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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

5 Tips To Create More Storage Space In Your Bedroom

There is always a need for extra storage space and that too in the bedroom because almost all of us are very possessive about our things and prefer to store it under the hand. From clothes, to bags, shoes, accessories, collectibles, jewelry, etc are all stored in the bedroom. Most of the people are unable to afford home improvement projects that double up the storage area, but fortunately there is a plethora of other ways to create more storage space in your bedroom.

Here is a list of some easy to implement and inexpensive storage ideas to create more storage space in your bedroom –

1.One of the first things that you can do in order to enhance the storage space in your bedroom is to get storage containers, bags or bins that are specifically designed for under bed storage. They are usually clear plastic boxes so that can you easily see the stored items. They are slim enough and fit quite easily under any bed size. You may also use an old dresser drawer and attach wheels to it and make an under bed storage drawer. And if you can buy a loft bed then there cannot be a better option.


How to Use Solar Lightning In Your Garden Area

Garden area is a very vital part of a home, but most of the people chose to ignore when it comes to lightening the area. Placement of a single dim light to light the entire garden and make it gloomy is a very common practice accepted by most of the individuals. The fact cannot be denied that placing a lot of traditional lights will definitely turn out to be very expensive. However, with changes and innovations, you can now install inexpensive solar lightening in your garden area.

Solar lights are the ideal choice for lightening the garden area. They are easy to install, free of maintenance and do not have any running cost. There is no need of professional installation, and you can easily install the lights by yourself. Here are few steps to assist you with the process of using solar lightening for your garden area –

1.Firstly, you need to decide the placement of solar lights. The solar lights need to be placed in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Do not forget to consider the position of sun in different seasons.  Avoid placing them in shaded areas or where other garden structures may obstruct sunlight. You can place it in your walkway, doorstep or use it to highlight a plant or bush.


Useful Tips to Decorate your Living Room Area

The living room area of a house is one of the important rooms. This is the area that is responsible for creation of first impression on the visiting guests and relatives when they enter the home. It is the focal point of the entire house and some of the best times such as chatting with guests or friends, watching TV or relaxing in the sofa is spent here. Whether you properly decorate other parts of the house or not, but you have to decorate your living room area. It is not necessary that you need to spend excessively in order to decorate your living room area. With a combination of creativity, good taste, imagination, lamps and statues, any living room area can easily be transformed into an elegant space that speaks on its own.

Below is a list of some useful tips to decorate your living room area –

1.Colors are known to have a direct psychological effect on the people and their mood. Choosing only whites and creams will give way to a monotonous look. It is always better to go for lively colors, but if you prefer light colors then get some contrast highlight done on an opposing wall. This will impart a contemporary look. Wallpaper borders also look stunning.


How To Design A Girl’s Bedroom

Decorating a girl’s bedroom is assured to be a pleasurable activity. A girl’s bedroom is her nest where she can play, study, spin tales of wonder, daydream, gaze at the mirror for hours, etc. Check out the below mentioned tips to design a girl’s bedroom -

- Girls, whether they are small or grown up are known to be more creative, and hence love to participate in the decoration of their room. Involve your girl and try to know her choice and preferences. According to her choice, select a theme for the room. Flowers, Barbie, stars, moonlight, clouds are some popular themes. You can also base a theme around her favorite color.


A few ideas for storing shoes

If you have a big house then you can find enough space for storing everything, including all the two hundred pairs of shoes that your wife has collected over the years. So you simply order a special closet only for the shoes with narrow shelves and problem solved. Well, it’s a lot more difficult when you have a small home or you live in an apartment. In this case you will do anything to gain some space, but be able to store the shoes in good conditions as you don’t want to ruin them for the next season. Any way, if you are one of those guys who is desperate to find some ideas for storing shoes in the least space possible, you might want to take a look at these pictures where you can see some brilliant ideas that are both simple and efficient.

The first picture shows some very small shelves that are specially designed to fix only the tip of the shoes and keeps them sort of suspended in the air. You simply fix them to the wall and make the most of the tiniest corner in your hallway. It’s not very hard to make and you can get these shelves in a matter of minutes if you have some pieces of painted wood. And if you are not a handy person, just ask a carpenter to do that for you and you will see it’s pretty cheap. Or you can use metallic shelves instead – it’s totally up to you.


Some Useful Decorating Ideas For Small Bedroom

Small bedrooms tend to look crowded and congested, as it has limited floor space and storage space. The bedroom is one place where you can rest and relax, and if it happens to be cluttered, the purpose behind having a bedroom is not catered.  The fact cannot be denied that small bedrooms do have very limited space but there are several varied ways to decorate a small room in an efficient manner and make it look bigger and spacious.

Here is a list of useful decoration ideas for small bedroom –

1.One of the first aspects that needs utmost consideration in a small bedroom is the bed as it occupies the major chunk of floor space. It is advisable to go for queen size bed instead of king size so that you can save space. Platform beds are also a good choice. They are low in height and make the room look bigger.


Know in Details About Kitchen Faucets

Today, the must upgrade of every kitchen is the kitchen faucet. Faucets have undergone a revolution and evolved as more versatile and stylish than ever. At one time the kitchen faucet was nothing but just a medium to get the water in a sink. However, today you will find that there is a plethora of styles and designs available to the consumer and is based on functionality, material and color.

There are various types of kitchen faucets and are described below –

1.Single handle kitchen faucet – Single handle kitchen faucets are center sets and allow for easy and quick water flow and temperature adjustments with single hand. The design may require one or more holes depending upon the style and layout range from typical to contemporary.


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