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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

5 Beautiful Radios For Your Home And Office

A radio is one of those items that serve a double purpose. It’s both functional and stylish and it can make a wonderful decoration for the room. Of course, nowadays a radio has many other fucntions. It can be an accent piece or it can be stylish decoration for the desk. There are many different styles and designs to choose from. We’re only going to show five of them.

1. The Geneva Sound System large.

This small wooden box has a very simple look but it hides many secrets. It has with CD player, FM radio and iPod dock and they can all be controlled by remote. It adapts the left and right signals from the two channels for a balanced 120 degree sound stage. It has a 100-watt digital amplifier and built-in stereo tweeters and woofers. It’s small but it offers the sound performance of large sound systems. Available for 1,199$.


Local Globe Time Clock

The progress made in the development of the means of transport seems to have shrunken space, so now you can get from one place to another on the opposite side of the world in a matter of hours. We fixed this, but we can’t fix the problem with the perception of time when you have to travel over so much land and also have to adjust to different local hours. It is incredible that you leave Greece at noon and arrive in Paris or London in the morning, actually earlier if you look at the local time. It is almost like traveling in time. This Local Time Clock is illustrative for my thoughts, as it shows the dial like a blue Earth with white continents and silver clock arms pointing at the hour.


The Anemone multimedia bed by Lavital

Until a while ago, a bed’s single and main function was to provide a comfortable space for sleeping and relaxing. But then it started to get all sorts of improvements and, before you know it, a bed was no longer just a bed. It was a multimedia unit that played music and much more. The Anemone bed is the latest luxurious bed.The bed was designed by Lavital and it’s one of the most luxurious pieces of furniture for the bedroom.It’s a bed that reflects the technological progress humanity has made and it’s basically a bed of the future, offered in the present.

The Anemone multimedia bed features a range of high-tech features for amazing experiences. It has an integrated Bang & Olufsen, high-end automation and sound system. Not only that, but every feature incorporated into its design is electronically operated through the integrated dock station. This means you can use your iPhone for everything you need.


Decorative Octopus Coral

When I go to large places I feel very tiny and insignificant, like a small ant in a big world. I do not like the feeling, but in those moments I get a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be small, but part of a bigger structure. Corals are like this: incredibly small organisms that look like a nice plant, but that “plant” is actually made of the skeletons of millions of tiny organism of corals. When they die they “freeze” in a certain shape and many times people just take them and display them in the house for decorative purposes.

This beautiful Decorative Octopus Coral is actually called the Black Sun Coral and it is absolutely lovely. Its skeleton has a tubular structure and this makes it look like the end of an octopus arm, hence the name. Corals do have different colours and this one is creamy white, a bit unusual, but very nice to look at. Even if the coral is dead, it is considered still part of American wild life, so it can only be shipped within United States. It might be shipped abroad, too, but only if you have a special permit from the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Any way, this coral size sells at about $195, but you can place an order to bigger sizes, too, if you want.

The simple and practical Blomus wine rack

When you have some precious wine bottles that you’re really proud of you obviously want to find a way to display them. However, you don’t want to use too much space for that. This requires a compromise. But if you’re clever, you won’t have to sacrifice anything. That’s because the Blomus wine rack allows you to stylishly display your wine bottles while taking very little space.

Blomus is a wall-mounted wine rack. It has a very simple and classy design and the best part is that it’s very convenient for any space. It only takes very little wall space, no floor space and it can be placed anywhere you have some free room. It’s a very practical and convenient way of displaying your wine bottles and it also look beautiful and classy. The wine rack has to be attached o the wall. It hooks to the wall in three places and this allows it to be safe and secure.

The Blomus wall-mounted wine rack holds 8 bottles of wine and they are displayed horizontally. This is not a design meant to be used for long term storage as the horizontal angle might be a little too extreme. However, it’s a great temporary solution. It allows you to store but also to display your wine bottles, it’s easy to install and it takes little space. If anything, it allows you to fill up some empty wall space with something practical.Available for 67$.

The Soundalier by Mead and Adelman

The 2012 Noho Design District Festival brought with it many surprises in terms of design. One of them was Soundalier, a combination between a chandelier and an audio system. Soundalier was created especially for the Sonos Listening Library in The Standard East Village. The architects and interior designers present at the event were invited to create the perfect auditory interior environment and the solutions they came up with were diverse and creative.

Soundalier was a focal point and that’s because of the simplicity and ingenuity of its design. The acoustics experts offered many DIY tips that can help maximize sound experience through acoustic principles of reflection, absorption and diffusion and they also offered an example. While the entire interior design of the library was modified according to these principles in order to create an acoustically refined environment where music could be appreciated, some ingenious solutions were also necessary.


Bicycle Wine Rack

I know biking is a very healthy habit and if you practice it you will always be fit and will travel in the city a lot easier and without polluting the air. And I know that people who go biking frequently always take a bottle of water with them in case they get thirsty. Well, I have just discovered this interesting Bicycle Wine Rack that uses your bike as a rack for wine bottles. I know for sure that it is not a good idea to combine drinking wine with biking, so I only have to guess it is made for displaying in the house, on the wall, as an improved version of this funny Bike Shelf . I guess you can store both your bike and your wine at the same time, in the same place.


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