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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

Decoration and how to make the best use of a small corner desk

Corners are those portions of a room that are often neglected. When placing varied types of furniture in a room, most people tend to ignore the corners. Most of the times, furniture is placed against the walls perpendicularly leaving the center area empty as well as empty corner space. However, this imparts an unbalanced as well as an incomplete look to the room. Filling up the corner space shall add on to the beauty of the room. Corner space can be filled easily through employment of varied items. Any room, whether small or large, can be well arranged and decorated with these simple corner decoration ideas –

Corner Tables – Today, corner tables have gained extreme popularity as they create a functional space and also add on to décor of the room.  They are the perfect selections for filling any sort of corner space. Whether small space or large space, corner tables can be used for both. Small corner tables can be used for placing small table lamps, sculptures, vases, bowls and even a nice telephone, etc. As a result, space is also utilized optimally and the purpose of decoration is also catered.  In addition, the corner space becomes a functional part of the area which was otherwise totally wasted. It is doubtless that rooms start appearing very stylish and chic after filling of large empty corner spaces.


How to transform garage into living space

Are you in need of extra living space as the kids are growing or new members have been added to the household? Are you tight on budget and cannot afford to buy a new house? You wish to create a living space within the available area only? Well, if this is so, then the best way to add living space is to transform your garage into living space.  Resorting to this solution shall not only help you create a nice living space but shall also cost you much less.

Follow the below mentioned instructions to transform a garage space into a living space –

1) First of all, you need to find out whether you are allowed to do construction in a garage space or not. If yes, you need to get the building or construction permit.


10 ways to maximize space in a small room

Most of the homeowners would love to own a large and a luxurious house featuring huge and spacious rooms, but aren’t fortunate to own one such. Today, property prices are increasing tremendously, and new properties are featuring small rooms with limited space. As a result, home owners have no other option and struggle hard to maximize space in their small rooms.

Here is a list of interesting ways to maximize space in a small room –

1) Select furniture pieces that are compact, cater to multiple purposes, and are easy to move. Instead of standalone furniture pieces select furniture pieces that perform a double duty. For instance, trunks serve as an excellent storage unit and can also be used as a coffee table.


Selection of covers to protect and decorate your dining chairs

When it comes to decorating a home, one of the most important aspects given optimum consideration by most of the people is a well set dining room. A well decorated dining room can literally set the theme of the house and compel the family members to enjoy their dinner together.

In this write up, we shall talk about dining chairs. All of us remember very well to protect the dining table top but we tend to forget the dining chairs also need to be protected. The easiest way to protect the dining chairs is to slide covers on them. Many people find the idea of installing covers on the chairs very unpleasant. They tend to assume that covers are gaudy and bulky pieces of cloth that never fit right. To be very frank, gone are those days of such covers. Today, covers have travelled a long way and feature attractive look.


How To Choose A Chandelier For Your Dining Room?

The perfect way to make a dining room look elegant and stylish is with a chandelier. The right chandelier has the potential to greatly enhance the interior décor of the room and to give it a whole new look. But how do you choose the chandelier. Liking it is not enough.


Impart a new look to your house by using animal print decorating ideas

Are you bored with the use of typical designs and patterns? Do you wish to liven up the interiors of your home? Well, if this is so, then you can easily impart a new look to your house by using animal print decorating ideas. Introduction of animal prints in a room can easily transform the look of the room from dull to exciting and eliminate the need of changing all the aspects of the room.

Animal prints are highly versatile. The prints can be blended with any type of furniture starting from traditional setting to the latest contemporary ones. The most remarkable feature of animal prints is that they are actually neutral accents. They can be used without the selection of any color scheme in a room. Animal prints are not limited to the fur like texture and color scheme of black and white. Accent pieces in earthy tones such as gold or brown can easily be found in different textured fabrics such as suede, cord and more. Animal prints are never believed to go out of fashion or style provided used in a proper setting.


Tips to improve your kitchen with lights

When decoration of a kitchen comes into the discussion, most of us tend to relate the improvement of the kitchen in terms of big things such as purchasing of appliances such as replacing the old oven, buying a new refrigerator, painting the walls, installing extra cabinets and shelves and more.  However, we never ponder to change the lights of the kitchen which is an equally important feature of the kitchen. Like other parts of the house, light is known to play a contributing role in transforming the look of a kitchen from dull to bright.

When talking about lighting of a kitchen, there are several factors that come into the play. The lighting should be such that the room should be properly illuminated. However, it should not be so bright that it hurt the eyes. The light should be installed in such a manner than every corner of the kitchen receives optimum light, and work can be done without straining the eyes.

Here is a list of tips to improve your kitchen with lights –

- Most of the kitchens, especially the older ones have a single type of lighting and some of them also have a single light. You need to shed this idea of installing one light or one type of light. Like other parts of the house, varied types of lightning can also be installed in the kitchen.


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