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Table Corner Cushions for Protecting Your Child

When you have a child and he or she starts walking, suddenly your home turns into a place full of dangers and risks. That is why it’s your duty to make it a safe place for the little person crawling on the floor and trying to grab anything in the way. One of the most dangerous accidents that can happen at home is for your kid to bump into the table corner. Ans since tables are made of hard materials, the children can get seriously hurt, especially on the head because their heads are situated at the same height with the table corners. But, thank God, people are very innovative and they have found the solution for this problem, too. So here are a few offers for some special cushions that will protect your kid from getting hurt.


Kitchen Bull from Toro Legno

I don’t really cook a lot. I don’t even know how to cook. Anyway, when I do, or when I try to, I usually get really bored because I imagine it would go faster. I imagine experimented cooks have the same problem, unless they cook 3 or 4 meals in the same time and they wish they had more time. Now let me introduce you to a very functional piece that I find very useful in the kitchen.

It’s called the Kitchen Bull and comes from Toro Legno. It’s because it was intended to be used in the kitchen and because it looks like a bull. It even had horns, not as sharp as the real thing but still suggestive. The Kitchen Bull is a combination of a miniature bookcase and a knife holder. You can use it to store some books or magazines that you might want to read while cooking so that you don’t get bored. Of course, ideally, you should use it for cook books, but let’s be honest, how many cook books does someone need? And to make it even more functional, there’s also a place where you can put the knives for easy access.


Huge 3D Plasma TV for Your Living Room

Ever since Avatar appeared on screen, people have been crazy about 3D movies. They want to see movies using this technology and they want to see them both in the cinema and in their own homes. So high tech manufacturers invented 3D plasma TV sets and started selling them all over the place. One of these manufacturers is called Bang&Olufsen and comes from Denmark and its latest product is BeoVision 4 85-inch plasma TV.

It is part of the home theater you can have in your house and it adds a touch of realism to the movies you see there. Any way, this is an amazing gadget first because of its size, which is impressive at its 85 inches, but in my opinion you should only buy it if you have a huge living room or a special room for viewing films because otherwise it’s simply too much.

You can control it and adjust all its features by using the Beo6 remote control and it uses active shutter glasses. You can change the picture quality thanks to the Automatic Colour Management. The anti reflection coating of the screen is also very useful as it allows you to view movies during the day without the unpleasant light reflection. All in all, great product for your home.

Stair Step Basket

Our ancestors had a creative mind and invented many things that made their lives easier and more organized. But some of their inventions were lost in time and this is a shame because they were really interesting and useful. However, every once in a while, some people dig up the past and bring them back to life. For example this amazing stair step basket was invented a long time ago, back to the Victorian Age. It was made of rattan and used for the stairs, that is why it had this interesting and unusual shape, adjusted for the stairs.

You can use this basket for storing things when you have kids for example like little toys or maybe the newspapers or for displaying some nice flower arrangements directly on the stairs of your home. The basket is made of rattan and has the exact quality of the furniture made of rattan that is used for both interior and exterior use. It has an antique Walnut finish and also features a double band in the middle. You can purchase it now for about $65.

Modern critter Cat Scratcher

If you have a cat then you’re probably well informed about their habits. Cats are lovely creatures that most of the time like to sleep, to cuddle, to eat and to purr. But there’s also another characteristic that people often forget. It’s their scratching habit. They always ruin furniture and rugs with their sharp claws.

So if you want to avoid all that, if it’s not already to late, you can purchase a scratcher similar to this one. It will help your cat to keep doing what it likes best while giving your sofa or armchair a break. Of course, there’s also the risk that your cat will not like the scratcher and then all the effort will be in vain.

However, this particular cat scratcher from Modern critter was especially created for this type of situations. It mimics the cat’s favorite places, like the carpet of the sofa. It has a curved shape and a pattern similar to that of a rug. It looks very attractive. If I were a cat I would probably like to plant my claws in that scratcher.Cats like to be in the center of attention so you’ll want to place this scratcher somewhere at sight and not hidden because the cat usually likes to scratch things when someone is looking just to make you angry.

Rock-shaped solar light for the garden

In the garden, solar lighting systems are a very good idea. There are many different models and designs in this category. The come in all shapes and sizes so you have a lot of options to choose from. Here’s yet another design, this time a more unusual one.

It’s a solar light shaped like a rock. It’s actually a very clever idea. This way it will perfectly integrate in your garden. However, be careful not to throw it away, thinking it’s a real rock invading your beautiful garden. But in this case, I don’t think this could ever happen, because, as you can see, this is not the most faithful copy of a real rock. It could definitely look more realistic than that but since it’s just 20$ I think it’s ok. Anyway, it’s an interesting idea for the garden.

The dimensions of this piece are 7.87’’L x 6.14’’W x 5.67’’H. It’s easy to assemble and it doesn’t have any wiring. The lamp is made of polyresin. It’s one of the most appropriate designs for garden lamps. Even though it’s not the most artistic or realistic rock, it’s still beautiful. It would look beautiful in any garden. So get rid of all the other lights and choose an eco-friendly one. This one is just an example. There are also many other models to choose from.Available for 20$.

PIT IN table for you and your bike

Bikes are very common all over the world. A lot of people prefer bikes because they are small, cheap, they don’t use gas, they are environmental friendly and they do their job by taking you wherever you need. However when it comes to parking them outside, there’s not an ideal way of doing it because you might not find it the next day. I actually know a few persons that are really considering buying a bike but they have some doubts because they don’t have the space to park it during the night. This problem can be easily solved using the PIT IN table.

It’s a very unusual and also clever piece of furniture that allows you park your bike right inside your home. It doesn’t get safer than that, unless you’re considering sleeping with on your bike. This bike desk is actually quite convenient. It’s a wooden structure that keeps the bike steady while allowing you to se the desk to place you hone, laptop, coffee or anything else and use the bike as a seat while doing this. It keeps your bike safe inside and it’s not a total waste of space because you can still use it as a seat.


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