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Summer-Inspired Place Settings: Ideas & Inspiration

Summer is all about relaxation, stealing some shade and lots of cold drinks and easy meals. But that doesn’t mean we need to stray away from style at the table. Even if we’ve just thrown together a fruit salad and sandwiches, you can still create something pretty and quick so your table looks fresh, stylish and quintessentially summer. Take a look at some light and airy summer-inspired place setting ideas and grab some inspiration for the dinner table!

1. Sweet Daisies.


Whether you picked some daisies in the backyard or from your very own flower garden, a few on the table will bring the right amount of youth and life. Pair it with some muted blues and maybe even a red and white checkered tablecloth, which we all know is summertime to a “T.” There’s no fuss about this settings, it’s strictly cleaned and precise, with just the right amount of sunny flair.

Making Your Home Smell Amazing: Ideas & Inspiration

We all want our homes to smell lovely and refreshing. It’s the best feeling in the world to step inside the front door to a burst of lemons or warm and cozy vanilla. But how can you make that happen? How can you make that smell last for a long time? How can you make the house smell amazing for your dinner party? Well, we’ve got some great ideas and inspiration for making your home smell amazing. Allow us to inspire you!

1. Summer Stove-Top Potpourri.

Try this recipe on for size. Grab a pot and start boiling some water. This is a great way to get your home smelling amazing and welcoming for any dinner guests or friends coming over for a visit. Use canned pineapple and coconut extract for a yummy, refreshing aroma!


Chic Items Every Modern Bedroom Needs

Fine lines, classic color palettes and a fashion-forward flair, who doesn’t appreciate a chic bedroom? From crisp bedding to an organized closet, there’s something extra luxurious and elegant about a space that screams sophistication, class and slick style. But where do you start when planning out your modern bedroom? What items are essential to making it come full circle? Here are some of our favorites that will do just the trick!

1. Crisp Bedding.

Stay away from frills and chaotic printed linens, instead go with something slick and crisp. As far of color is concerned, use your favorites. But, if you’re searching for a clean and sleek overall look, your bed needs to be a simple and fine-edged focal point.


10 Decorating Tricks And Secrets For A Perfect Decor

Although a professional could give you useful advice and can also help with all sorts of aspects related to interior décor, we usually prefer to do things ourselves. This doesn’t mean we can’t do a job as good as the professional. It simply means that we have to educate ourselves a little bit before starting the project. The following tips and secrets are just a starting point.

A bigger bed.

When you’re decorating a small bedroom, don’t do the mistake of thinking that a small bed would make the room seem bigger. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. So go with a bigger bed instead. However, don’t choose a bed that takes up half of the room because it will only make you feel uncomfortable.


Tips for Creating a Cohesive Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They give people a way to display a lot of photos and artwork all in one place, as well as a way to show some real creativity. But there are some important tips that should be considered.

Carefully select artwork.

The first step in creating a gallery wall is to pick out which pieces you want to display. The beautiful thing about a gallery wall is that you can display so many different things at once. You can pick out personal photos, abstract art, illustrations, and whatever else you can think of. Many people choose to have a theme for their gallery walls so that they go together well, but you can also just pick out a large selection of things that are important to you.


Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

One theme, one color, one texture or one idea …. none of that makes a funky, eclectic space. The weird, the different, the out-of-the-box, the fun mixing and matching, it’s all about of this carefree style. But, how can we create the most perfect eclectic bedroom? What items and essentials do we need to make a personal space stylish and aesthetically interesting? Today, we’re showing you funky items every eclectic bedroom needs, so sit back, relax and take notes!

1. An Interesting Art Collection.

Whether they’re thrift store finds or expensive pieces accumulated over time, you must have an interesting art collection adorning the bedroom’s walls. It create a vivid, miss-matched look easily all the while showing off your personal tastes and inspiration.


Does Your Home Have Style?

Does your home have style… It’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Every year we hear about different trends and styles that are coming in and out of fashion. Yet, it is obviously impossible to include all of these trends into your home. Brass decor, floral patterns, oriental accessories, accent walls and animal prints are all fashion; but you couldn’t incorporate them into one room, could you?

We’ve put together a list of the top interior designs with some information on how to emulate them correctly so you can decide whether your home has a five star rating on the style front or not…

1. Minimalism

Get rid of the clutter. Kiss goodbye to too many accessories. Kick crazy patterns and prints to the curb. If you truly want to emulate this style then you need to change your mentality. Most people tend to go for a monochrome colour scheme when going for a minimalistic design.


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