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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug for your Dining Room

Even if not every house has its own dining room, as this kind of room is mainly for the medium to big houses, when it comes to their decoration, one of the most important items that needs to be in every dining room is the rug.

Yet, some of the people don’t know how to choose the perfect area rug for the dining room, and therefore, at the end of the decorating process, all of the people that will enter in that room and will observe the rug, will certainly tell that it simply doesn’t fit in the general view.

So, before choosing a rug – the model, and more important, the size-, people should realize that in order to obtain a nice effect, then the rug should be of the same color as the biggest piece of furniture that there is in that room. So, assuming that we are talking by a classic dining room, then the rug should have the same color as the table, or at least, the color should respect the color of the table.


How to decorate your home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that time of a year when families and friends get together to share experiences, appreciate the blessings and gifts in their lives and convey thanks to each other. Thanksgiving is held during the autumn season, which imparts the perfect opportunity to decorate the house in magnificent colorful ways. For Thanksgiving, you need not put in too much effort as Christmas but with little creative tips you can easily spruce things.

So let’s find out what are the great ways to make your home an inviting and warm place on this Thanksgiving Day –

a) Since it is going to be the autumn season, decorate your home with the colors of fall. The foliage of autumn can be used to make stellar centerpieces, arrangements, and garlands.  Collect leaves from your neighborhood and spread them on the countertop, hearth, under glass top table, under candle display, frame them in a picture, place them in decorative bowls, etc.


How to make a living room look larger?

Today, living room is the central point of most of the homes. It is the place which is used for varied purposes. From watching television, relaxation, eating meals and entertaining guests, people are known to spend most of their time in the living room. However, with house prices soaring high, small living room is a common problem. Some people even consider spending thousands of dollars to enhance the area and generate extra additional space. Fortunately, there are many other ways to make your living room look larger and without spending a lot of money.


Tips to decorate your dining table

Dining rooms are the center of a house. It is a place where all the family members join together to enjoy a meal. A good decorated place to eat lifts the mood and is assured to make the experience of enjoying good food even better. Although, many people spend thousands of extra dollars on decorating their dining table but there are numerous other ways that may not even cost you hundred dollars, and you can still be proud of a well decorated dining table.

1) The easiest way to add style to your dining table is to add a tablecloth. Some tablecloths are very expensive, but it is not that difficult to find inexpensive ones at discount or departmental stores. You may also buy a fabric and stitch your customized table cloth. The fabric of the table cloth shall decide the style for the table. If you desire something simple and lustrous then go for plain colored fabrics. For special occasions, invest in silk, organza or organdy table cloths. Prints and designs are perfect for daily use.


What colors to use in the kids room

Many people think that they should make their kids bedroom really colorful just because this room is specially designed for children. But some experts and psychologists say that a wide range of vivid colors only make the children tired and they will feel uncomfortable in their room. That is why my advice as a mother that has read a lot of expert advice, but has also seen that advice in practice is to paint the walls of your kids  in very warm colors – pastels. They induce a calm atmosphere and , besides, the toys that can be found all over the kids room are colorful enough. Take a look at this room in the picture that is prepared for kids. Would you like to live in there? I don’t think so. And neither would the children.

That being said I am all for pale shades of blue, green, beige and pink – if your kids are girls. And I also suggest that you should use some extra visual effects to match the color and that can be easily painted by hand. For example if your kids room is painted in light blue, just add some white clouds on the ceiling and upper part of the walls and you will see your kids will love it.

If you choose light green as the background, you can add some tall grass and even flowers and if your kids are able to draw – if they are in kindergarten already – maybe you can ask them to help you with this task and the satisfaction will be double.


Selection of the Right flower vase

Flowers arranged in a flower vase simply look stunning and are known to suit all types of environment.  Whether it is a church, office, mall, or a business establishment, vases with colorful flowers are a common sight. There is a wide range of flowers available in the market and choosing one of them is bound to be tricky. However, the toughest part is to match them with the right flower vase. Whether you use ordinary flowers or exotic flowers, they will not look good, unless you place them in the appropriate vase. It is very vital to select the right flower vase.

Here is a list of tips that shall help you with the selection of the right flower vase –

a) The first thing that needs to be considered is the size of the vase. Vases are available in all sizes. If you have few flowers, select a small vase, whereas if a bunch of flowers need to be arranged that you need to select a large flower vase with a wide mouth.


How to Create a Relaxing Reading Corner

A reading is a wonderful feature for any home. It looks so cozy you simply can’t resist. And if you’re not exactly a big fan of books then this is a good thing. Relax your mind and sit comfortably in your chair, adjust the floor lamp and dive into your favorite book. Turn this into a marvelous experience by choosing the right décor.


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