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If you’re on a budget and would like to save a few bucks (so you can splurge elsewhere), or you’re unsure of how to go about creating the functional and aesthetic home of your dreams, or you simply love the thrill of accomplishment when you do something on your own, Homedit’s How-To section of articles is the ultimate helpful guide. Here are found tips and advice for a variety of home decorating questions and challenges.

Ingenious ways of using chalkboard paint

We are all familiar with the chalkboard paint and its different uses. It has become a strong trend these days and it’s more and more common and used in all sorts of spaces, both private and public. It’s a simple way of changing the look and the use of a particular item. Chalkboard paint has many uses, some of them simple and common and other a little more clever and unique.

Chalkboard paint is very popular among kids. They love to draw on chalkboard surfaces. This gives them freedom to express themselves in a creative way. As a result, it’s a good idea to include it your kid’s room design. You can use it to cover a wall or part of a piece of furniture. For example, you can create a chalkboard dresser and give your kids the opportunity to write of furniture without being punished. Also, you can use it on a desk or play table.


Inspiring game rooms decorating ideas

Not everyone has a game room, but I am sure everyone wants one. I know I do. A game room’s design is very important because you must feel really good in it. After all, it is conceived for your own fun and relaxation. More than this, a game room is a socializing room. You will not be the only one to enter it and most of the time, familiar or more official persons will pass by.

The design of a pool room depends not only on your tastes and on your entire home design, but also on what type of game you choose to reserve it for. Most often we see game rooms destined for billiard, but if you have enough space you can have your own bowling alley, your ping pong room, your home golf, home theatre, poker, table soccer room, pinball or any other game passing through your mind.


21 Dining room design ideas for your home

A formal dining room is a room that only the luxurious houses have. As its naming says, this room is not made for daily or colloquial use, but for special, official events. Still being a dining room, it is necessarily furnished with a long dining table and the afferent seats. In here you can have an official business meeting or a very important familial one, you can receive guests or you can celebrate at special events and holydays.

There are plenty designs for a formal dining room, depending on the owner’s taste and style. However there are some constants that must be present in any dining room. For starters, the table should usually gather six chairs, more or less, depending on the space. However, the room reserved for this purpose should be able to offer enough space because no one wants to eat in a cloister space. All the furniture from the formal dining room should be high quality and even luxurious. Most often the furniture is made from different types of high quality wood. There are some modern formal dining rooms, but most of them are more classical, closer to an official style.


Choose Stone and Brick For Interior Design

Is just another brick in the wall, Pink Floyd may say. But the next photos don’t match at all the negative sense of the wall from the psychedelic song. On the contrary, interior walls with exposed brick, stone or concrete make a statement for men’s freedom and love for nature. Originally, interior bricked walls were specific for basements, towers or citadels. But modern art consists in the tradition retrieval, by adapting it into a contemporary manner, conform with our actual needs and tastes.

For the ones that are bored by simple drywalls, the brick wall could be an option to give a new blast to their room. Even if the brick wall has its origins in a medieval era, it is amazing how it can fit also a classical and am extremely modern room. More, a brick wall is suitable for any kind of room.


The Crystal Chandelier Like Centerpiece In Our Homes

Chandeliers are for rooms what jewelry is for women. Large charged sumptuous rooms demand the central presence of an elegant chandelier, but sometimes chandeliers fit very well also a simple modern room. It’s just like in women’s fashion. A simple little black dress always matches a diamond necklace.

Specially created for ballrooms, chandeliers are a symbol of elegance and pretention. As we may see them also in churches, we may consider they also are a symbol of respect and sacredness. This is why in time they became a symbol of select people. Today you may also see them in restaurants and concert halls. The normal placement of a chandelier is in the middle of the room. It attracts all attention toward this central point that spreads all the light. The chandelier must be elegantly designed and luxurious because it becomes the source of light which is the symbol of life.


Creative stair risers for your house of joy

Everyone tries to personalize his home by adding some interesting drawings or happy colors on the walls. But there are some parts of the house that most of us forget to embellish because they are almost hidden or because at first sight they seem only details. But we shouldn’t forget that details accomplish the perfection!

Now think about your stair risers. Are they personalized in any way? Probably not, so you should think about giving them some attention. The result will be amazing by the effect they’ll give to the entire house. You can draw or paint something on your own or you can require the help of some specialized companies. One option can be the pre-stenciled risers from Royal Design Studio.


Pure White interior Design Ideas

White color has a very strong meaning, primarily white symbolizes purity in some cultures, white symbolizes goodness, white is Monday’s color, and not least the white daisies are a symbol of loyal love.In technical terms, white is not a color, but a manifest of all colors, which is forming a complex energy field of light. White is the color of truth, the color of power, white in one simple word is perfection.

The first room has a clear style, white, used almost everywhere, symbolizing purity. The modern style room, along the play of white from the smallest mirror, to the white stripes on the couch with the beautiful white flowers clearly sends a cheerful mood. Windows, also white, let the light into the room, an on to every object, lighting and raising all the room. Once the light is in the room, the whole room just feels like it had just been lighten up. In the second room, which style is also classic, white is used sparingly on the walls, on a picture and lamp. However it feels like a clear room; although we see it used less in the room, the white overbears in competition with the other colors.


Using white, inside an apartment, you can see clearly that you have given a modern, yet classic touch. White can create a joyful and also a serious space. White is the color of peace, that’s why at battles men used to wave a white material to the opponent forcing it to make peace. From my perspective white themes are the greatest that you can use in your house. White is perfect for all rooms inside your house or apartment. Doing well and giving a good clear feeling, white, used in the lobby to the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, bacon, is making your home glowing with positive energy.{found on decorati}.

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