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How to use glass to decorate your home?

Among the varied options available for home décor, glass is one of the most commonly used materials in our homes. The use of glass in home décor is regarded as a decorative element as well utilitarian. The most remarkable feature possessed by glass is that it makes the area light, bright and obscure.  Glass is available in a myriad of forms and can be introduced in various parts of home.

Glass furniture – the easiest way to introduce glass in the interiors is through the introduction of glass furniture. The list of glass furniture that includes chairs, tables, mirror is simply vast. Table tops of glass in home offices and dining rooms impart an executive and sophisticated feel to the interiors. Alternatively, you may also pair glass with leather, wood or any other metal and impart an industrial chic feel to the room.


Top Ten Improving Tips for New Year

Are you pondering to start the New Year – 2011 with home improvement? Well, if this is the case, then you are not alone. Many home owners have decided to improve their home this year. This is an excellent time to start home improvement projects before spring knocks on the door. Home improvement projects can range from creating a new area in the house or simply upgrading fixtures and style. Irrespective of the type of home improvements planned, here is a list of tips to assist you in the process.

1) Evaluate your home – First of all, you need to assess the current décor status of your home and the ideas you wish to implement. Look around your home, and determine the essential improvements and the luxury improvements. Essential improvements should be preferred over the luxury improvements. A necessary improvement could be the replacement of leaking plumbing fixtures and a luxury improvement could be the replacement of ceramic tiles with exquisite glass or acrylic tiles.


How to choose the right accessories for bathroom?

Bathroom accessories are the key elements that contribute largely to the décor and feel of the bathroom. By selecting the right accessories for the bathroom, you can make the bathroom inviting, cozy, warm and astonishing. And to be very frank, adding bathroom accessories is the cheapest way to enhance the decoration of a room.

As accessories for the bathroom are available in a wide variety, selection of the right accessories is definitely a daunting task. Here is a list of tips to help you choose the right accessories for the bathroom –

1) First of all, the most important factor to consider is the available space and the plan adopted for the bathroom. Ascertain the available space in your bathroom and decide upon the theme. If your bathroom wears a simple and sober look, it is recommended to go for plain bathroom accessories featuring clean and straight lines. On the other hand, if your bathroom wears a luxurious style then you need to go for high end bathroom fixtures and accessories.


10 Winter Home Decorating Ideas

Changing the décor of the home at the outset of different seasons is one of the easiest ways to impart a new look to the interiors of your home. With the winter season setting in, it is once again a time to impart a fresh feel to the interiors. With fluffy and soft fabrics and warm colors, you can welcome the winter season in style.

In this write up, you have the exceptional opportunity to know about simple decoration tips in order to prepare your home for the winter season. Here are the tips –

1) Winter season is all about getting cozy. So you need to take out all your fluffy and soft throws. With the throws, your furniture pieces would make the place inviting and cozy. You may also use silk throws in order to impart a rich feel to the interiors. Flannel is also a great option and goes well for throws as well as for curtains and bedding.


How To Choose The Best Lcd Tv For Your Living Room

LCD televisions have gained extreme popularity and every second home owner wish to purchase one. LCD televisions not only look good, but they also occupy less space than traditional television while they offer larger screen size, making it compatible with the modern entertainment system.

Selection of the best LCD TV for the living room is important. A LCD TV is a long term investment. It is something, which is to be used for at least 10 years. It is vital to consider various factors such as features of LCD televisions, available space and more. Here are certain tips to help you choose the best LCD TV for your living room –

1) Assess the available space – A LCD television is a big thing, and you need to first assess the available space in your living room. Assessing the available space shall assist you to select the right size of the television. You also need to consider the arrangement of furniture in order to decide that whether the LCD television should be mounted on the wall or placed on the table. The selected location should have power outlets nearby so that you do not have wires all over the living room.


Differences in Coffee Makers

Today, coffee is one of the most widely enjoyed drinks all across the globe. From espresso to drip coffee, there a myriad of ways to make coffee and each method imparts a different taste and flavor.

There are a variety of coffee makers available in the market with each type following its own distinct process. The type of coffee maker selected shall determine that how strong is the coffee, how intense is the flavor and the amount of caffeine in the cup.

Automatic drip – automatic drip coffee maker is one of the most common types of coffee maker used across the globe.  Grounded coffee beans are placed in funnel with paper filter. Cold water is to be poured into the top loading tank. Once the water is heated up, it drips over the coffee powder and slowly flows into the placed pot below the funnel. This is the best choice when coffee is to be prepared for a group of persons. However, it is not suitable for making few cups as the amount of water added would be less, and it shall not reach the brewing temperature, and as a result the coffee made would be thin.


What’s the difference between sofa and couch?

When we talk about couch and sofa, the first thing that strikes us is that there is no remarkable difference between the two, and the terms are used to address the same type of furniture.  Some people tend to believe that there are merely synonyms. Some of the individuals even point out that the term couch is slang for sofa.

The fact cannot be ignored that sofa and couch have a lot of similarities but then there are a lot of differences in terms of history, size and function.


Derived from the middle French word – “Couche”, a couch is nothing but an armless piece of furniture that was popularly used in the Victorian period and was often addressed as the fainting couch. The couches were used in order to provide a place for the ladies wearing tight fitted corsets with restricted breathing abilities. Couches generally feature one arm or no arm at all and a tapered back.


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