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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

Should You Go For Curtains Or Settle With Drapes

When it comes to treating and dressing the windows, you have a myriad of options and choices at your disposal. While having an extensive variety to select from is definitely great, but it is known to be confusing also. For instance, should you go for curtain or settle with drapes.

Drapes and curtains are the most common window dressing options and often are used interchangeably as most of the people are unable to differentiate between both of them. Though drapes and curtain may seem not to be very similar, but they are quite different from each other.

Here is a detailed comparison between the two to make you wise and help you make the right selection –

Drapes are nothing but heavy weight, floor length, lined fabrics hung on the rods with hooks for traversing. On the other hand, curtains are unlined, light weight fabrics of varying length attached to the rods with rings, tabs, grommets, or rod pocket casing.


8 Eco Friendly Tips For Home Improvement

Today, lives have become very complex and most of us hardly get time to even think about our environment. We fail to realize that there are many things done on a daily basis that could be hurting our environment as well as our future.

Going green and being eco friendly is the best way to play a significant role to save our planet. Improving your home through application of eco friendly methods is not only an easy way but is known to be rewarding in the long run. Some methods may cost you several dollars but there are many others that are priced at just few dollars and are even free.

1.Start small. Small changes have been known to get the critical difference. Change the light bulbs of your home to the energy efficient halogen lamps. Through this method, you will be saving energy and resultantly money will be saved. Moreover, the halogen lamps have a longer life and also save on waste materials.


10 Inexpensive Ways Of Decorating Your Home For The Holiday Season

Can you feel the excitement of the holidays approaching yet? It’s never too early to start preparing for this fun season. Start planning ahead and gathering ideas so you can make your home as festive as it can be. You don’t need a big budget because these projects are all low cost.

Decorate the front door.


How to Purchase Leather Furniture

Deciding on purchasing leather furniture is a statement that states that you have decided to impart your house with a sophisticated, aristocratic and luxurious ambience. Leather furniture is known to give the room an elegant and welcoming feel. Purchasing leather furniture is a big investment. If you purchase the right kind of leather, your investment shall last for a lifetime as leather gets better as it ages. However, if you purchase the wrong leather furniture which is poor in quality then you are going to regret your decision very soon.

Leather is just not the raw skin of any animal. The leather skin is actually divided into two pieces, – the inside layer and the outer layer.  The outer layer is known as the top grain leather and is supreme in quality, soft in feel and highly durable. The inner layer of the skin is known as split leather and is manufactured after joining several leather pieces. This is cheaper than top grain but is stiff, non durable, dyed and is known to crack easily.


Ideas for Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to lighting, the fact cannot be denied that the bathrooms are given the least consideration than the other parts of the house. However, bathroom area is as important as other parts of the house and should be lighted properly. Properly designed bathroom is known to increase the value of the house. There are several varied ways to enhance the bathroom and the least expensive and most effective way to update the bathroom is lighting.  With proper lighting fixtures, you will be enabled to create a different look and the right mood.

Today, bathrooms are just not used for sanitary and bathing purposes, but they are also used as a place to recharge and relax and therefore, bathroom lighting needs to be given extra consideration.

Consider the following ideas to light up your bathroom area efficiently –

1.Generally, task lighting needs to be installed in all bathrooms. Since the task lighting fixtures are task specific, it should be assured that the light is bright so that you get a proper impaired vision. Try to select a vanity mirror that can hold bulbs. Certain vanity mirrors that can hold up to four bulbs.


7 Useful Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment

Decorating a studio apartment can prove to be very challenging as all the things are a part of a single undivided space. All the different parts of a house such as sleeping area, cooking area, dining area, study area, and the living area coexists together and hence the decoration of the apartment is a difficult job.

1. Space saving furniture.

Studio apartments are known to have limited space, so in order to have efficient storage space, try to purchase furniture that performs a double duty. You can easily find ottomans and chairs with storage space. You just need to lift the top to access the storage area. You can use this space for storing your pillows, blankets and other items.


5 Tips To Create More Storage Space In Your Bedroom

There is always a need for extra storage space and that too in the bedroom because almost all of us are very possessive about our things and prefer to store it under the hand. From clothes, to bags, shoes, accessories, collectibles, jewelry, etc are all stored in the bedroom. Most of the people are unable to afford home improvement projects that double up the storage area, but fortunately there is a plethora of other ways to create more storage space in your bedroom.

Here is a list of some easy to implement and inexpensive storage ideas to create more storage space in your bedroom –

1.One of the first things that you can do in order to enhance the storage space in your bedroom is to get storage containers, bags or bins that are specifically designed for under bed storage. They are usually clear plastic boxes so that can you easily see the stored items. They are slim enough and fit quite easily under any bed size. You may also use an old dresser drawer and attach wheels to it and make an under bed storage drawer. And if you can buy a loft bed then there cannot be a better option.


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