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Extravagant dog house for your furry friend

Cubix – this is how the designer named this creation. This mini mansion was especially created to provide comfort for your companions. And since it’s a dog house, it automatically needed a unique door, especially created for our canine friends. It also has several rectangular windows so that the dogs would be able to look around and admire the surroundings.

This place is a real architectural work, in miniature of course. The materials used for this special project were also carefully selected: break – proof window glass and premium varnished wood for the flooring.


Good Grips Cherry Pitter

I am well aware of the fact that most products nowadays contain a smaller or bigger quantity of chemicals that make them last longer and this way reduce costs. They look very well on the supermarket shelves, but they are seldom 100% natural. That is why I decided to do everything in my power and avoid them, trying to make as many as I could at home. I am talking about jams made of different fruit and also other canned fruit. But my kids favourite jam is by far the one made of cherries, so I make good supplies of this kind of jam for the winter. But I don’t think you realize just how tiring and annoying can be to remove the cherry pips from let’s say five kilos of cherries.

Well, now you know why I need this gadget badly. It just makes my day a lot shorter and it eases my job a lot. The cherry pitter is able to remove the cherry pip by a simple grip of the hand. You place the cherry in there, press and the pip will immediately come out on the other side without destroying the fruit. It is simple and effective, as all home gadgets should be. And, as a bonus, it costs only $12.99 and can be ordered directly online.

Portable laptop desk from Logitech

Lapdesk N315 was created by Logitech in an effort to increase the comfort of those who use the laptop on a regular basis, either because they have to or they desire to.

This clever design allows you to use your laptop on the couch, in bed, in the park on ever in the bus if you really have to, in a way that offers you comfort and in the same time protects your laptop. It even has a retractable mouse pad for those of you who need it. It has a thin light design so it is not heavy, neither uncomfortable to carry.


His and Hers Keyholder

When I am in a hurry I never find my keys. My husband is angry, the kids are screaming and they are all waiting for me to find the keys and finally lock the door. So I would use a funny and useful key holder for my home, something to place my keys in and know exactly where to find them after a while. I found this nice looking and elegant key holder that is actually available in two versions: His and Hers.

This funny keyholder is made of stainless steel and ABS and can be fixed on your house wall – in the kitchen or in the hallway, wherever you think it’s more handy. It has a key hole just like a normal key lock and you just put your key in and the whole bunch of keys that you own will stay there until you next need them. You can purchase this item for about £13 . Just bear one thing in mind: don’t forget to lock the house door and after that store the keys in order to avoid having your keys stolen from the hallway.

Mop and Broom Holder

Brooms are great items to have around the house and they have proven really useful. However,  the most useful ones are those with a long stick and they unfortunately tend to be attracted to me and gravitation at the same time, every time I open or close a door, so they all fall in my head at times. And I hate it. So I found the perfect way to get even with these tools and I bought this great mop and broom holder.


Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock

Kids do not really have a sense of time and they need to be taught how to know it’s time to get up from bed or to go to bed. But telling them what time it is it’s just too abstract for them, especially if they are under 6 and that is why you should try to find some other alternative methods. The Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock is the perfect tool for you and it is the perfect tool for you when dealing with children. Actually this alarm clock can also be used as a night lamp, as there are colourful lights in the feet and belly of this clock.


Bacon Alarm Clock

Early mornings have always been difficult for those who cannot get up early or do not like these types of mornings.

There are people who think of all kinds of things so that, these early mornings seem easier. For example, the smell of a nice cup of coffee, the fresh breeze of the air or the smell of a tasty breakfast are things which can help you get up easier.Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini and Hsiao-huh Hsu had a wonderful idea when they designed this Bacon Alarm Clock.


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