don’t necessarily need to consist of just one type of item, but can instead by items from a particular era, style, or color.


10 Tips For Creating A Romantic Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

Get ready to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day like you never did before. It’s time to plan something special and, of course, romantic.Today at Homedit, we are going to show you how you can turn the bedroom where you usually spend your nights into an extra romantic space just for this day. Make sure everything is perfect. The mood is very important so pay attention to details and don’t omit anything, no matter how insignificant it may seem at that time.

Well-organized space.

Start with a romantic dinner on the balcony and then step into the bedroom

First of all, be organized. Don’t try to do everything at once. Asses the space and decide how you’re going to use it.


Different Ways To Use Beautiful and Large Art Pieces

On the wall, above the mantle, as a headboard or alined with the sofa in the living room, large art pieces are found in a small variety of suspecting places. But, what if you could do more with them than the usual? You’d be surprised what you can do and how you can decorate with them in ways that are a bit outside-the-box and unusual. Take a look!

1. Nook Love.

If you’ve got a big enough piece, make a scene in your nook! It’s almost like wallpaper and art meet to create a focal point unlike any other. Your morning coffee will never be the same and much more stylish.


Water Features and How to Use them in Design

Water features don’t have to be relegated to outside your home. Bring them indoors for a lovely modern and earthy touch. Here are some fabulous water feature ideas.

Build a Water Wall.

A Water Wall is Glamorous

We’ve seen many natural wonders entering home décor, such as green walls featuring plant life. A water wall is another creative idea to be used as an accent wall. It is elegant and majestic in a space, plus when tempered with furnishings such as wood it creates a lovely feeling of being outside. A water wall is a unique water feature that evokes interest.


That’s so 2013… Trends it is time to say goodbye to in 2014

Every year we get excited about the new trends that burst on to the scene. However, have you ever stopped to think about styles that could be on their way out? If you want your home to be on-trend you have got to begin by eradicating everything that is out of date before you can start bringing in all of the new designs. That is exactly what this post is here to help you with. Read on to discover some trends which you should considering kissing goodbye to this year…

Woodland Creatures.

Last year we well and truly embraced woodland creatures in the home. From owls, to deers, to foxes – it was undoubtedly a case of bringing the outdoors inside. However, this trend has been overused to say the least. There is nothing original or innovative to explore. As a result, design experts state that this trend is passed its sell by date already.


Top 10 Tips for Making a Basement Feel Bright

If you find yourself in the windowless cocoon of your basement, wishing there was another way to live than burrowing like a mole…there is! There are plenty of ways to brighten even the darkest of basement spaces. With a few strategic tweaks, you’ll be able to enjoy a bright, cheerful basement in no time. Here are the top 10 tips for making this happen:

1. Bright Color.

Use bright color liberally. Just as with natural light, the brighter and more saturated a color, the better. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a light color!) Not that you want your basement to be gaudy or tacky, of course. But a nice bright tone on the walls, rugs, and even large furniture pieces and some cheerful pops of color throguhout will go far in creating a fresh, bright atmosphere.


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