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What Are The Advantages Of An Open Kitchen?

It has not been long when kitchens were relegated to a corner of the house and were considered an unimportant place. However, with different trends of lifestyle ushering in, kitchens have also gotten rid of withdrawn space and extra walls.  Yes, you are right. The concept of open kitchen is the newest lifestyle trend.Designing a home with an open kitchen plan is getting widely popular today. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits of the same. Some of the primary advantages of an open kitchen are listed below –

More Space – When the walls of the kitchen breakdown, the area opens up to other parts of the house. The kitchen seems to be bigger, and the entire area appears spacious.  The extra space can be utilized for a counter, coffee table or a breakfast bar.


Budgets– Budgets – Budgets tips from Jennifer Brouwer

If I had a dollar for every ….. I have no idea?? Here’s 3 words of the most truthful words ever spoken. Yes You Do! Sorry, not trying to be cute, or harsh, just providing a bit of tough love. As this is often a topic of absolute mystery?In my thirteen years of experience this common conundrum comes up almost daily – somewhere.A budget is not a game of “Name that Cost”.  It’s an amount or sum of money that you have to execute an area or space in your home.  It’s a realistic “Investment”.  What you are willing to spend on “Project Fabulous”.  For some, any amount might as well be a million.  There is no wrong answer here!!

If you want help, you need to first and foremost be honest.

1.You need to trust in a pro, realize this number is mandatory for us to help you effectively. It is the starting point of all great concepts!

2.You need to recognize the value of your surroundings

3.If you live in a home in the 200,000 range, 5K may be relative.

4.If you live in a 1.5 million dollar estate – not so much

5.See where I’m going here?


What Is A Foyer In A House And Apartment

The literal meaning of a foyer means a huge room that usually connects the entrance to many rooms at a time. It is usually found to be adjacent to the auditorium and a place where people can celebrate and get together. But when a person considers implementing the same in a house then the question arises, what is a foyer in a house and apartment. The term foyer is used for various reasons and implications when it comes to a house or an apartment.

Some people consider the entrance of their house as the foyer. In such cases the foyer is used to welcome the guests into the house or apartment. This gives them a homely feeling and they can relax in the foyer. Another notion about a foyer is that it is found in large houses only. It is a huge room but it is not any of the normal rooms like the living room, kitchen or the med room etc.


More home bar design ideas that you can afford

There are many people who always think about different ideas that can help them to renovate their homes in different ways and some people prefer to add bar to their home if they have more space. Adding a bar is certainly a good idea these days because you can always invite your friends and family members at home and enjoy some really nice quality time without spending too much money. However, you need to make sure that you have some brilliant home bar design ideas to improve the bar space that you already have.

The most important thing that can make your bar look great is lighting and therefore you have to make sure that you look out for the best lighting options available in the market. A better way to look for that is that you search the internet and look for different home bar ideas and designs and you will get the idea of how the lighting needs to be done. You can even make use of mirrors that can help you to set up perfect lighting without spending too much on electricity.


13 Tips For A Perfect Bathroom Organization

Imagine having bubbly bath in a tub filled with warm water after a long day of work. You will definitely feel relaxed right. But, to enjoy that pleasant experience it is essential to have an elegant and well organized bathroom. Majority of them are poor at organizing the bathroom perfectly. Here are few tips for organizing the bathroom to give it a pleasant and appealing look.

Organizing the sink area

Things you need daily such as the razor, toothpaste, tooth brushes should be kept in reach. So, keep them in the drawer right below the sink or in a rack attached to the wall above the sink. Do not clutter things around the sink. If you do not have shelves to store things, then place all the daily needed items in attractive looking countertop storage jars or tumblers. Use of glass containers gives a stylish look to the bathroom. For a unique look you can even consider using corral containers. If you have kids then consider using stylish baskets made of bamboo.


How can you get smell of cat urine /dog pee out of carpet

Keeping a pet is always on mind of kids and adults. Especially when you cats and dogs as pets you must also check the side effects and how will they keep your home. One of the most popular complaints of pet keepers is the odor of the urine. And if these little animals pee on carpets, things get worse. A carpet because of their thickness and padding below absorbs the urine which smells bad and stains with time.While people try and wipe it off as soon as they see their pet urinating on the rug, it’s good to wait. The wet spot stains quickly and also smells if you quickly wipe it off.

Though many females think things can be better with bleaching or detergent powder, nothing actually works. The best way is to put a Listerine on the spot so that at least you save the same spot from another shower of your pet’s urine. This is done as dogs have a habit to pee where they did it before and Listerine takes away the smell, so you can avoid the darkening of the urine spot.


How to Update Parquet Floors

Many people are very tight on budget especially in the same year when hey buy their homes. In such times they tend to look forward to minimize their expenditure flooring is something which has to be done with great care. If the person has already bought a built home from a real estate agent and they find the floor unsuitable to their taste then they can go ahead and replace them even when they are running on a very low budget. Of the floors are made or parquet and require and update they can be done easily without much trouble.

The first step will be, to identify which all pieces are damaged and requires replacement. If only a few of the pieces are damaged pry them out and replace them with a new tile. While taking them out care has to be taken to see that the floor beneath, and the neighboring woods are not damaged in the process. Usually these parquet woods comes in tongue and groove joints. So usually they are easy to remove, with time they may stick together and become difficult to remove, in such cases use a chisel without damaging the adjacent tile.


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