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Freedom Room in Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel in Berlin

If you ever get tired of the same hotel room when you go on holiday and want to visit something less of the ordinary, you should visit the Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel in Berlin. This is certainly the most unusual hotel I have ever seen. In fact the interior design is the one attracting tourists because of the weird themes of the rooms. The master of the interior design and the artist behind the project is the German designer Lars Stroschen that some people may consider crazy after having seen his visions.

Here is only one example of interior design in this hotel, but you should know all rooms there are unique and unusual at the same time. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the “Freedom” room that will make you appreciate your freedom a bit more and also become aware of the possibility of not having it.


Top 10 Villas in Greece

Greece is an ideal tourist destination for spending vacations throughout the year. The array of opportunities required for a splendor vacation is simply wide in Greece. It is one of the best Mediterranean destinations characterized with sunny days and clear waters. A trip to Greece would allow you to enjoy sandy beaches, captivating sunrises, stress free relaxation on pristine white beaches, exploration of historical ruins and fantastic islands.

Whether you are longing for a family vacation that involves exploring museums and picking olives, or a relaxing vacation on the seaside with your spouse followed by a romantic soothing dinner, Greece will unquestionably prove as an ideal vacation destination for you. Another definite feature of Greece is that the country is a home to umpteen numbers of villas, which are known to offer a special and innovative kind of accommodation.


Mina One Villa in Mykonos-A Gorgeous Private Retreat

Feeling stressed out, with a lot of projects to finish and you don’t know where to start? How about going on a fabulous vacation in Greece, on Mykonos Island? This little island is very popular among tourists for its gorgeous beaches and night life. Everywhere you are you can enjoy superb views of the seas.

Mina One Villa is one of those places that you will keep in your mind a long time after you got home. Located in the southwest part of the island, it is a beautiful, soothing retreat designed in traditional white Mediterranean style. The atmosphere here is fresh and is dominated by the outdoors, where you can see a pebble covered swimming pool which also includes a built-in jacuzzi.


Beautiful Hilton Pattaya Hotel Interiors by Department of Architecture

Thailand is an exotic country known for things like: wonderful spices, great ways of relaxing your mind and body, exotic flowers or beautiful landscapes.

Hilton Pattaya is a wonderful hotel, located in the center of Pattaya in Thailand. Here you will be amazed by some interior areas designed by the Department of Architecture.The lobby area or the bar area are some examples. Here you can admire the beautiful dynamic design of the ceiling of the lobby area with its waving lines or the modern and comfortable furniture of the bar area used to complete this extraordinary décors.

These modern decorations and the high quality of the interior design objects can be seen in other areas too. Due to the fact that the lobby area and the bar area are situated at the 17th floor of the hotel your breath will be taken away by the gorgeous and relaxing views of the ocean.

An Escape from a Busy Life-The Finca Prats Hotel

Business trips can be sometimes stressful and you could definitely use a couple of relaxing moments. In this case accommodation is very important, so we would like to present you a place where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday.

The Finca Prats Hotel, located in Lleida, Spain was designed by Pàmpols Arquitecte SLP and has a lot to offer. The hotel’s design is dictated by the landscape and this creates a range of semi-interior spaces, that organize different functions.

Wigwam Motels

If you are just a bit familiarized with the Native American culture and traditions, you certainly know some things about at least the basic features, for example the meaning of the word “wigwam”. It is that tent that is made of animal skins that has one to three feathers from a bird of prey. These wigwams are the traditional homes of the Native people in America, so it was a continuous source of inspiration. That must be the reasonable explanation why there used to be a real trend in building wigwam motels back in the 1930s. These motels were called the “Wigwam motels and they spread around the famous Route 66 .


Capsule Hotel in the Netherlands

When I was about 14 years old I was fascinated by the science fiction novels and my favourite writer was then Jules Verne. And when I read one of his books about a man travelling all the way from Earth to the Moon in a metallic capsule I dreamed about doing that trip myself. So if you are just a bit like I used to be then, you will certainly love the Capsule Hotel in the Netherlands. First of all you should know it is called like that for a reason: it IS a capsule and all the tourists have to pay to see what it’s like to sleep in one of those.


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