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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

Incredible Craft Room Inspiration: Creating & How To’s

We know how to organize. We know how to choose colors. But sometimes, we just need a quick pick me up, a quick bit of inspiration to get our wheels turning. Craft rooms are a place to explore, create and be imaginative. And if you’re lucky enough to have room for an entire space dedicated solely to creativity, then you best make that room the best it can be. Check out some of our favorite, most incredible bits of craft room inspiration and learn how to make something magical and amazing for yourself!

1. White, Bright & Tidy.

Amazing cabinets, amazing organization with a modern style has the ability to create this. It’s a white, bright and tidy space to start your creating and imagining from the ground up. It even has a space to hold wrapping paper! And do you see the light fixture, it’s just another way the decorator adding a bit of personal flair.


How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor’s Pad

There is no denying the fact that your home is an extension of who you are. It aptly displays your personality. You need to consider this when you are determining how to decorate your property.

Think about it…If you walked into a cosy little one bedroom cottage decorated in warm colours and adorned with symbols of love; you think newlyweds. If you walk into a flat and note an explosion of pink you assume a group of young girls live there. If you walk into a minimalistic, contemporary and sophisticated property finished off with a few impressive gadgets, then you think bachelor!


Decorating with Whites & Silvers: Ideas and Inspiration

Crisp and clean with a punch of glamour, there’s something quite luxurious about a white and silver pairing. From sparkly accents to straight-edged palettes, this combination create a timeless style with lots of  bold and bright flair. Whether it’s your master bedroom or the kitchen, these shades can sweep a room and transform it into something absolutely, knock-out gorgeous. Take a look!

1. Mantle Magic.

Calming and ethereal, a mantle decked out in a simple white and some shabby silver pieces help to create a sharp and unique style. These colors make anything and everything look a bit richer and full of personality, but they also help to bring serenity to the space, even if it’s just a simple mantle design.


Create an Inspiration Board for Your Home Design Ideas

When looking to decorate a new home or re-do an old space, coming up with an actual plan for your design can be easier said than done. Pinterest has proven to be a popular and useful tool to help people pull ideas together, but having a tangible “pinboard” can also be helpful.

How to Create an Inspiration Board.


Start by going through some of your favorite design magazines and cut out patterns, furniture, and other design elements that catch your eye. You can even go through some of your pinterest boards or favorite blogs and print out items you like.


How To Keep A Clean House With The Kids Home This Summer

It’s a little difficult to adapt to the change in schedule when summer comes and the kids are no longer attending school. It would be easier to keep the house clean without them around but, of course, sending them away for the summer is not the right answer. You could try instead to change the tactics and to come up with new ways of keeping the house clean. Here are a few tips.

Include the kids.

Since the kids are home, why not include them when you’re cleaning the house? It would be very helpful for you and would give them an opportunity to interact.


How To Design The Perfect Pergola For Your Garden

A pergola, or arbor, is a garden structure that is primarily designed to create shade. Traditional pergolas make shaded walkways, sometimes between two garden walls, or a sheltered area next, to a building. They can also serve as freestanding structures providing protection from the sun over a garden terrace. Nowadays pergolas that extend from the side of a building to a feature, such as a terrace or a swimming pool, are extremely popular.

However, pergolas function equally well away from the main building in a corner of the garden. A pergola that is hidden away, like this, can create a sense of destination and discovery in a landscape design. Wherever you choose to site your pergola, think about it as a mini room within the garden creating an external zone of the home in its own right.


Themed Rooms: Movie Night

Fun family nights filled with popcorn and movies, everyone needs a cozy, homey spot to kick back, relax and catch up with the tube. Blankets and comfortable seating are a must for creating the most perfect “movie night” room, but there are some other great ways to transform a bonus room, living room or extra bedroom into the most magical, most fun room of the house! Take a look!

1. Add some curtains to the screen.

Give your movie space that extra, magical flair by adding curtains to the TV screen. Golds and burgundies are the classic color choices. Then add some pull-back tassels, fringe and make sure the fabric is of a plush, velvety genre. When it’s time for the big premiere, slide them back to reveal your big flat screen! It’ll just be an extra way to add that bit of movie-esque appeal to the area.


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