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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

How To Transform Your Basement Into An Extra Room

The basement area is a real treasure as it can become anything you want. It has the potential to be turned into anything: a man cave, a games room, a playroom for the kids, a guest bedroom, a laundry room, etc. it’s up to you to decide the best way to make it useful.

Turn it into a cozy living room.


Wallpaper – Is It In Or Out Of Style?

Would you say wallpaper is a trendy decorating feature or is it more like an element that’s reminiscent of traditional and rustic decors? It’s a question everyone struggles with at one point or another. The answer is somewhere in between. Yes, wallpaper can have a traditional vibe but, given the right design and if you use it right, it can also make your home look modern and fresh.

Keep the décor simple with striped in subtle shades


Know about commercial locks and their types

Besides being a serious investment for business houses, commercial locks are now gaining popularity among households all across the globe. With an increase in thefts and other sorts of criminal activity, it is extremely recommended to protect your livelihood through the installation of commercial locks.  There are various types of commercial locks available in the market and the area of your house shall determine the type of commercial lock you may need. If the area has a high crime rate, you may require an exit control lock, dead lock or alarmed lock, or else you may settle for the standard lock.

Below is a list of most of the common types of commercial locks –

a) Exit control lock – this is one of the most popular types of commercial lock and is meant for the back door. There are certain regulations that need to be followed. These locks are battery operated, easy to install and corrosion and attack resistant as they have cast aluminum housing. There are various versions of exit lock with the exit bar sign written in English, French, Dutch, German, Chinese and Italian. Most of the exit control locks come with saw resistant deadbolt and high decibel alarm home. Certain versions also have outside key control.


12 Ways to Save Money Heating Your Home

Frankly speaking, nowadays, even if we hear more and more about the eco homes, or about homes that don’t consume too much energy, practically speaking, those homes aren’t ours, and therefore, we have to worry about ourselves, about how to reduce the amounts from the bills or how to save money heating our house.

So, if you didn’t have any ideas until now on how to save money heating your home, here are some ways:

1.Replace your old windows with PVC ones. They will save the heat to be transferred outside, therefore they will save you from throwing away some money in vain.


Carpet and its types

A carpet is nothing but a simple thing used as a covering for a floor. Carpets are also addressed as area rugs and have always been in the trend. However, in today’s globalization era, the carpet trend has become more prevalent. Carpets are available in an array of varieties and types with each type catering to a unique purpose and need. It is very vital to know in details about the types of carpet before you purchase a carpet as a carpet is a considerable investment and offers long term services. Below is a list of different types of carpet:

Woven carpet.

Woven carpet is very much similar to a woven cloth and is produced on a loom only. Different colored yarns are used to produce intricate designs and patterns. They are generally made of natural fibers such as coir, wool, jute, and coconut wood sisal. Women carpets are high in quality and extremely durable. However, they are very expensive due to their slow manufacturing process but are known to impart a royal and aristocratic look to the room.


Electric Vs Gas stoves

Whether in the form of a cook top, built in range or free standing range, everyone needs a stove. The two commonly used forms of stoves for households are gas stoves and electric stoves. Electric stoves have been recently invented but gas stoves have been in use since decades. However, it is very difficult to compare them and point one as the best because both boast their unique features.

Here is a detailed comparison between electric and gas stoves that shall help you in selecting the best type according to your need –


Gas stove is a conventional type that uses compressed gas as a fuel. The gas needs to be ignited near the outlet of gas with the help of a matchstick or a lighter. On the other hand, electric stove is made of metal coils through which current flows. The heat is transferred to the cooking utensil through radiation or convection.


Indoor Plants are Highly Beneficial

As all of us know that indoor plants are amazing decorative items that are known to brighten up any room with living energy and color. However, according to the researches besides creating a pleasing and inviting look, they are also known to impart a myriad of benefits. Different indoor plants require different indoor conditions, while many others may require special treatment, grow light or humidifier. However, in all cases, they are highly beneficial.

Below is an extensive list of benefits of indoor plants –

1) Indoor plants clean the air in the room. Through the process of photosynthesis and transpiration, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen to the air. They are also known to absorb other toxins such as ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide, trichloroethytene, formaldehyde and xylene. The pollutants emitted from the fireplaces or furnaces are also filtered. The smell of the air is also improved, even if the plants are not fragrant.


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