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Fun With Black & White Prints: Ideas & Inspiration

With little assistance a black and white room can be the most romantic, the most stylish, the most fashion-foward, the most modern and the most rich with antiquity all at the very same time. This classic color combination will never go out-of-style, but the trend of the moment are black and white prints and patterns. Funky and retro, eclectic and unique or sleek and contemporary, there’s a swell of inspiration around us. Let’s look as some beautiful, real-life ideas on how others’ used black and white prints in their homes!

1. Furniture.

In a clean and crisp setting or a funky eclectic puzzle of a room, black and white furniture pieces are bold and stylish. We love small, intricate prints for a youthful, unique vibe and we love more modern patterns that are edgy and chic. They create a focal point for the room and look great are on any size furniture piece from sofas to slipper chairs.


5 of Best Flowers With the Best Meanings For Your Home

Everyone knows that fresh florals are the best. Who wants plastic flower arrangements filling up their dining room table when a vase of lovely smelling roses or springtime tulips could be in its place. Fresh flowers brighten up any room, breathe life into any space and are a welcoming and well-meant accessory for when family and guests arrive. So, what are the best flowers to fill your home with? We’ve compiled a life of our favorites with the best style and best meanings for you home. Take a look!

1. Roses.

The most popular and most traditional of all flowers is the rose. And they look lovely in any and every setting. They also come in so many color variations that you can even match them to your home’s decor. But, be warned, different colors mean different things. For example, red roses symbolize “I love you,” pink means friendship, white is known for its youthfulness and yellow gives off a jouyous feel!


Peach and Coral Accents: Ideas and Inspiration

We love the fun and flirtatiousness of the lively and bright coral hues. And we love them paired with their softer sister, peach. Using this pair to accent any room is a good choice for revamping for the summer or just adding a bit of fun and spirit to your home. Using fresh florals, throw pillows or even curtains can lighten the mood and add fun bright spots to even your dullest of spots. Scroll along and take a peek at some wonderful ideas and inspiration.

1. In the Bedrooms.

Between the peach accent walls and the coral bedding, this bedroom is cool, crisp and perfect for the summer. It’s feminine and free, youthful and fun but still comfy and cozy enough for a good night’s rest. We also adore the addition of the minty green throw pillows that look great contrasted against the bright coral. You could easily doing this in an opposite way as well, adding a coral accent wall with peach bedding for a warmer, bolder look.


Get Sorted! Creative Storage Ideas that Use Space More Effectively

It’s not always easy to gain enough room for storage, especially if you live in a small space. Here are some easy ways to gain more room for all the things you need and love.

Choose Furniture that’s More than Pretty.

Storage Space in Disguise as Furniture

Smaller storage can easily be achieved by beautiful furniture, such as ottomans, that are also sneaky places where you can store away things you don’t want cluttering your space.


Themed Rooms: Beautiful, Sexy Parisian Rooms

It’s intriguing. It’s romantic. Parisian style always looks like it’s holding a mystery that we’re never allowed to find out. Unless, you’re French of course. Fortunately, we can be a part of the mysterious intrigue too, just by a little redecorating. Farmhouse details, grandiose accents, luxurious fabrics and wondrously feminine colors all are favorite of the French style. So, let’s look at some real life example of beautiful, sexy Parisian rooms.

1. Modern Parisian.

A classic black and white pair, mixed with just a bit of an artsy detail can combine to make the perfectly posh and modern Parisian bedroom. Chandeliers always help too, even if they’re more subtle. Just imagine looking out that window right at the Eiffel Tower. And notice the tiny, gold accents? That’s quintessential Parisian class.


How to Style a Bookcase

Some people just think of bookshelves as a place to keep books. But it can be more of an all-encompassing display and even a focal point for your room if you know how to style it. Here are some tips on how to make your bookcase more of a fun display and less of a simple storage eyesore.

Arrange your books.


Obviously the first step in the process of arranging your bookcase should be to take stock of the books you have to place there. It is, after all, a place to store your books. You’ll need to take a look at how many books you have and decide how to organize them. Some shelves may be shorter or taller than others, so you’ll have to decide where your books fit best. You can lay your books flat, stand them up, or do a mix of both.


A Guide to Successful Colour Coordinating In the Home

Colour coordinating a room always turns out to be a lot more difficult than expected. You often have this vision in your mind of how you want your room to look and what colours you are going to utilise. However, unfortunately it doesn’t always turn out like the picture in your imagination.

The key is to not use too many colours. This will make your room look cluttered, the style will appear confused, and there will be an evident lack of a theme.Yet, because you are only going to go for two or at the very maximum three colours, greater emphasis is placed on those that you do pick. Let’s look at the different ways in which you can pick a great colour scheme…


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