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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

Design Your Kids Bedroom Through Selection of Themes

Designing your kid’s bedroom can be one of the most interesting and an enjoyable project that you can indulge in. A bedroom of your child is the only place which he can call his own. Kids are known to treat their bedroom as their sanctuary and love to spend hours in it.

Kids’ bedroom décor is all about creativity and imagination. It should be lively, bright, vibrant and also comfortable. There are various ways to decorate a kid’s bedroom but there is nothing as efficient as a designing the room according to a theme. Selecting a theme for your kid’s bedroom will not only provide you with the right direction but also interest your child.


Use Solar Heater and Save Energy

Once a technology that just sat on the roof and was used to harness energy from the sun to heat water, has now become a trendy tool and is being used by people all across the globe.  Solar energy is gaining extreme popularity as the world is hunting for renewable and sustainable energy sources. Solar energy or residential sunlight can be used to generate electricity that can be used to cool and heat, light building, provide hot water, etc.

According to researches, it has been found that around 35% to 40% of household energy consumption account for heating water for varied needs. However, this consumption can be largely reduced by the use of solar heaters.  Solar water heaters can be installed in all locations irrespective of the climate factor. These heaters are available in an array of configuration. Each type differs in design, performance, cost and complexity.


How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

A majority of home owners chose to install tiles in their bathroom because besides enhancing the look of the bathroom, they are highly durable, sturdy and easy to clean. Decorating the bathroom with tiles in an exquisite manner is just not enough, proper measures should be taken to clean the tiles because a clean and well designed bathroom is known to increase the value of a home. Moreover, if the tiles are left untouched for a longer duration of time, soap and mineral deposits along with grout stains are bound to develop. Cleaning bathroom tiles is an easy job that requires some good cleaners and little effort.

1.Depending upon the severity of the mold or dirt, start with spraying the bathroom cleaner from top to bottom. Wet the tiles and spray the cleaner solution.


A Guide To Select The Perfect Wall Color

Colors are known to give life to anything and everything. It is used to express thoughts, energy, emotion and many other things. It is the color of the wall of the room that imparts the background for the design element. The selection of the wall color is very vital as it is going to either make or break the overall atmosphere and look of the room.

As all of are aware that colors are often addressed as cool and warm. Pink, red and orange is considered to be warm colors, whereas green, blue and violet is considered to be cool. Try to ascertain the purpose of the room before deciding to go for either of warm or cool color. For instance, social rooms such as dining room, living room, or kitchen fare better with warm colors. Study, hallways and bedroom are calmer areas and look better with cool colors. On the other hand, beige and white are considered to be the safe colors as they possess a neutral look and are known to suit all sorts of décor.


What Type of Shower Curtains To Be Used in the Bathroom?

With a myriad of shower curtains easily available in the market, that task of finding one that perfectly suits your bathroom area is definitely going to be overwhelming. There is actually an extensive range to choose from. You will have a plethora of options at your disposal in terms of patterns, prints, designs, styles and material. Plastic, nylon and a fabric is the most common materials used for shower curtains.

Nylon shower curtains are gaining popularity all across the world. They are not too expensive and are also light weighted. They are available in an array of styles and prints and match well with all sorts of bathroom décor. Nylon shower curtains are very easy to clean. You can throw them in a washing machine every month and restrict the mold to build up at the bottom. Alternatively, you can also get them laundered.


5 Ways In Which You Can Beautify Your Patio Area

As far as a clear distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces goes, the patio is exactly part of either one. It may be placed outdoors but it’s as cozy as any of the indoor spaces. At this point, it’s all about how you choose to decorate it. Here are 5 tips to help make your patio more inviting.

Use furniture with bold colors.


Useful Tips for Selecting Kitchen Flooring

The type of flooring that needs to be selected for your kitchen is one of the most vital decisions to be made. Most individuals make the common mistake of not giving importance to the kitchen flooring. The right kitchen flooring is known to have a large impact on the overall feel and look of the kitchen. There is a myriad of options for the types of kitchen floor. Hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl and tile are some popular choices.

The selection of the flooring should be done in accordance with the environment you live in. Your lifestyle and budget should also be taken into consideration. Make sure you conduct your own research and also do not hesitate to seek advice from professional decorators.


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