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5 Things to consider in the selection of a toilet seat

Do you want to change your toilet seat because it has worn out or maybe because you want to impart your bathroom with a new look. Well, you can easily find a toilet seat according to your preference as there is a myriad of options for toilet seats.   Selection of a toilet seat is something that should be done carefully with consideration of other factors besides the look and efficiency.

Here is a list of things that should be considered in the selection of a toilet seat -

1. In the selection of a toilet seat, it is very vital to consider the décor, theme and the existing colors of the bathroom, and needless to mention the seat should also match with the model of the toilet. You may check some catalogues or online showrooms for varied styles and designs.


7 Tips to protect your house from theft

According to FBI, more than 1.5 million burglaries happen every year in United States. Thieves target cash, jewelry, electronics, and other valuables. For many families, it is much more than losses of money as thieves also steal sentiment things that cannot be replaced. Identity theft is also on a rise, and thieves are after financial records and personal information of individuals.

There are numerous measures that can be initiated by you in order to protect your home from theft-

1) Invest in a home security system. Burglars and thieves are known to walk away when confronted with a home security system. Moreover, they shall alert you, your family and the police as thieves invade in. Home security systems are quite affordable and some companies even provide the unit for free in return of a monthly operating fee.


How to transform your basement into an extra room

It’s not an uncommon thing anymore for the families with small to medium houses to transform their basement into an extra Room. In fact, this kind of practice has been in the customs of the people even from the medieval times, when the basements from most of the houses and fortresses used to be transformed into some kind of safe places, where everybody could live without any problems.

Though, when it comes to the actual transformation of the basement into a an extra room, just pulling out the closets and adding some furniture isn’t enough. In fact, adding furniture is the last thins that should be done.

First of all, keep in mind that the basement was first meant for depositing things and not for living, therefore the conditions might not be the same as for the rest of the house. So, first of all, the walls should be checked, just to see if there is any water infiltration, and if there is, something should be made in order to dry the walls.


Wallpaper – is it out or in

Wallpaper – Is it out or in? – This is one question that millions of people all across the globe confuse over every year.  And the strangest thing is, even though they have decided that whether they will go with or not, they still post the same question “Wallpaper – is it out or in”

To be very frank, nothing becomes “in” or “out” on its own. It’s we who make them “in” and “out”. Wallpapers have been used to dress the walls since 200 B.C. People all across the globe would use wallpaper to decorate their historic home or impart a particular period look to their house. The Victorians had a passion for wallpaper and used lots of it.

Faux paint finishes are definitely “in”, but they need to be applied in a professional and skillful way in order to avoid the amateurish look. However, exactly the same texture and effect can easily be achieved through the use of wallpapers. Wallpapers have also known to enrich the room as well as add elegance to it.


Know about commercial locks and their types

Besides being a serious investment for business houses, commercial locks are now gaining popularity among households all across the globe. With an increase in thefts and other sorts of criminal activity, it is extremely recommended to protect your livelihood through the installation of commercial locks.  There are various types of commercial locks available in the market and the area of your house shall determine the type of commercial lock you may need. If the area has a high crime rate, you may require an exit control lock, dead lock or alarmed lock, or else you may settle for the standard lock.

Below is a list of most of the common types of commercial locks –

a) Exit control lock – this is one of the most popular types of commercial lock and is meant for the back door. There are certain regulations that need to be followed. These locks are battery operated, easy to install and corrosion and attack resistant as they have cast aluminum housing. There are various versions of exit lock with the exit bar sign written in English, French, Dutch, German, Chinese and Italian. Most of the exit control locks come with saw resistant deadbolt and high decibel alarm home. Certain versions also have outside key control.


12 Ways to Save Money Heating Your Home

Frankly speaking, nowadays, even if we hear more and more about the eco homes, or about homes that don’t consume too much energy, practically speaking, those homes aren’t ours, and therefore, we have to worry about ourselves, about how to reduce the amounts from the bills or how to save money heating our house.

So, if you didn’t have any ideas until now on how to save money heating your home, here are some ways:

1.Replace your old windows with PVC ones. They will save the heat to be transferred outside, therefore they will save you from throwing away some money in vain.


Carpet and its types

A carpet is nothing but a simple thing used as a covering for a floor. Carpets are also addressed as area rugs and have always been in the trend. However, in today’s globalization era, the carpet trend has become more prevalent. Carpets are available in an array of varieties and types with each type catering to a unique purpose and need. It is very vital to know in details about the types of carpet before you purchase a carpet as a carpet is a considerable investment and offers long term services. Below is a list of different types of carpet:

Woven carpet.

Woven carpet is very much similar to a woven cloth and is produced on a loom only. Different colored yarns are used to produce intricate designs and patterns. They are generally made of natural fibers such as coir, wool, jute, and coconut wood sisal. Women carpets are high in quality and extremely durable. However, they are very expensive due to their slow manufacturing process but are known to impart a royal and aristocratic look to the room.


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