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This collection of Home Gadget articles covers the whole spectrum of readers – from the self-proclaimed techy to the land-liner, and everyone in between. You’ll find fabulous ideas on how to make your home “smarter” with technology and read about fascinating ultra-modern gadgets that you never even knew existed. You’re sure to love (and be amazed by) what you find here!

Pete Magnetic Key Holder

I have talked about how unpleasant it is to keep your whole family waiting for you in front of the house just because you can’t find your keys. It’s frustrating and annoying and every time you swear you will find the perfect place where to put the keys and to know exactly where to find them, but you never do. Any way, some very practical people might have had the same problem and wanted to solve it, so they designed Pete – the magnetic key holder.

This Pete guy is a little coloured plastic man that has some strong magnets inside. You can place it on the fridge or on any metal surface and it will be able to hold up to thirty keys at a time. It looks funny and it is useful at the same time and you can use it for storing some other metallic things like a pen or a screwdriver or a bottle opener. You don’t need to drill holes in your wall and you can easily move it any place you want to. And all for just £7.95. It is now available in red and blue and you can order it online.

Wooden Reading Rest

Ever since the technology field has developed so fast and so much many people had given up reading normal books and they replaced the old fashioned paper books by e-books that can be read on sophisticated electronic devices. But there are still many people who like holding a book in their hands and enjoying the action through their imagination. Any way, sometimes when these passionate readers stay in bed and keep reading for many hours their hands and arms get tired and they would love to have someone or something hold the book for them. Don’t laugh – there are some people who took it very seriously and designed this wooden reading rest.


Eye Clock for the Kids Room

All things that you want to use in the kids room must be funny, as they will reject them otherwise. So you’d better take the kids with you when shopping for their room or you may have the unpleasant surprise to have your surprise gift thrown out of the door because they just don’t like it. And a good idea for a clock for the kids room is this funny Eye clock that shows time in a very peculiar way that makes you laugh. I mean this clock has two eyes displayed but, just like in the case of chameleons, each eye moves in a different way and in a different direction.


Unusual Eye Clock by Mike Mak Design

Since we are no longer able to guide ourselves by position of the sun on the sky, we need something to do it for us. A clock, more exactly. Everyone has at least a clock in their home. We have clock on our phones and on the walls, we can see them on the street, they are everywhere, and that’s because they are useful and we can’t live without them.

But when we think about clocks we always imagine the usual design, with 2 arms moving. It’s time to put that behind us and to think out of the box. That’s exactly what this unusual clock invites us to do. Designed by Mike Mak Design, this Eye Clock does more that showing us the time. It’s also a source of entertainment. And it’s almost ironic how something so simple and basic can be so…funny Basically what it does isto show you the time by moving the eyes according to the time of the day… You can see for yourself once you purchase this fun item.

Heat Changing Tardis Mug

You know that if you warm up your coffee in the microwave oven only the liquid inside gets hot while the ceramic cup or mug remains the same temperature. Well, I found that out the hard way when I did not know my husband already heated my cup of tea , so I drank a mouthful of hot liquid, thinking it was perfectly safe and cold. Yes, I know – it would have been better if I had been warned, but I hadn’t. But now, if you use this ingenious Heat changing Tardis mug you will know in an instant if the coffee or tea inside is hot or cold. That is because the mug changes depending on the temperature.


Funny Toast Clock

The time spent in the kitchen is very important for me because I always have to be on a tight schedule. So I keep track of the time spent on cooking a meal, on washing the dishes and do all the cleaning up because I don’t want to be late with the other things I do. So I need a good wall clock for my kitchen. And usually these clocks are the least pretentious and also funny , if possible.For example this “toast clock” is perfect for my kitchen and for every kitchen.

It is both practical and funny and fits the atmosphere of a kitchen perfectly. You can use it as a timer for the time you need to … toast your bread in the morning for breakfast. It is as simple as it can be, having only the toast-like background and the black little lines marking every hour. It is 26 cm high and it is made of plastic. It runs on AA batteries and it looks just like a slice of toast. It costs about $29.99 but you will have to look for it in the normal stores, because it no longer sells in the online ones.

Simple and practical cable hiding solution

People can’t live without technology. Technology doesn’t work without cables. Therefore you have to deal with them. And here’s the prefect solution for your cable problems: it’s called Plug Hub and it’s a very clever way to hide the unwanted wires.You can place it behind your desk while also keeping the cables untangled. You can also place it on the floor or mounted on the wall, or even on the back of your working table top.

This very simple organizer is made from rigid plastic and has a sort of rubber “foot” on the bottom for better adherence. It also has three openings for directing the wires and three integrated cord anchors.It’s amazing how such a simple object can be so useful. It practically changes your life. Small things like this one really make a difference. Improve the quality of your lifestyle with this extremely practical and almost ridiculously simple object.

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