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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

The Pillow that looks like your Computer

Pillows have always been interesting things to buy, because they come in different shapes and colors, with different messages and of course made of different materials. Love pillows, pillows for friends, for the best mother or father, these simple objects are the best ones invented yet. Think about a world without them. There will be nothing to support your back when you`re watching TV, or nothing to well place your head when you`re very tired at night, pillows have their role in every day of our lives.

In a world that’s always evolving, even when you put your head down at night you need to use technology. This is a figurative speech, because of this amazing pillow I will describe next. As you can see it in the pictures, the Geek Pillow resembles a lot with the system of instruments that a computer has. Even though the pillow can`t give you a refresh, it can send you to sleep or shut down your entire system. Another figurative speech. So, if you want to give the perfect present to someone that spends his entire day in front of the computer, this is nice pillow is available.

And, even after he goes to sleep, he will think he is spending time with his best friend, the laptop or the PC. Not only comfortable, but also funny and fancy, this pillow will bring a cozy atmosphere to your home. And imagine the face that your guests will make when they will see what a nice pillow your couch has. It is an awesome idea.

Beautiful Simulated Ice Bucket

There is nothing better than a nice cool drink during hot summer days and nights. And if you have a party or at least a family reunion, you will need a lot of ice, so you’d better get an ice bucket. And if you want to combine style and usefulness you can get one original accessory like this Beautiful Simulated Ice Bucket. It looks more like a vase, but I guess you can give it multiple destinations and uses. It is beautiful indeed and it comes as a set with two equally beautiful glasses, all the items being made of hand-blown glass.

The pattern is easily recognizable, looking like melted chocolate that is shaped like a glass and then frozen. The mix of colours and the combination of hues make this set a real work of art. The product is desogned and created by  Justin Parker for Esque Studio. Because all products are hand made, eaco of them is unique and that is why it is precious. It is the work of a glass artisan and the result of a long time collaboration between the designer and the manufacturing company. The whole set of an ice bucket and two glasses can be purchased for an amazing sum: $3,850.

Modern Fireside Log Stand

We want to have modern homes that are able to offer us all the comfort we need. But we still want to preserve some old particularities that make our homes more warm and welcoming. One of the things that makes a house become a home is the fireplace. Fireplaces are nice and bring the family around it in the evening, making the right atmosphere for stories and family dinners. So if you have a fireplace you will need a place where to store the fire logs. Here is a Modern Fireside Log Stand that makes the transition between tradition and modern looks.


George Nelson Ceramic Clocks

We all get used to the way things around us look like. Shoes have a certain design and so do chairs, tables and other home accessories like clocks and vases, etc. But some creative people like George Nelson thought it would be a good idea to give all these usual things a new look, a fresh design and construction that will surprise everyone. This happened back in the 1950s and the whole world recognized Nelson’s genius. It was back in 1953 that Nelson designed the Ceramic Clocks, the clocks that had a ceramic body and a totally unusual but interesting design that you can admire in these pictures. The clocks were never manufactured until recently when Vitra decided to bring them back to light and make them according to the original plans of the designer.


Brinno Electronic PeepHole Viewer

A Taiwanese company came up recently with a new device that basically does exactly what a normal traditional peephole does, except its electronic and it costs a few considerable dollars.Gadgets are gadgets and they are appealing to the youth or other kinds of age segments that love to be in trend with the latest devices. Although this little “electronic wonder” doesn’t do much, its creators adopted a heavy marketing campaign to promote it suggesting that this new device will help you see who’s behind the door even if that person doesn’t stand in the best viewing angle.

This new design focuses on family safety and easy installment making it suited for the majority of people. This digital peephole viewer has a 1.3 mega pixels resolutions and also a zoom feature. It runs of course on electricity and it gets its juice from two AA batteries.


LimbIC Ergonomial Intelligent Chair

What a funny thing to stumble across this chair. A friend of mine just graduated medicine school and he’s specialized in body recoveries. After you’re had an accident and you have difficulties walking, standing, or you maybe you have muscle dystrophy or so on, he’s your guy. A few days ago I visited his new work place in a hospital nearby. Guess what? A device similar to this chair from his cabinet was meant to measure something about balance, motion coordination or something like that.

Now, as I read about this chair, the producer says that this thing is a scientific combination between ergonomics and neuroscience so there might actually be some truth in this crazy design. It is suppose to stimulate the emotional process of seating in the brain and to connect you raw energy, focusing the creativity.


Practical pockets for the bed by Eveline Borgermans

Pockets are extremely practical. Some of us can’t even imagine how life would be without pockets. Some designers have even gone as far as creating wedding dresses with pockets. So what not extend this concept to other elements as well? Eveline Borgermans has created Bedpack, a system that allows you to add pockets to your bed.

The idea is both fun and practical. The pockets provide you with clever storage space for things such as a book, your phone or your glasses. It eliminated the need of bedside table and it becomes a very good solution for small spaces. Bedpack is basically a long stretch of fabric that runs from one side of the bed to the other. It can be placed anywhere on the bed but it would be best to place it under the pillow or even under the mattress if the design of your bed allows you to.


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